According to a recent tweet from P0sixNinja, the iPhone hacker behind GreenPois0n, an updated version of the jailbreak will be released as soon as he finishes adding the new sandbox patches.

There are good reasons to think that this jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 will be a tethered jailbreak, thus requiring you to plug your iPhone in and boot it with GreenPois0n every time you shut down your iPhone…

GreenPois0n was first released a few months ago to jailbreak iPhone iOS 4.1. It is a quick and easy jailbreak that require very little action. While there are no official ETA, we all hope a GreenPois0n jailbreak for 4.2.1 will be available sooner rather than later.

In the meanwhile, the Dev Team is still working on an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 with RedSn0w, which is still in beta.

  • EgoHot

    I guess he missed 1-1-11 so now he is aiming for 1-11-11.

    • garry

      he still have 11-1-11 tough. :p

  • Poo poo

    11 – 11 – 11 should be good. 😉

  • Tablecloth

    It’s all about that 4.1

  • verysmallspacemonkey

    What were the good reasons to think it will tethered?

    • verysmallspacemonkey

      Never mind. I just read the previous blog entry about GP.

  • iMex

    I sure hope it’s soon. Like…tomorrow or this week.

  • If it’s tethered jailbreak, why wait for GreenPois0n. Redsn0w has done it already.

    • iMex

      @Jericho I tried it for a bit but had issues after installing Cydia. Tried to install winterboard and my 3GS went into a reboot cycle for 20mins.

    • verysmallspacemonkey

      I’ve been unjailbroken for 2 days now (don’t ask) and I miss it immensely: sbsettings, activator, exchange password, wififofum etc… the list is endless – but looking at the problems people have had with RedSn0w beta, it’s obvious it’s really just not ready yet.

      For me tethered will be better than no jailbreak at all.

      • Josh

        i did a unthethered redsn0w jb and ive had no problems at all. but you have to be tethered jb first. just go to and click “newest” in the videos area. try to find his newest redsn0w video

    • anton

      u have to have the 4.2b3 hashes for redsn0w… and it doesnt ork o windows yet…plus the redsn0w tethered is more annoying to deal with

  • iMex

    Hopefully the untethered jailbreak for RedSn0w isn’t too far away either..

  • David

    No reporting on the new red snow with one click booting?

    • We’ll have a post up soon. They call it “one-click” but it’s more complex than that.

      • Josh

        i did a unthethered redsn0w jb and ive had no problems at all. but you have to be tethered jb first. just go to and click “newest” in the videos area. try to find his newest redsn0w video. but you have to have the 4.2b3 shsh blobs

  • tanchin woo

    There were a lot of talk about Apple is the one that inserting a “secret” code which will drain the battery of its iPhone if you perform Jailbreak/Unlock on the device. The question I have is that does Apple really has the level right to do this kind of action?…

    The enduser already paid fully for the product, it is up to them to do whatever they like on that product. Apple can only deny warranty or product replacement during service but not doing this kind of illigal acts which may damage and cost inconvenient to the enduser.

  • c obonga

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  • g howell

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  • Jason masters

    What jailbreak is available for the iPad 4.2?
    Is it still tethered? because thats allright the iPad has a very decent battery life

  • iphoner


  • Jason masters

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  • Daniela-Lucia Tewelde

    Jason, Jason you should have known by now, it’s not the size of the pen but how you write with it 🙂

  • Jason masters

    Lol good one

  • Kevin

    When is THE jailbrake for 4.2.1 for iPod touch 4G availeble (i’m dutch)

  • steve

    hi all can sumone help me… i was on 4.1 phone was unlocked and working fine.. till it started turning its self of whlist making a call spoke to apple BIG MISTAKE told me updateing to 4.2.1would fix this… BOLLOX…o2 have barred it again grrrrrrr….. but i did save my 4.1shsh files on cydia any one know how i can get them back so i can go back to 4.1……to fix this many thanx