There have been reports of outrage from iPhone users who weren’t woken up by their iPhone alarm on New Year’s Day morning. There is still mystery surrounding why this problem has occurred, but it seems to be widespread enough to raise concern.

As of 1/1/2011, users began complaining on Twitter that their alarm in the iPhone’s clock app didn’t wake them up like normal. After the clock struck midnight to usher in the new year, all non-repeating alarms in the clock app failed to sound. This problem sounds like the Daylight Savings Time issue that the iPhone had back in November.

The point is, you if set your alarm clock on your iPhone to be woken up tomorrow, you’ll be getting more sleep than you intended…

Engadget reports on this new clock problem for the iPhone,

“We’re not exactly sure of the cause of this fancy new issue affecting Apple’s super cool iPhone line of cellphones, but apparently you’ve got trouble come 1/1/2011. According to an explosive stream of frustration-filled tweets on the Twitter microblogging service, when the clock strikes midnight, one off alarms will cease to sing out. The issue sounds eerily similar to recent Daylight Savings Time trouble we witnessed back in November, although we saw both repeating alarm and single alarm failures.”

The failures seem to only be with one-time alarms this time around. Repeating alarms do not seem to be affected by this calendar bug. To circumvent this alarm problem, you can create a reoccurring alarm for the time you need to be woken up. You can then disable the alarm if you don’t need it at that time for the following day.

9to5 Mac said that this problem will fix itself on January 3rd, 2011. There is ambiguity surrounding why this bug exists, but it’s nice to know that Apple won’t need to patch it with an iOS update.

This bug seems to be affecting multiple versions of iOS (including 4.2.1) and a comprehensive range of iDevices. If you rely on your iPhone alarm, it would be prudent to check and make sure you won’t be unknowingly sleeping in tomorrow.

Let us know if you had this problem with your alarm this morning, along with your iOS version and iPhone model. We’re curious to see how far reaching this problem is.

UPDATE: It appears that some users are still having this alarm glitch as of January 3rd. Check out our article on how to fix the problem if you’re still having it.

  • Mezz

    Happy new year everyone!!! I’m Lucky my alarm woke me up….

  • Ace

    Yup .,. I set a one-time alarm for 10:15 am this morning. It didn’t ring…

    iPhone 4

  • Dazed&Confused

    Set one-time-alarm on iPhone 3GS for 10:30 a.m. Central 01/01/11, but no go. It’s on the newest firmware 4.2.1.

  • Stargazer

    It looks like a coding problem between the variables YYYY and yyyy. YYYY will show 2010 until the end of this week whereas yyyy shows 2011. Someone has fat fingers on Cupertino I reckon.

  • That’s 2 major issues with the iPhone’s alarm in 2 months. Someone probably lost his job over the weekend in Cupertino…

    • Hashishin

      if not, they should be publicly flogged!

    • Stu

      Yep just tested my alarm on V4.1 and it don’t work, as I’m waiting for the 4.2 JB to be finalised I’m now really stuffed, If I set a reoccurring alarm I need to remember to set it an hour later than I actually wanna wake due to the previous cock up, and now I can’t set a one time alarm cos of this cock up!! Nice work Apple!! Time for a 3rd party alarm I guess – at least their dev’s understand how clocks work!!

      • StanTheMan


  • Alex

    It happene to my wife…

  • Lynda tilley

    My iphone 3G with 4.2.1 my alarm did not go off. I had a single alarm set

  • Ava

    I’m so disgusted with my iphone4 to begin with, dropped calls, poor reception, the alarm issue to me, only instills in me that it’s a piece of junk. I’m so sorry I “downgraded” to the 4 from the original. Apple needs to start caring about quality instead of quantity.

  • Lionel

    This article needs a correction. It should be as of 1/1/2011, not 1/11/2011.

    • appletiser

      or, using the US date coding method, maybe it’s a prediction of even worse things to happen on Jan 11 😀

      • appletiser

        for the record, i just set a single time alarm and it didn’t go off, tried with a repeat alarm and it worked.

        ios: 4.0.1

  • Onvison

    -30 minutes late to work this morning, swore I didn’t hear the alarm. Checked the alarm on the drive to work, didn’t work.
    Then I twittered..googled.. Found out.
    Disappointed that this blog said nothing about it till 10pm

  • Had the same problem!!! I set my alarm at 6:30am but it was not kicking in. I thot I was fast asleep that I didn’t hear it.

    Hmmm!!! Somebody is really going to lose their job tomorrow.

  • Iindy

    I had the same problem, lucky I was not relying on it. I must say that I have 2 alarms set and both are recurring!!!! My hubby has recurring alarms on both his iPhones and they too Sid not go off!

  • MAK

    Had the same problem!!!!
    iPhone 3G jb iOS 4.1

  • weird, i wondered why i didnt herit…

  • hear it*

  • Thomas

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one to get the alarm bug back in November. First I overslept for school and then it goes off on class…

  • Nawaf

    Same problem, set my alarm to 6 AM and woke up at 7:10

    My iOS is 4.1

  • Wikileaks



  • icyhotonmynuts

    I set 3 alarms for January 1, 2011 – NONE of them worked. I’m running 4.1.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    And I set the alarm AFTER midnight (7am to be more exact) – so Jan 1st to ring later that morning and it failed to ring.

  • Wikileaks

    Same, all alarms fail. Guess Apple knows how to start fucking up with a bang. Jan first and already an APPLE issue lollllll

  • Freek

    I needed to feed my Son at 11:30pm but the alarm did not go of on 1/1/2011. iPhone 4 , latests iOS version 4.2.1

  • Fred

    I put it for 12 Am to let me know the new years happen and it didn’t ring, and I woke up at 9 am 🙁 How does apple mess up even when the new year starts? Like they know how to fail day one of the new year

  • I am really disappointed from what happened. For the nth time, I hope that this incident will never happen again. If iPhone dreams to be the leading smartphone globally, they should fix minor problems such as this one as this will greatly affect their reputation and especially their sales.

  • Rob

    My didn’t go off either (morning of the 2nd). The other random thing, is that when I go into my calendar it clearly shows that yes it’s rhe 2nd of jan, however the calendar icon still shows 1st. Hmmmm. Very strange. I did get a nice lie in though 🙂

  • Hello guys, my iPhone has the same problem. Phones firmware is 4.2.1. Greets Chris.

  • Beeps

    My alarm didn’t go off on the 1st January, I thought I slept in, as a consequence I was 30mins late for work. My colleague on the other hand was 1 1/2 hours late for work. My alarm failed to work again today (2nd January) and fortunately was only 5mins late to work.
    When will apple fix this problem?

  • James n Angela blue

    My husband n I both have the new iPhone 4g. We both set our alarms this morn n they did not go off. ( not on repeat) will try that for tomorrow morn.

  • James

    There’s an update on some sites that states Apple responded to their inquiries stating that the issue will correct itself on 1/3/2011 and all alarms will start working normally again. Until then (tomorrow) the only work around is creating a recurring alarm.

    • Hashishin

      Just tried and one off alarms work again. 3am Jan 3rd Australia.

      • James

        How’s tomorrow looking? Got any lottery numbers you can send into yesterday? 😉

  • Nicole

    Second day in a row my alarm hasn’t gone off, glad I’m not the only one running late. What a great start to 2011

  • twilight

    Same problem! Iphone 4 with 4.1 iOS!

  • JJ

    Yeah I took a nap yesterday afternoon, still feeling pretty hungover, and was surprised when my alarm didn’t go off but thought it was something I did wrong. This morning (afternoon, actually) when I woke up to find it two hours later than I expected, then I knew something was wrong. Wasn’t til I got online at work that I found out I wasn’t alone…

  • JlohnnyfromDonny

    I shall be going back to Nokia as soon as I can – I, like many others I suspect, am sick of Jobs arrogance – rip off prices and not very reliable at all.

  • Noelene

    Same thing here!
    OS 4.1

  • Maglor

    Running ios 4.0.1 here And having that sane problem. 😉

  • Divan

    Alarm didn’t went off on new years moring and my mate almost missed his flight – yikes!!

  • I have the same problem here in Brazil, my phone is at 4.1!!! I think this problem is woldwide!!

  • GoodLad

    I had the same problem, iPhone 4 OS 4.1.
    It is solved by changing the time set to Set Automatically. It is working well now.

  • Thank you for this post! I would have never made it to work today if I hadn’t read this and set another alarm.

    iPhone 4, iOS 4.0

  • Telejeesus

    3.1.2011 I had 2 wakeups. Both fail to ring 🙁

    iPhone 4, iOS 4.2.1

  • Abadi

    It happend yesturday and today my alarm not working I late twice to go work!

    I started to ignore IPHONE. Got alot of Problems.( Locked Iphone,No flixiblity , Fail call, short life battary, and more…. !!
    Go for Nokia or Samsung this what i will do.

  • Danielle

    My alarm failed to go off this morning. The repeating alarm I set for 8pm every night still went off, but my one off morning alarm didn’t.

  • B

    The problem did not fix itself on January 3, 2011 as apple said it would. My reperating alarm failed to go off this morning. Sigh, wonder if droid has this problem? lol

  • That’s so cool. Apple wants us to sleep in on Sunday the 2nd. I wonder if Steve Jobs sleep in.

  • appletiser

    problem is fixed for me, just set a once only alarm and it triggered.. now i have no more excuses being late for work 🙁

  • laraza

    I fixed my iphone4 with a soft boot…Let’s see if it works for my ipod, which was also affected by the bug, without having been synched to anything lately.

  • Erkki

    My iPhone 4 alarms start working after tethered reboot(hope there is untethered soon. I have to reboot at least twice until my phone wakes up :-/ )
    This is my first non Nokia phone and I never had any issues with alarm clock(or any other phones own aplication). And I have got phone almost 20 years.