There are plenty of fake iPhone knockoffs, like the HiPhone 4G. Apple has sued many manufacturers around the world for clearly cloning the iPhone or stealing some of its key features.

China has always been the largest hub of fake, knockoff gadgets. If you visit China, chances are you will find all the recent models of mobile phones cloned and selling at less than half their original prices. Because the iPhone’s appeal is at a global level, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Apple to crack down on all of these little companies overseas that are creating knockoff iPhone models.

The Sophone is by far the best iPhone 4 knockoff of 2010. It didn’t receive American coverage until late December, but the device has been a huge hit in China. It copies the iPhone 4 in almost every way imaginable. The way that the Sophone identically mirrors the iPhone 4 is unbelievable. You really have to see it to believe it…

The Sophone is definitely the most similar clone of the iPhone 4 ever made. Besides identically matching the iPhone 4 in external design, the device’s interface can hardly be distinguished from iOS.

Watch a demo of the Sophone yourself to see how it looks.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this demo. It’s hard to believe that the Sophone is not the real iPhone 4. Where the Sophone really differs from the iPhone 4 is in its specs and internal configuration.

Instead of Apple’s A4 ARM chipset, the Sophone is operating on the MTK6235 chipset. The Sophone has a 3.5-inch (480 X 320 resolution) capacitive touchscreen, and only 4GB of flash storage. There is a front and rear 2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. A huge pro to the Sophone is its removable SIM card and 1400mAh battery. The handset supports GSM and WCDMA.

The Sophone has the exact physical dimensions of the iPhone 4. That means that any iPhone 4 case will fit the Sophone. The only major con of the Sophone is its lack of retina display and a micro SD card slot.

Here’s a nice, side-by-side comparison of the Sophone and iPhone 4.

The makers of the Sophone apparently have a sense of humor. They are dedicating the Sophone as a salute to Steve Jobs.

The Sophone sells for 1380 Chinese yuan, or about $209. It’s not cheap like most knockoffs are, but the Sophone definitely deserves its spot as the best iPhone 4 knockoff of 2010.

We’re excited to see what iPhone knockoffs come out in 2011. Hopefully devices like these push Apple to innovate and not get lazy.

What do you think? Did you see any actual difference between the Sophone and iPhone 4 in the demo videos?

[via micgadget and Shanzai]

  • Iphonelover

    I think it’s HILARIOUS when he says “and you see it’s very fast” hahaha my grandma is faster. That thing’s lagging is TERRIBLE on it. Still sucky, but yes best iPhone 4 fake

    • ha ha ha you have a real iPhone, you go crazy now because they published the same shit for 5 times less money hahahahahaaa

  • It’s crazy that the guy has a pic of some ppl snorting lines off someones ass O_o lmao !!! Anyways knock offs suck ! Especially most electronics knock offs :/

  • Bola Ghobrial

    Of course no App Store and no Cydia. Is it possible to add applications or games to Sophone? and what is the application used to sync and what is the extension of used files?

    • For the kiddos

      On their website, it is apparently android 2.1 based.

  • Eye Fone

    It makes a funny “poop” sound everytime he touches it.

    Or I never heard it on the iphone because I have it on silent always ?

  • They’ve got the look more or less down to a tee 🙂

  • CTU / Jack Bauer

    As an iPhone user, I could report the fakie real fast. Once it when into the Apple logo, I said “well okay, so far so good” but once I saw it hit to springboard, I said “FAKE” It doesn’t go into the lockscreen, which all iDevices do once booted up. The beeping sound is a give away too.

    I do think the stupid tourist around Manhattan would by them though. I think I might order a few, and sell them to people. I doubt they would ever know. I let them test my iPhone 4, and then sell them these 😛

    • alvin quan

      u are a lier ,骗子,这个sophone虽然是made in china,but nobody will buy it in China,because all them was sold in U.S.A

  • Jonh

    This must be the real iPhone, he’s getting signal bar drops by holding the phone the wrong way lol. Either that or he must have AT&T

  • i want to get one and see what all I can do to it. i wonder if it could be flashed to apple IPSW and then jailbroken just the same. interesting fake, I must have one to screw around with

  • singer steve

    @ greg

    i doubt it. The OS on that is just flashed on it, i’m sure if you took it apart, the OS parts won’t be the same and not be able to handle the actually iOS flash rom

  • chinaman

    as a fellow chinese apple “lover” i salute sophone.
    i knew we were good at making knock offs, but apart from the annoying beep and the slowness, this phone is pretty much the same as an iphone

    doesnt this bring you back to the russel peters moments?
    fastforward to 0:16

    • boon

      U must be kidding me!!

      This phone is nothing compare to the iphone.

      Iphone is famous for its Apps, Games and Internet connection which this phone DON”T even have.

      ITs looks alike but function wise SUCKSSSSSS when compare to the real iphone.

      So unless you when a phone for pure calling and sms..forget the sophone.

      It’s just a clone of iphone4 body with no character in it.

      • alvin quan

        u must know one important thing ,that is nobody wants to compare them, just these suck people ,Foreign media demonize China,if you want to know the real thing ,just know the really thing

  • Ahmed

    It actually utilizes the android OS.

  • Jon Garrett

    I have 3 real iphones but I would buy this one for my 7yr old if it could run iOS apps.

  • iBrandon

    I bought one to see what it was like, and its exactly like my iPhone 4. It uses the iOS from iTunes just like the other iphones the only thing differnet from the actually iphone is the processor is alot slower, so its kind of like the iOS being on a 3g again. Its awesome that the battery actually comes out. And mine is Jailbroke and its a factory unlocked phone already so no need to unlock with ultrasn0w. Im using it on T-Mobile USA

    • Zorginho

      O_O… it’s impossible, it can’t use the ios SO… probably it’s android or a crappy proprietary OS

      • iBrandon

        wow then i live in the impossible word… cause it does… liked i said dont post shit unless you know what your talking about

      • alvin quan

        it’s android

    • Vash135

      And I am being told it wont work and I was wondering if there was anything special u had to do to make it work . I have tmobile usa

    • vash134

      I have tmobile usa and i was told that the sophone will not work on this network because it tmobile is 1900 frequency networkand the sophone is a 900/1800 frequency. I want to get this phone but i want to make sure it works. Is there anything you had to do to it to make it work? and how is the signal strength. is there anything i need to know about the phone. thanks.

    • mammoth

      it is impossible to run the official iOS on it because the hardware inside it is completely different. it’d be like trying to install windows on a playstation3, impossible since the source code is not available. it’s just a really good copy, but unfortunately the hardware isn’t fast enough and it lacks stuff like 3G and obviously the appstore.

    • Joe

      Lol, dude you’re an idiot. Take a fucking computer science class and learn about HARDWARE differences before you post mis-leading retardations like this. I bet you can also go faster than the speed of light since you’re so good and doing things that are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

      In summation, this phone does NOT nor will it EVER run iOS.

    • Anonymous

      What company did you use to get the sophone? So many co’s take your money and sent nothing.

  • Aj

    I recently came from china and on first look I was like “wow they have the iPhone for cheap” it was only 135 usd. After turning it on you could see that it was nowhere close to the real thing. If you look on craigslist people are selling this phone. Not saying it’s rd iPhone but showing a picture of it to make you believe it was.. Ass whooping waiting to happen lol

  • Telejeesus

    Does it have memory card slot ?
    I have iPhone 4, but I am also very interested about that phone.
    Also where one could buy that cheapest ? And does it work in Europe 900/1800MHz

  • Telejeesus

    I really like to see screenshot what iTunes show when SoPhone is plugged in (memory etc..) 🙂
    In many places in internet ppl say that there is no iOS :confused:
    I really liked to buy one if it uses iOS

    • iBrandon

      Google is your friend 😉 and look on the site i previous posted… it has EVERYTHING you need to know on there and have live customer support.

  • Telejeesus


    What site you posted ??? (you did not postet any link)

    And every site on net(or every site that I have been 30+) say that SoPhone DON’T have iOS :confused:
    So please give some link if you have one. 🙂

  • xd47

    in shanghai you can grab one of these phones for about 80 USD if you paid more then this you got ripped off

  • Telejeesus

    I still want to know if it run iOS??? (some link would ne nice)

  • Jocelyn

    I have an “sophone” and everytime i make a call it cuts off the call at 6 seconds and says processing. Does anybody know what to do?? And i think its the call barring but to deactivate it i need the password which i dont have or i think i could have restores factory settings but i also need a pass word which i dont have. HELP!!!!

    • shakira

      como te lo as compraoo

  • Ongas

    You can go to call setting, advanced setting , turn off auto quick end.

  • Telejeesus

    DOES IT RUN iOS thus be jailbreakable ???

    • mammoth

      no of course it doesn’t run iOS. that would be impossible because iOS only runs on hardware that Apple creates. try installing windows7 on a ps3, or the firmware from your mp3 player onto your desktop computer – it’s the same impossible idea..

      • Telejeesus

        If you read iBrandon’s message he claim that he have soPhone and it runs iOS. That’s why I wanted confirmation.

  • steven

    where can i but one?

  • iphone4user

    you should of seen the amount of background apps he had running so with all those apps running and its still relatively responsive its nearly as good as the original

  • Jacck

    Does the sophone has a GPS application?

  • MicroSoftD

    Windows cant run on PS3 coz they have different architecture not becoz of other reason if Vista/7 even worst coz they need 1GB ram and above while PS3 only have 512mb.

  • mammoth

    yes, it’s a different architecture. just like the sophone and the iphone have different architectures. basically if you think the sophone runs ios you need educating.

  • jimmy larsson

    i have sophone 4 iphone 4 clone and i love it
    it’s so great 🙂

  • thomas

    i just got a sophone it is great and it cost me 120 euros and an iphone 4 is around 600euros

    • Lb50

      Yes. Because an iPhone is 600 euros worth of hardware and software. A sophone is not.

  • It’s realy hard to believe that the Sophone is not the iPhone 4

    • alvin quan

      yes ,it isn’t

  • Hunter Anderson

    I think that we should try the phone it is just like the iPhone in many ways so please give it a try.

    Reasons to try it:
    if used you dont have to pay for a data plan
    wifi access
    looks and is really cool

    China you did a good job on this phone!!!! 100% awesome

  • Mike Cui

    Does Youtube work? Can it download real Apple apps? How bout iOS 7?
    My real iPhone can do all that for sure.