There are plenty of industry reports and infographics that give us an idea about the state of Apple’s App Store. Apps are being sold at an average price of less than $2.50 each, and there is speculation that app sales could be a $34 billion dollar industry by 2014. In 2010, iOS users spent an average of only $4 each month on apps.

I have a feeling that the user statistic of $4 a month is a product of the way that averaging statistics bend numbers. There is still a huge divide between what most would call “power users,” and the “average users” of technologies like the smartphone. (If you read iDB, most likely you’re a power user.)

There are people that are really into buying and trying different apps, and those people purchase a lot of apps. Then there is the vast sea of average, mom-and-dad iOS users who may download a free app every now and then, but don’t make money purchases in the App Store too often. The good news is, you can easily see how much you’re spent in the App Store with a nifty utility for Mac OS X…

App Store Expense Monitor, by WetFish Software, is a lightweight, free app for the Mac that allows you to see the grand total of what you’ve spent in the App Store. The app gathers information about your app purchases by reading the names of your iPhone apps from your Mac’s iTunes library. It then retrieves the prices of each app, and gives you your grand total.

Your purchase information is also exportable to a CSV or XML format for further analysis.

Besides seeing the amount you’ve paid, it’s interesting to just see all the apps you’ve downloaded in a list format. You may notice some apps you have no remembrance of downloading, or some apps you can’t believe you paid that much for.

With the start of the new year, it may be wise to see how much you have been spending in the App Store. Apple makes purchasing content so easy, and sometimes it’s easy to get carried away.

Download App Store Expensive Monitor for free and give it a try. It is Mac only, which is a bummer for Windows users.

I’m too embarrassed to say what my grand total is, but if you’re willing to share, let us all know what your numbers are.

  • Sn0wshoe

    I live in a country where the iPhone is not officialy sold and there are restrictions on internet purchases. 0$ for me

  • Sony

    I have jailbreaked iPod so I didn’t didn’t nothing for apps for now.

  • Nad

    I’ve probably spent about 30 quid I don’t know exactly becAuse I dnt have a
    Mac? U got anything for windows? Thanks alex

  • Rick

    0.79p for an app I downloaded 3 years ago… I remember Install0us was down that day and I really needed the app so I had to splash out that much =\

    • MikeLo

      Lmao word !

  • Burge

    Last year I think it would be at least £ 45 so far this year 14 hours in it’s £3.00

  • Not working, it is only picking up a fraction of the apps I have.
    Not even the most expensive app Navigon is there.

  • TG

    Add an iPhone for a year and a half and haven’t spent a dime on apps. Thanks Install0us.

  • Hussein

    Ashamedly, I’ve spent about somewhere between £150 and £200 this year. Hefty though this may be, nearly all of the apps were on sale (or regularly priced for 59p) – which, might I add, is a shortcoming of the application you mentioned in that it will take the current price of the apps (mine would easily be worth £400+ at full price).

  • Reytube


  • Jorge

    I’ve probably spent about $15 bucks this year, I usually select very specifically what applications I’m going to pay for. Guess in cydia Inhave spent around $26. Would be good to see cydia statistics too!

  • Rick

    Cydia statistics? £0.00, if you know where to source your apps… even the ones to be paid for =D

  • MrChris

    I have spent around $100 on jailbreak only apps and about $10 for AppStore Apps. lol.The $10 was spent first. Then I found out about jailbreaking. lol.


  • Fluffybunny

    About 200 quid this year
    We do now have 3 iPhone 4’s plus an iPod touch 3G on same iTunes – so not too bad … Plus I just paid for tomtom

  • Albioni

    I have installous, but i do buy al the apps that really use. I have spent $120 on the app store. And olso i have all the free repos but again i have bought all the twiks that i love.
    People, dont be jerkoffs. If u really love and use the app on daily basis than buy it because its worthit. If the developer its a jerk off and has a shitty ussles app than viva free repos and installous

  • Pirates Suck

    I can’t stand the sorry e-bums who brag about their pirating apps from Installous. “Duh, I spent 0 dollars…” Really lame. You are sorry criminals in my book. Laws will be enacted, and the future will not be kind to you petty thieves. Developers have families too, you stinking lowlifes. I hope you scumbags brick your phones at the very least. It’s too early to hope for criminal prosecution. Give it a few years. I can’t wait. I am definitely P.P.P = Pro Piracy Prosecution. I’m not talking fines either. I would love some actual sentences. E-Bums, E-Hobos, E-Thugs. Scum.

    • Nad

      Thank u m8 🙂 I get so pissed off wen people boast about not paying and using instalous :@

  • Yeee

    Yeeeeeeeeeee ^ he’s right!

  • Brandon

    Well, if the application is to be believed – $353.84

    But a vast majority of those were sale apps (or freebie) so I would say maybe half that amount.

    For reference – I’m showing 753 apps in my iTunes library for a total size of about 23 GB.

  • naveen

    i have spent around $70. And I am proud that I have not stolen any developers hard work!!!

  • Thanks for making that statement, naveen. We here at iDB do not condone app piracy. If you appreciate a developer’s hard work on an app, it’s the least you can do it throw him a couple of dollars.

  • Rick

    What if you don’t appreciate their work? Is it then ok to download them off Install0us?

  • Why would you want to download an app if you don’t appreciate it?