January 1st. It’s that time of the year when I make my predictions for the iPhone for the year to come. We all know we’re going to get a new iPhone sometimes around June/July, but what will this iPhone be like?

What new features will it sport? Is Apple going to surprise us again this year, or, just like they did with the iPhone 3GS, will they just come up with a slightly improved version of the iPhone 3G?

I believe 2011 will be the year of the iOS. I believe that for the first time this year, Apple will open up iOS to allow wild things we’ve always dreamed of but only the jailbreak community would provide us…

1.  Apple Maps

We know Apple and Google aren’t BFF right now. We also know that location services such as Foursquare are getting real big. Finally, we know that Apple bought PlaceBase almost two years ago, a company that we could basically label as a Google Maps competitor.

Now let’s connect the dots: Apple + Placebase – Google = Apple Maps. This won’t likely be called Apple Maps but you get the idea. I predict that in 2011, Apple will unveil its own map application, which will replace Google Maps on all iOS devices.

2. Wireless Syncing

Apple has always found a lot of its inspiration from the jailbreak community. That’s basically how the App Store, copy/paste, and multitasking were born.

I believe that in 2011, Apple will allow iOS to wirelessly sync your device with your iTunes library, exactly like the jailbreak application Wi-Fi Sync already does.

Even better, Apple might also allow over-the-air updates of iOS, just like it does for the Apple TV.

3. A Different Antenna

With the whole antenna debacle in 2010, I really doubt Apple will make the same mistake twice. This mistake of course is to have the antenna as the bezel. For what I know, Apple might implement the idea described in this patent application, in which they want to include the antenna as part of the Apple logo on the back of the device.

The bottomline is Apple know they messed up with the iPhone 4 antenna and what they dubbed as an amazing idea was just terrible. If they decide to keep the antenna bezel, I think it will be covered with some kind of rubbery coating.

4. A New Design

The previous point leads me to think the next iPhone will be different from the iPhone 4. If not in shape, it will differ in the materials it will use.

For example, I doubt the next iPhone will get a glass-covered back. It sure is beautiful, but it also sure doubles your chances of really damaging your phone. I believe Apple will go back to more “traditional” materials such as the one used on the iPad.

5. New Notifications System

One of the big disappointments when Apple first introduced iOS 4 in 2010 was the lack of improvement in the way notifications are handled. For the last 3 years, we’ve had the same lame SMS notifications, virtually nonexistent notifications in the form of “badges” for new emails. Zero support for RSS reader, weather, tweets, Facebook updates, etc…

Sure there are some awesome jailbreak apps for that. LockInfo is the one that comes to mind but there are also a couple other alternatives.

Apple knows the iPhone is lacking a good notification system and I’m pretty sure this will be a huge part of the iOS 5 announcement this year.

6. Tweaks & Extensions

What’s the difference between a stock iPhone and a jailbroken one? A zillion tweaks and extensions!

Let’s be honest here, the real reason why we jailbreak the iPhone is to take advantage of all these amazing tweaks and mods the jailbreak community is constantly working on.

A way Apple could win the battle against jailbreakers is to allow those tweaks on the iPhone, without having to jailbreak. I predict that in 2011, Apple will allow developers to submit extensions. Just like developers can have their apps in the App Store, I believe that Apple will finally open the gate to tweaks and mods, slowly putting an end to our need to jailbreak.

7. Theming

This goes along with the previous point. Just like I believe Apple will allow extensions for the iPhone, I predict that Apple will allow developers to submit themes to be available in a sub-section of the App Store.

Not only Apple can satisfy their customers’ desire for customized iPhones, but they can also make a ton of money selling these themes.

8. Better Speaker

Here is an area where the iPhone needs to be beefed up a bit. Have you tried playing music through your iPhone speaker lately? The sound is terrible and definitely not at the quality level you would expect from such an amazing device as the iPhone.

I’m sure Apple will finally take care of this in 2011 with a more powerful speakerphone that will give the iPhone the decibels it deserves.

9. A White iPhone

The white iPhone 4 is Apple’s own unicorn. Even though the company says it will be available in the Spring of 2011, I don’t think this is going to happen.

What I believe though is that Apple is working day and night right now to make sure the next iPhone will also come in white on launch day. No more delays. No more bad excuses for their failing.

10. The Name of the Next iPhone

Last but not least, here is my prediction for the name of the next iPhone… Drum rolls… I predict the next iPhone will be called the iPhone V. V as in the Roman numeral 5. This prediction is based on absolutely nothing but my wild guess.

Wildcard: No Verizon iPhone!

What kind of crazy man would say such a thing when the evidences of a Verizon iPhone have been piling up for months now? I’m that kind of man. Since 2007 there have been rumors about a Verizon iPhone, and since 2007 I’ve said that this will not happen until 2012. I’ll stick to my words.

So these are my predictions for the iPhone in 2011. They’re not what I would want for the iPhone. They are what I think is going to happen. Of course, I might be way off, but who cares?

What are your predictions for the iPhone in 2011? Make sure to share them by leaving a comment below.

  • They just need to make the white phone a completely different structure, and call it the “Unicron”. that…would be awesome. Though ive never liked white on anything. Id probably get it a black case, lol

  • Jared

    I think the iPhone for verizon will come out. I BELEIVE!!!!! and Its kinda been released from apple that the white iPhone 4 will be ready to preorder on July 15th and available in stores July 25th. I asked chacha. But I do not think there will be themes. That would be a lot of trouble for iOS to me. Maybe a moving dock?

  • jason

    Nice predictions. As much as I’d like to think that apple would allow mod/theming I don’t think they’ll ever allow this as they are very strict about what they allow on their devices. Granted they did later allow apps on it with the app store, so we will see.

    • Jon Garrett

      sounds like you need an android device. 🙂

      • BulletToothTony

        @Jon Garrett

        why that hell are you in an apple site if you’re so in love with android?

        It’s so obvious to notice the people that want an Apple product but can’t afford one.

        GTFO nobody here care what you have to say, cause after having android nothing comes close to the smoothness and sexiness of apple products!

      • Jason

        Haha, not going to happen. I enjoy my iDevice way to much.

    • BulletToothTony

      Totally agree.. Tweaks, extensions or themes can create HUGE performance issues and Apple is known for taking pride of keeping their products running smoothly. Which is actually the number 1 reason why I buy macs.

      They also won’t put any rubber around the edges since this would mean they are accepting that there is something VERY wrong with the iPhone 4 and would lead to a lawsuit.

      It’s either gonna look the same or totally new design. And i don’t get the whole notification that everyone talks about.

      I like the notification system. My first smart phone was an android (G1) and i’ll take the iOS notifications over androids.

      For the rest of the predictions.. i’m all up for them! 🙂 can’t wait til June!!

  • Burge

    You will get a USB port on it to charge it and sync it

    • Andrew

      No dont think so

      • Burge

        Apple have signed up to agreement with other phone manufacturers to make all phones have a USB charger , so you don’t have to buy new chargers when you buy a new phone . Just like companys that make cameras you can use any micro USB cable .

    • MrTichy

      They signed the agreement but they don’t have to implement it rightaway. I don’t think they are giving up the money the cable peripherals loyalties are generating.

      • Burge

        To change the plug on the end does not mean that give up anything . Dont forget that you can buy 3rd party cables. And with this being a new phone what better time to change the cable to the standard that thay have signed up ! After all its only on the phone end where the cable will change not where you plug it in to your PC/MAC or any other peripherals that you plug the device in to

  • There will be no extensions for Devs!

  • Franco.lasalsa

    If 5 out of those 10 predicitions come true it would be awesome !

  • Nelsonnnnn

    What about an 8 Megapixel camera?

  • Vietnight

    you miss one big thing that need fix a2dp bluetooth.

  • Godri

    Very nice predictions… You really gave it a deap thought.. Kudos.. I am waiting for iOS 5 more than the phone itself … Any ideas around when we ll hear more about it ?
    Don’t forget -Steve jobs is the smartest dumb hypocrite of the decade and he is a god sent pain in the ass by being the CEO of 
    sry if I hurt any Steve job fans. Happy new year.

  • BrainCluster

    We can expect better hardware too… A dual core processor and more RAM (possibly DDR2)…

  • Vik071

    I predict that the new iDevice will have stronger vibration capability. It will also be sold as bundle with a tube of Vaseline. 

  • The iPhone, bottom line, is still a phone. As far as I can surmise, there is still no viable option to initiate a voice dailed call from my Jawbone or any other manufacturer’s headphone (including Apple). My earliest, bottom-of-the-line Samsung clam-shell would voice dial from a blue tooth headphone with no problem. Amazing as the iPhone is, i’m still waiting for it to catch up.

    When I say voice dialing, what I mean is: tap my BT headphone, say the name I want to call, and the phone initiates the call. In reality, what I continue to face is, I have to find the phone, turn it on, slide to unlock the phone, look to find the voice dial app, tap it and wait for it to load, say the name, wait for the app to find the incorrect name, re-say the name again speaking more slowly and crisply, accept the second choice, and wait for the call to dial. I love all the other whistles and bells, but my phone should be able to something this simple right out of the box.

    If there’s a better method to be had, I await your recomendation.

    • Burge

      My BT Nokia headset can work the voice dial on my 3GS ..no slide to unlock , phone in my pocket ..

    • BulletToothTony

      Hey horqua I’m not sure what Firmware you’re on but i’ve been voice dialing since i bought the iP4.

      I use the Jabra BT125 which has incredibly good battery.

      I tap the button and i say “Call Parents, Mobile” and it calls.

      I can also start music from it. Skip Songs, request to play songs from certain artist, ask what time it is and i think there is other options that i haven’t used.

      I don’t know when this was implemented but i know that 4.x firmware definitely has it. 😉


    Copy contact to sim copy contact to sim copy contact to sim without relying on third party apps

    My 10 Years old phone already has that feature

    • BulletToothTony

      Or just sync with iTunes, yahoo contacts, or google contacts? Hmm for trying to sound cool, u sure sound dumb.

      • simon

        Actually I totally know what he means and it is long overdue. You my friend, sound like the moron.

  • So after your 9/10 hits in the last year I think you realy made some brave predictions x) would love to see them realized this year!

  • Jane

    Sorry, but I don’t see any of these things happening for apple. Themes? The day apple lets you have a phone that looks like yours, and not they iOS, will be the day that we all die. Notifications will stay lame and the same, so no change there either. Wireless syncing? Big hope, but of course huge doubt there as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, these are good things, but it’s not going to be a wow to me, since it’s done via jailbreak. I think we need something that not even the JB community hasn’t done yet.

  • Jason

    “Wildcard: No Verizon iPhone!”

    I think you need to do some better research. Skype had a “How to video chat on your iphone” help guide on it’s website with BOTH a Skype AND VERIZON logo.

    I don’t think Skype which serves MILLIONS of people a day would pull a bluff card like this for nothing. Obviously something is on it’s way……

    • FalKirk

      I don’t think that Skype knows a damn thing about Apple’s plans. Apple may or may not put out a Verizon phone next year, but you’ll know it when Apple tells you so and not before.

  • Max

    My one big prediction is that the iPhone will also be used as an AED unit!! Saving lifes anywhere at anytime!!!

  • Z

    No camera upgrades? No dual core? No more RAM? Regardless of what it is, that’s the device I’ll be getting since I skipped iPhone 4.

  • Josh

    i need help. in tinyumbrella it says 4.2.1, 4.2b3, and 4.1 is saved. does that mean i can downgrade to 4.1?

    • zerotee

      I think it does, as long as you do a left shift restore and have your 4.1 ipsw’s.

  • The iPhone needs a bigger camera I feel!

  • MrTichy

    I think there will be no iPhone for Verizon until LTE coverage improves. I agree 2012 is the year. Although I wish Verizon iPhone was available now. It will bring me great joy to see this “great” Verizon network crash under on-slough of millions of iPhones. It will bring me great joy to see all these Verizon iPhone customers paying $45 for data plan for their “superior” network, which will see some “growing pains” due to LTE switchover. That will be inevitable.

    • Jason

      Agreed. I will be happy to have AT&T back to normal 😉

  • hmorad

    and a god damn unlock for 2.10.04

  • masterpiece

    i advise to apple please allow the blutooth to any mobile set to transfer the files music videos etc so it will be amazing

  • arye

    what about backtrack like Motorola CITRUS: Enable Backtrack Cursor?
    what about liquid materials?
    what about NFC?
    what about RF sim?

  • Bradibiza

    iPhone 5 will be same hardware in a different shell. iPhone 6 will be the next upgrade.

  • Varun Nagwekar

    Woopsie! Looks like your wildcard prediction just proved to be wrong with the introduction of the Verizon iPhone. But hey, you’re not an astrologer or someone who’s come back from the future, so its all fine at the end of the day. Cheers!

  • MrTichy

    Rub it in… Rub it in…
    Anyways, I see lots of issues with Verizon timing:
    1. It’s CDMA only, so no simulaneus talk and data use (a complete no go for me).
    2. No GSM SIM – so no international support for most countries. I travel a lot so this is a no go for me.
    3. No LTE – product was rushed in because V basically bribed Apple to release CDMA phone.
    4. New iPhone will be released in June, so good luck upgrading if you buy now.
    5. V is evil, not data pricing announced. It will be higher than ATTs
    6. V is evil. They had tmobile and sprint excluded from iPhone .
    7. V network will be slower than att’s, and it will crash. They can’t even learn att lessons.

  • Esquivo

    What about 4″ screen? There are rumors.

  • MrTichy

    – V is evil, slower downloads, end of unlimited plann coming soon, no simultaneus talk+surf.
    – Still no iPhone for sprint + tmobile:
    1. iPhone5 will be dual GSM+CDMA device. So the guts will be totally reworked.
    2. While outside dimensions will not change much, the appearance will be redesigned due to “antennagate”.
    3. LTE is in its infancy, so no LTE in iPhone5.
    4. iPhone6 will be an LTE device.

  • ice

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