You gotta love all these Verizon iPhone rumors as it seems that every week, there is a new one being spread. The latest to date is a lovely rumor spread by Business Week, who got word from a “person familiar with Apple’s plans who is not authorized to discuss them publicly” that Apple will be holding a special event on Valentine’s Day to announce the new partnership with Verizon.

It seems we’ve heard that before, no? Oh yeah right, we’ve heard that about a zillion times and it never actually happened…

I think we all should spread our own rumors. We started to a few months ago when we announced that Apple was about to launch the iPhone 5G on Virgin Mobile.

Go wild in the comments section and show us how creative you can be at launching a rumor.

  • Ace


    When verizon gets the iPhone you will also be able to easily transfer your AT&T plan over to verizon. Verizon will just hand you a new contract and SIM card. They’ll even pay any early termination fees!

    …back to reality…

    • Alec

      Very funny! And I believe it… really… I do… I mean it….

    • Max

      Apple is going to release an ALREADY jailbroken iPhone to the public!! 🙂

  • If it goes to Verizon it might well go to all carriers, even virgin mobile 

  • joseph

    I heard verizon is getting a dumbed down version of the iphone from this guy that i know that works for them.

  • hgdfggngdfbfdb

    This is bad news very bad news. iPhone on CDMA means no unlocking! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  • John Marston

    How does iPhone CDMA mean no unlock?

    That means an unlock for sprint, as the iPhone has packages for all carriers based with sim cards, including those who’s company doesn’t sell the iPhone. Go into iFile with a jailbroken iPhone, and type in T-Mobile, and see how many Bundles pop up for the carrier. If this phone is going to be a CDMA, although I hope it’s going to be Sim base, since I won’t have to buy another iPhone and just take it to them and use it, then chances are you will see some Sprint carrier Bundles in the iPhone when Geohot releases Ruby Ra1n and releases.

  • Will not happen..

  • Da King

    Wasn’t this crap, suppose to come out in Jan, now it’s Feb? Something smells like Bull shit *COUGH COUGH* CRAP *COUGH COUGH*. Damn this NY weather has gotten me sick again or is it me just getting sick to easy from all the rumors that spread so fast 🙂