We’ve been talking about it for about a week now, and to be honest, we expected it to launch at CES in a few days, but the Skype application for iPhone got an update today and finally lets you do video calls over wifi or 3G to another iPhone or to a Skype desktop user.

This update is long overdue. Since the iPhone 4 launched in June, introducing FaceTime, we’ve all been waiting for Skype to catch up and update their application to allow video calls. FaceTime is great, but not everyone owns an iPhone 4, thus it makes it hard to have a video call with someone who’s not an iPhone 4 user…

This isn’t a problem anymore. You’ll now be able to make video calls from iPhone to iPhone, or from iPhone to desktop.

Here is what’s new in this updated version of Skype:

• Make Skype to Skype video calls on WiFi and 3G*
• Call Skype desktop users (Mac OS X or Windows) and other iPhone users.
• Two-way video calls supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen.
• Receive only video supported on iPad and iPod touch 3rd gen, with no camera.
• Make video calls in portrait and landscape.
• Skype video calling requires iOS 4.0 or above.

You can still get Skype for free in the App Store.

Now tell us. Isn’t it great news that Skype finally lets you do video calls from your iPhone?

  • YES. This is excellent news.

    Gotta admit, I didn’t think Skype had it in them, but this works better than FaceTime from what I tested. Certainly much faster connections over Wifi and 3g, and much more reliable. Of course there’s also the added benefit that I know way more people who use Skype than who use FaceTime.

    It’s only going to get better from here, I think this is the game changer we’ve been looking for since the iPhone launched. I don’t think it’s an overstatement when I say that the way we communicate will be changed forever.

    Color me impressed.

  • Jason

    This is awesome!

  • Felix

    This is not a great news…this is the news, finally!!!

    • felix my gut tells me that you hear this apps

  • AppleBits

    I’m using iOS 4.1, jail broken. I get a warning when I open Skype that this version is only supported on unmodified iPhone OS 3.0.x, 3.1.x, and 3.2.x.
    I haven’t tried using it yet, but is warning of any meaning?

  • Jeff

    Just ignore the warning, it’ll still work fine

    • Tony

      I got it also but the audio does not work. Is anyone able to make it work on a jailbroken Iphone?

      • Z

        Works fine for me

  • Z

    Yep, just got it

  • Beth

    Will I be able to have video calling on a iPhone 3GS or is that still only a feature for iPhone 4? I downloaded the skype application but don’t see any option for video..

    • Z

      Yes, the back camera works on 3GS where iPhone 4 has a nifty switch between front and back.

      ATTN all: Desktop version of Skype needs to be updated for desktop-to-mobile video

    • Geoff

      I have the identical iphone and problem. I don’t see any option for video. Have you resolved it?


    It certainly works for iPhone 3GS,just tested in Pakistan..!!

  • Thomas

    Just deleted Skype a few hours ago because I had no use and now this update comes out haha. Well, gonna go download it again!

  • Ty

    Yea I actually deleted it a while ago. Re-installing right now.

  • Finally an application that allows you to pass video call with my iphone. This cool apps

  • Dylanlpu

    Tears of happiness are streaming down my face…

  • Ibnusulis

    Agree with you jeff, the quality is really good. This is what unlimited data is for ha ha

  • Benl

    Facebreak and 3G unrestricted help for apps that need wifi by making use of the 3G. it comes out smooth, but this app is cool since most people use Skype. Will try, and weird that people are getting the jailbreak warning. Wonder how long will it be,before Apple

  • Benl

    Facebreak and 3G unrestricted help for apps that need wifi by making use of the 3G. it comes out smooth, but this app is cool since most people use Skype. Will try, and weird that people are getting the jailbreak warning. I wonder how long will it be before Apple pulls this app though lol

    • Z

      It won’t be pulled, trust me. On what grounds should Skype ever get pulled?

  • Japol

    Will this work for iphone 3G?

    • Z

      Give it a try and let us know. It’s FREE

      • Japol

        It does not work! 🙁

  • LiFE HACker

    What people are forgetting here is that skype for iPhone is free only till the end of this year..

    • Goofygreek

      They will only be charging for calling over 3G. If you have my3g or similar. You wont have to pay.

  • Vik071

    Works very well over wi-fi.

  • Brandz

    I was using it a while ago but now the icon for video call just disappeared! Weird!

  • Glenn

    This is good news.
    But funny that Skype could get the video going but neglect bluetooth headset connectivity.
    Been enquiring about it for months.
    Maybe you guys can have a crack at it.

  • Felix

    Awesome quality. Tested it dialing from laptop to iPod 4 and vice versa. Then I tested it with iPhone 3GS with iPod 4. The only drawback is that you have to be running skype in the background. Otherwise it will show you as offline and people will only be able to leave you a voicemail.