When it rains in the jailbreak scene, that’s a good thing. Now it looks like there might be some scattered showers in our forecast in the form of RubyRa1n, which is reportedly iPhone liberator GeoHot’s lastest and greatest jailbreak tool.

The evidence? A domain name registered in his name on the same day that his most recent jailbreak tool, LimeRa1n, was registered…

LimeRa1n was eventually released back on October 9th of 2010, so there was a fair amount of time between his domain registration, and the actual release of the jailbreak. This lends proof to the theory that it’s likely we’ll see a RubyRa1n jailbreak tool sometime in the not too far away future.

Currently there has been no official word from GeoHot himself, but if and when such word does come forth, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Is the jailbreak community ready for GeoHot’s latest jailbreak tool? Did you use LimeRa1n back when it was released?

  • Chris

    Please, please, please! This would be great. I would do anything for a stable iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak. I <3 rubyra1n!

  • Burge

    From what we’ve seen from Geohot and how long he takes to bring out his jailbreak tools I doubt this is for 4.2.1 ( I hope I wrong ) he might of found another way in when making Limera1n . He took a year between blackra1n and limera1n. This is what he did before make a site and not say a thing…

  • Ben

    Jesus man. He has a lot of other domains…..
    I think theres like five or so ___rains

    DO your research before you get everybody hopes up…

    • Hi Ben, you make a good point, but there is a buzz going on right now that’s concentrated on RubyRa1n, hence, it’s unlikely that this buzz is just originating out of thin air all of the sudden. There’s probably more than meets the eye here. Stay tuned.

  • He has a lot of other domains I like the IPHONE

  • Ben

    It is out of thin air.

    Just because other websites post it and attach a 4.2.1 release on it means absolutely nothing.
    the only buzz thats around is the desperation of people for a jailbreak tool on 4.2.1

    He has had these domains for a long time a long with his originals..:
    purplera1n.co and limesn0w.com

    Just because they exist doesn’t mean hes using them.

    • Well, that is true. That’s why it was written in the form of a question, not a statement. Just something for everyone to ponder, wouldn’t you agree?

      Obviously one of the “ra1ns” is going to be his next jailbreak tool, it’s just a matter of what color he’s feeling like at the moment…

  • Danny

    I’m betting ruby is for IOS 5…

  • MALdito

    “Pfft” We’ll see. I’m still waiting for Limesn0w.

  • I’m down with the sickness.

  • Rainrose

    I hope this is true. Geohot makes the easiest jailbreak and I used his limera1n before.

    • SillyBear

      And Comex’s jailbreakme was difficult???

  • carl

    I have used this one to jailbreak 4.1 It’s very easy, I hope it’s good untethered jailbreak for 42.1

  • Rick

    He’s the best and the best takes time…
    I love his work, stable easy and bad ass..

  • Thor

    Thanks for the info Jeff. But this seems very weak. Is there anything else this rumor is based on other than a nine month old domain registration? I can not find anything else.

  • princedada

    well to be honest his just announced it on his twitter, so i guess it is legite

    • Thor

      Twitter? Never heard of it. 🙂

  • My limera1n is still installed and kikinass, not to hip on the newest untethered so this rubyra1n would be a nice stepping stone to the next level!

  • Emclinux

    GreenPois0n_JB GreenPois0n
    Follow @RubyRa1n_Geohot for the next jailbreak from Geohot.

    RubyRa1n_Geohot RubyRa1n
    I have really some _good_ news for you!

  • onyxblades

    If there is gonna eventually be a jailbreak under the name rubyra1n, cuz after all, who’s to say there wont be, it WONT be for 4.2.1 because its too late to start working on it now, weve all waited too long, were just gonna have to accept that GeoHot wont release any jailbreak for 4.2.1, were gonna have to use the next jailbreak by comex, as we know for sure hes already working on it (he mentioned it on twitter)

  • Chris baker

    I’m still waiting for the 4.2.1 jailbreak untethered

    For windows

    Not beta or anything like that and for FREE!

    If Any can help me out email me at cb.0807@hotmail.com

  • Danny

    Please Make this happen i made a huge mistake updating plz turn it around

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t have twitter.