CNN just published a list of the 10 biggest tech fails of 2010. At the top of the list, somewhat of a surprise, is the iPhone 4 antenna, also known as the antennagate, which we widely covered a few months ago.

I guess the fail in this case is not the antenna problem itself, but rather the way Apple handled the whole situation by pretty much saying there was no issue, then saying there was an issue that would be fixed with a software update, then saying there was actually no issue, but since there was no issue, they were going to give free cases to everyone. Confused?

Today, antennagate is a thing of the past. Not that the problem has been fixed, but the bad press just died out. Grab your iPhone 4, wrap your hands around it and watch the bars disappear.

The funny part is, when I was in France last month, using my iPhone 4 on a French carrier, I was not able to replicate the “death grip”. Back in the US on AT&T, I was again able to replicate the death grip. Seems to be the problem comes from the carrier and not from the device, but that’s another story.

At the bottom of CNN’s 2010 tech fails is Ping. You know Ping, right? It’s Apple’s failed attempt at what they call “social media”. I’d rather call it “social selling” but that doesn’t sound as sexy.

Ping is indeed a major fail for Apple, but does the company really care? Probably not.

Do you agree that the iPhone 4 antenna should be at the top of the list? What about Ping? Does it deserve a spot on this list?

  • TattoozNTech

    good call on CNN’s part! both are definitely fails!

  • Moritz

    I have to say: Here in Switzerland i am also not able to replicate the Death Grip. And thats also what several newspapers wrote!

    • I’m willing to bet it’s not the carrier, but the phone itself. Different phones have different issues. Newer iPhone 4’s don’t have the antenna issue like the older ones do.

  • Kingz

    Apple/itunes should do business with facebook and incorperate music/ videos to facebook so we can set songs for our profiles like myspace. At 99cents a song like itunes, they’ll make alot of money via facebook.

    • AppleBits

      If you want MySpace, go back to it. It’s a “fail” for its own reasons.
      Why would/should FB copy-cat MS? No thanks. Just my personal op.
      To each his own.

      Apple/CNN/antenna issue (not for me)/Ping (lame)….pretty accurate in my book.
      Win some, lose some. Move on.

  • Thomas

    I only have service issues I have is with my case on, but I can’t live without it. I used to get amazing service at my house and no service (it would literally turn of my service for hours until I got home to reboot my phone) when at school. Since I’ve upgraded from my old iPhone 3G to my new iPhone 4, the problem has switched; I get good service at school and poor service at home “/. I just know that I’m going straight to Sprint and getting a good Android phone as soon as my contract with AT&T is up. Then I can make that phone a hotspot and use my iPhone 3G and 4 on that for games and stupid stuff!

  • Sascha

    I live in Germany and I can reproduce the death grip with T-Mobile. I don’t see why this should have anything to do with the carrier in the first place. Secondly, ping is somewhat useless. If I need inspiration for new music there are plenty of sources. And I don’t need yet another networking platform to share what bands I like. Therefore, from my point of view, I would consider both my iPhone4’s antenna and ping a fsil 😀

  • Sascha

    GAAAA! Damn that iPhone keyboard. Fail, not fsil!! Grmpf!

  • MAX

    Can’t replicate the death grip in Qatar nor in India. I think it’s not the antenna but the carrier that causes the bars to drop.

  • Z

    Interesting observation, Seb. I wonder if death grip depends on the frequencies carriers use to transmit data.

    This is yet another way to show everyone that with “GOOD” marketing you can sell a piece of turd on a stick pretending it’s a lolli pop. It’s unfortunate to see brainwashing as affective as it is.

  • Bradibiza

    Bumper or not to bumper? That is the question, only you can answer

    • Z

      Of course bump ‘er 😉

  • Ale

    Here in Chile i´ve been unable to replicate the death grip problem too!!! It is a carrier issue?

  • I think people dramatize too much with the issue on iphone 4
    I’ve never experienced that my iphone’s signal bar has dropped
    But thats just my opinion…

  • Sascha

    @Beti: I am not “dramatizing” when I firmly hold the iPhone in my left hand and see the signal strength drop from four bars to one within five seconds. That is reality, no drama!

  • Burk

    I have one of the iPhone 4s from the first batch that came out, and have not been able to replicate the “death grip” problem anywhere in Asia (I travel within the region for work). I don’t doubt that some people have had these problems, but the hoopla surrounding it is perhaps much greater than the number of people who actually encountered the problem.

  • Oreoz

    I live in Australia and i have not been able to replicate the “death grip” either, unless i am in an area that already had very low signal already, then sometimes i get it. I will admit that i was worried when i bought the phone about the issue, and within the first week i used it without a case, and did not get any issues, from then on i have only ever used a case so sorta mutes the point most times. So yea i feel sorry if you live somewhere that gets it but makes you wonder if its a carriers use or what

  • @Sascha then you have really big big hands…

  • wize

    Just because France has stronger cell networks doesn’t mean it wasn’t the phone. You simply couldn’t get it low enough to make bars disappear (5 bars or whatever is not the max, just the max reported).