A little over a week ago, we reported on a Wall Street Journal article that revealed an eye-opening investigation into how apps share your personal data; without your consent.

Needless to say it was bit shocking to us, our readers, and apparently a lot of other people concerned over their personal privacy, or lack thereof.

Now the fallout from the privacy scandal is beginning to rear its head, and it ain’t pretty…

In a suit filed on Dec. 23 in a federal district court in San Jose, California by Jonathan Lalo of Los Angeles County; it states that “the transmission of personal information is a violation of federal computer fraud and privacy laws,” and goes on to imply that “some apps are also selling additional information to ad networks, including users’ location, age, gender, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views.”

Along with Apple, the suit namedrops several popular iPhone app as defendants, including Pandora, and TextPlus 4.

Not being totally satisfied with only this lawsuit, the claim is also seeking a class-action lawsuit for customers who have downloaded apps going all the way back to December of 2008!

It looks like Apple and a whole lot of developers have a mess on their hands. How do you think they should handle it, and do you agree with the court actions taken? Let us know below.

  • SpideyRules

    Good luck proving malicious intent buddy! Someone else looking for a way to make a quick buck…

  • Lol apple take that , let’s see how u getting out of this one .

  • Burge

    It was always going to happen ..just needed someone with the balls to do it ..

  • Clinton

    Well I thi k apple needs to get the butts in gear and fix this issue. Apple has so many restrictions for apps to be submitted and sold on the app store. Next you will know is that these apps are going to sell your photos, contacts, emails, passwords, and even bank account info!!

  • Isis

    I for one love apple but hate it’s privacy violations. I am glad someone had the cojones to stand up for privacy on our freaking cell phones!!!! It’s not right. It’s my personal life we are talking about and I should share it with whom I want not incognito

  • AppleBits

    I agree with the lawsuit. And I am a true Apple fan….to an extent. I agree with posters stating their fears of everything (even bank accounts) being sold via these apps. It seems reasonable that if Apple or any other site wants to host apps, it should have a process to validate the apps, showing they have taken all prudent steps within reason to support only safe apps, otherwise take full responsibility for the out fallout.
    With that said, what does all of this mean for jailbroken devices?
    Where do we stand in defending our privacy when we install apps on devices that are no longer under an expected protection umbrella?
    And how many Apple Store apps can be found in the j/b community for download?
    While it may be a big challenge to “prove” wrongful intent of whatever sort, it still brings to light the dangers of our wonderful technology, doesn’t it??

  • appletiser

    so, this class action lawsuit for customers who downloaded apps since 12/08… when can i expect my check through the mailbox? 😀

    • AppleBits

      Well, it would seem if the allegations are true, then your address and exactly how much you’ve been ripped off should also be “allegedly” in records somewhere out there…so I’d guess in a year or two. 😉

      • appletiser

        excellent! maybe i’ll invest whatever funds i receive back to shares in Apple, guess they’ll be worth a couple of cents by then 😀

  • Alan

    Although an Apple fan, I agree that collecting user’s private info is despicable and any and all parties responsible should be held liable. There is a major thrust to collect our private information. Not a good thing at all for our civil liberties.

  • FtheDev1l’sDevelopments

    “so, this class action lawsuit for customers who downloaded apps since 12/08… when can i expect my check through the mailbox?”

    i agree with u buddy
    I wish i could join the lawsuit it really does bother me that these mofos are makin even more money off of us. Now who sold there souls for a bite of the apple hopefully not me after all this legal stuff is taken care of

  • Z

    Last night I had a webpage pop up from RoadRunner Cable saying that they received a complaint from some media production company that my laptop was used to redistribute some of their copy righted material. The message went as far as to threaten me of legal actions being taken against me and my roadrunner subscription being canceled.

    1. Have no idea how that msg was relevant to me
    2. Have never hear of the production company filing the complaint
    3. Have more than 5 other people using same wifi
    4. Counter legal action for violation of MY privacy

    Thought it was interesting to see how our privacy is being neglected without our awareness. It was a matter of time for the case to be filed.

  • MarkM

    Google can get the same information with a little extra work. Cable companies collect this information and sell it in the form of advertising blocks from both your pipe and your cable box. The UDID take my location and application actions is a good legal argument but the better thing to do is to use Opera mini and proxy or something if you’re worried about collection of your particulars. How about the facial recognition software at Casinos and government facilities? Yes friends 1984 is 2010. I applaud the suit showing some guts on the part of the litigant. In a real sense your network provider is the culprit and your choice of software is your choice. Private info is never private when you’re on someone else’s IP or platform. The smart money is to create an app that sends all kinds of hoky browsing and location information to skew the data on the collection side. If you have an unlimited data plan then autosurf the heck out of the thing. Did any of you apple fans think that Genius Itunes doesn’t aggregate some information about your library.

    Remember WGA from Microsoft? Apple does the same thing. It just makes money on it and uses it to make better products. When did all the apple users become Microsofties?

    Privacy is pen and paper, or a non connected computer in a hut somewhere.

    Public networks are public. If you want to be unrecorded in your online actions on your phone or elsewhere, then pay the commercial price for stuff – say $500/month for a T1 through an internet exchange. You want to hang out at the mall with everyone else and get the consumer price you will be tracked from the RFID tags in your underwear to your actions in the store as your cart moves around. Do you think walmart doesn’t collect everything about where you look, what order you pick things out in, what credit card you use versus what items you buy, etc etc etc.

    Man, I would like a custom application that does everything I want done without anybody knowing what it does or what I do with it. That’s simple people – write your own application.

  • Spencer

    Yes! I’m glad there doing this! They should make every developer remove this type of software from there apps. Or something of the sort.

  • Gopa Nair

    Cant imgine what android market with all its openess will do to our personal information.
    This was one aspect , i always felt apple was way ahead. Now it looks like all the same to me
    ( am an android fan and not an apple hater ) .

  • Juan

    I like Apple products a lot but I don’t like Apple’s business practices. I’m glad there’s a lawsuit against them. You don’t collect data without consent. Haven’t they figured that out yet? It doesn’t matter where the data goes or what it’s used for.. The bottom line is our data was harvested without our consent.

    If Apple thinks they are above the law, let’s hope this slaps them back down to planet earth.