The Dev Team released RedSn0w 0.9.7b1 this morning, an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G on iOS 4.2.1. When we first reported about this updated version of RedSn0w, we advised you not to use because it is still in beta, and most importantly, comes with a few issues worth mentioning.

We still think that you should hold off and be patient. A more stable version should be released soon. In the meanwhile, if you are curious about what problems you might encounter after “untethering” your iPhone, here are some of the issues that have been reported:

  • Bluetooth is disabled
  • iPod player doesn’t work on the iPhone 4 or the iPad
  • Application Switcher will crash your iPhone
  • YouTube won’t work
  • Videos from the camera roll won’t play
  • AirPlay won’t work
  • Some App Store apps not working

If you rely on an unlock for your iPhone, you should definitely stay away from this untethered jailbreak for the time being.

What are you going to do? Are you going to use RedSn0w anyways, or do you want to wait for a safer update? If you do give it a try, please make sure to share your experience with us.

  • ipod player doesn’t work on ipod 4g too

    • Max

      Will wait. No rush

  • kent

    no ….

  • Sy

    Lol seems not a lot works! Will wait for final release, keep up good work team!

  • Dirt_squirrel

    I’ve been rocking te tethered jailbreak with my iPhone 4 and haven’t had a problem. Ive only once drained my battery, but that was because I forgot to charge my phone and it got used as a music source at a party. Luckily there was a computer on hand and I could charge and reboot in to the jailbreak.

  • Thor

    At this point sounds like something to try in the sandbox at the Apple store. In the mean time I will just enjoy my other toys and read about the experiences of all the risk takers.

  • Eric

    i am good on 4.1 unlocked with my 3gs and my ipad is 4.2.1 tethered which is not a huge deal because my battery lasts FOREVER with it and i rarely have to reboot. So i will wait. I was going to jump on the train and test it out, but i dont want to hassle with it right now, my iPad is setup the way i want it to even with jailbroken apps minus INCARCER app which was told will be updated by the author once a untethered jailbreak is released.

  • Hitesh

    I dare to untethered I face similar issue ment above which indeed not very imp for me and I m fine with new jb

  • Eduardo

    I think the list of what works would’ve been shorter.

  • HeadsUp

    Can u write a article when it’s ready to be used by unlockers and mostly bug free that would be greatly appreciated

    Thank You

    • October

      I’m concerned about it too, I’m def waiting, but does anyone have an idea about when it’ll be safe for 4.1?

  • Eric


  • Well, I am happy with the tethered jailbreak cause I carry my pen drive with the frimware and redsn0w and I have no problem to find a computer to reboot.
    Anyways, I will wait too for a more stable version.

    Good job

  • Ai

    Waiting! Cannot stand gadgets that don’t work properly.

  • Fman52

    Totally agree

  • David

    Wait. Lol still on 4.0 see no new to update either.

  • Eric2

    Will wait. No need to mess with 4.2.1 unless you need to wirelessly print or something. 😉

  • Shawn

    redsnOw will have error when jailbreaking iPad 4.2.1
    It stops everything.

  • Antonio

    Do you guys know if a Windows version will be released?

    • Fill yo Moma

      Ya pls release win version

  • Eddy

    Well, I tried it, and most everything worked for me in an on/off basis. That, and when I went to download a theme from Cydia it royally froze my iTouch (4th Gen.) I’m restoring now. I was really looking forward to using iRemix and such, but I will wait for a more stable release from now on.

  • C.F.

    i tried and ended up in reovery mode.restoring my iPad now

  • exoh

    what was the point.. dev team are disappointing.. geohot please please come out with something – this iphone dev team sucks ass

  • Eric

    @exoh. If you don’t like it then go get an android or some other smart phone. iPhone Dev Team is the shit thanks to them and everything they do. Don’t mind these whinny ass people that don’t appreciate your guy’s hard work. Besides this is a BETA to find allthe bugs so they can do an official release. If you think Geohots jailbreak and unlocks were bug free you are sadly mistaken.

    • Exoh

      Relax fanboi. I’m just saying that I’ve bricked 2/3 of my mates phones using dev team jailbreaks. They are unreliable and I much prefer geohots jailbreak method. I have a 3GS which is already jb, not in a rush, but it looks like the dev team were.

  • Kenneth

    I am a big fan of Dev_Team , but I like GeoHot method better its more easier to use
    I better w8 … NO rush
    Thanks for your hard work Dev keep it up … I am waiting to unlock my i4 2.10.04 BB to use with Tmobile

  • Exoh

    As kanye would say.. Imma let you finish but geohots jailbreaks are the bomb. Lol

  • Brett

    I have a ipod touch 2gen mc modle 4.2.1 software everything to keep me from not being able to jailbreak it! I really want to and some poit in time I will be able to and I want to soon! if you could give me some links that fit every thing like a ipod touch 2 gen mc modle and 4.2.1 software.
    I know it is out there but 3 days of searching are starting to take affect and I was wondering if there was anyt links that you guys have.
    Thanks in advanced!

  • Sean

    I’m on 4.1 and see no reason to upgrade. anyone who did upgrade, did it really make all that big a difference and was it worth waiting for new jailbreak? Thanks in advance.

  • Brett

    I had to upgrade because my ipod broke down and apple gave me one that was already updated and i couldnt downgrade whitch really stinks.

  • Mahmoud

    Waiting .. 🙂

  • David

    Hey I have a 2nd gen iPod touch and I updated it to 4.2.1 and was wondering what was good to get cydia from thanks I can get it from there but just need cydia first

  • Some 3GS bugs from tethered (beta 4) redsn0w:
    -I’ve got a “fixed” 3GS that is in the first 25 weeks…because it was returned for a dead battery and returned refurbished (and/or FIXED — Apple Bastards) so I have to boot tethered..
    -The status bar shifts to the left in
    -The bluetooth works, though I swear my microphone worked until this update.
    -My headphone mics do not seem to work. I have tested a few..Possible that I dropped it one too many times.
    -Wifi sync works well in 4.2.1
    -However, my address book no longer syncs and seems to actually have been significantly pared down. In other words a lot of items on the mac itself are missing. They are there on the iPhone, however. I’m looking into this with a test user account ’cause it sucks losing your contacts.

    Questions remain:
    -Anyone else having issues with their contacts Address Book on the Mac / Outlook syncing on Windows.
    -Did anyone ever find a way to copy the contacts to the SIM card?
    -What about a way to interface the MobileME sync with your own server? You could re-route the iPhone’s host file to point to your server instead of Apple’s. That would effectively be an over-the-air sync!

    Generally geohot has had some great, simple jailbreaks. I have run into a lot of bugs using some of his.. It’s not a contest, though. I would prefer more heads working on something, so bugs are discovered and corrected more quickly. It seems 4.2.1 really screwed a lot of us over on 3GS+ generations. That said my wife is on 4.1 iPhone 4 and loving it. I was on 4.0.1 and loving it…stupid me, plugged it in to charge while I was jailbreaking hers and set mine in Recovery mode. WHICH YOU CANT RESTORE to 4.0.1! What a crock. I even had my shsh backed up and was using Saurik’s server. But since it was a refurbished return… I was screwed! Bastards… Love the dev team. Keep up the great work fellas and ladies.

  • Digi

    Just tried with updated redsnow and IPSW – bluetooth works, ipod player works, youtube works, app switcher works… Still testing the rest