You might remember a few months ago when we talked about IPA God, a new application that would allow to install cracked apps on a non-jailbroken iPhone. After getting a lot of publicity around the web, the developer decided to put iPA God for sale.

After that, we kinda lost track of IPA God to be honest with you. Until today when I received an email from iDB reader Ben who informed me that the source code of IPA God was available for download…

Apparently, IPA God now works for iOS 4.X+. I haven’t downloaded it and don’t intend to, so I can’t give you much more information about it.

You obviously do what you want with your iPhone, but let me remind you that downloading cracked apps is illegal, but most importantly, it is not fair to developers who spend time working on those apps.

  • Z

    There will never be an app that will let you install cracked apps on a non-jailbroken phone. So I honestly wouldn’t even try it till it appears in Cydia.

    • Manuel Vitela

      Why would IPA god show up in Cydia if it’s for non-jailbroken iPhones?

      • Z

        Will never happen, so it will be something like installous or appcake. And yes, you’ll have to be jailbroken to install it.

  • mvd7793

    Question: Why is iDB posting links to the software? Reporting on it is one thing. Making it easy for people to find it by including a link in the article is another.

    • Agreed !

      • Andrew

        Nice pic!

      • John Lennon

        Is that ya tits if so you bad as hell

    • Agreed, which is why I removed the download link.

  • EgoHot

    you used to support cracked apps back in the early days of this website…

    I’ve been following this site since the 2.x days…. maybe even before that!

  • lol yea everyone used to support cracked apps but now if he did he would look like a bad guy or some shit lol

  • Alexandra

    Well if it’s open source, as a developer I can download it and determine how it works. Then attempt to make my Applications IPA God proof.

    • mvd7793

      If you’re a developer smart enough to analyze source code and make your app not work with it, you’re smart enough to find it online. You doing that is far less important than not making it easy for the many others who would use it maliciously!

  • Michael

    Who’s iPhone is the screenshoot taken from ?
    What is the google chrom icon ?

    • Cydia > Google chrome icon….replaces safari icon

      • Pierre

        So that iphone IS jailbroken then…!

  • That’s my iPod. That’s my google chrome app. That’s not ipa god that’s Cydia made to look like ipa god.
    I now have ipa god running on my new 4G iPod touch running 4.2.1 Works great btw.

  • I have 2g iPhone ,when I go to it show me the form I never sig.up in any .how can I download softwares

  • mangooossssss

    Mother Fuckerrrrrrssssss y u name dis app as app GOD…. chooses some thinh else FUCKERSSSS