In this latest video from our ongoing iPhone Basics series, we investigate the question that seems to forever permeate the iPhone community. Just what is the deal with the iPhone speakers? Why is sound only coming from one speaker?

Likely, you already know the answer to this question, but for new iPhone owners, it’s a legitimate inquiry. Check inside as we spill the beans on the iPhone’s speaker issues, along with a brief history lesson as well…

As you’ll see in the video above, the iPhone 4, and all other versions of the iPhone for that matter only feature one speaker at the bottom of the iPhone. The other “speaker” is actually the phone’s primary microphone.

Interestingly enough, the position of the microphone and the speaker was swapped around for the iPhone 4, so if you’re used to one of the older iPhones, it may take an adjustment for you to get used to the iPhone 4

Have any additional insight about the iPhone’s acoustics? Let us know below!

  • EgoHot

    I LoL’d at the title of this article XD

  • Ken

    Please lift either hand and slap yourself HARD.. Dig a hole small enough to fit your head, bury it…. and then wonder ” where did everyone go? “

  • Z

    As embarrassing as it is but that was the first “technical” problem I approached apple with =)

  • candyer

    It not only a joke !!

  • Poor design…:D

  • Mosh

    Please help me out does that mean the other speaker does not work?????
    what can i do to make it work????

    • Nate See

      Well… You can start “fixing” it by reading the above article…