Looking at the drama going on between MuscleNerd and P0sixNinja on Twitter, I feel like I am watching a full season of the Young and the Restless. Quick heads up for those of you who didn’t follow the whole conversation.

A few months ago, hacker pod2g found a bootrom exploit in iOS 4.0.1 which was quickly named SHAtter. Chronic Dev Team later started using SHAtter for their GreenPois0n jailbreak for iOS 4.1. Then GeoHot came in the game with a new exploit that he was going to use no matter what in his LimeRa1n jailbreak. At this time, Chronic Dev didn’t have a choice but to put SHAtter on the side for later, and use GeoHot’s exploit.

Everything was going fine until rumors started going around that SHAtter had been leaked…

Why is it important?

It is important because SHAtter likely is the only bootrom exploit the Dev Team (or other iPhone hackers) can use at this time to create a future jailbreak tool. If the source of this exploit is leaked and Apple gets his hands on it, the firm will definitely patch it in a future iOS update.

In the meanwhile hackers like MuscleNerd who focus most of their work on the iPhone unlock really need the exploit, which is the base of all their research. If SHAtter goes to trash, weeks of work go to trash as well.

Who leaked it?

I guess we’ll never find out who leaked the SHAtter exploit. P0sixninja accuses MuscleNerd. MuscleNerd accuses P0sixninja. This is going absolutely nowhere. However, the question that comes to mind is why would MuscleNerd leak something he relies on for his work on the unlock?

So, what’s up now?

Well folks, let’s just hope that the “real” SHAtter as Comex calls it hasn’t really been leaked or if it has, that it hasn’t made its way back to Cupertino. If it has, that means that the Dev Team or someone else will have to figure out a new exploit when iOS 4.3 comes out, which ultimately means we’ll have to wait longer for a 4.3 jailbreak.

What do you think about this whole situation?

  • RobW

    they are acting like a buch of kids arguing in the school yard…I wish they would all grow up…

  • Chris

    It’s stuff like this that makes me want to switch to an Android. If I can’t Jailbreak my iPhone…I don’t want an iPhone. If the Jailbreak community is going to fight with themselves…then it’s looking more and more like Jailbreaking will become more difficult to obtain in the future and thus, my interest in my iPhone is decreasing. Please, just get along and let’s Jailbreak these damn iPhone without drama.

  • Ibnusulis

    It looks to me that the otherwise well spoken MN was only trying to save his face and was unintentionally dragged to the conversation by this ninja kid. It’s just one of those days.

  • See

    Can’t really blame em. They put so much work on it and it’s natural to see them ignite like that when shit like this happens.

    Though it would have been better if they did the arguing closed doors rather then on public media.

    Leave the public drama crap to Geohot :p

  • whtlime

    Hahaha! It’s funny how everyone sort misses the real issue. What SMART developer would post his code in an IRC room with 15 others.

    Whatever happened to email?


    all for show…lol. Theyre in need of some entertainment, so theyre just jackin stuff around.

  • Z

    It’s funny to see GeoHotz name out of the picture.

    Off topic but something I’ve been waiting for is the ‘Pull to Refresh Safari’ tweak from BigBoss. It’s free and works like a charm

    • Burge

      That does make a change..one other thing…..the SHAtter is for the i4 iPad and ipt4 .( you need the A4 chip ) So if you got a 3G 3GS ipt2 ipt3 this exploit is no good for you..

  • Hello you


  • Ace

    I was just looking at this same conversation yesterday on Twitter. I thought it was a bit humorous and could have possibly been staged. Lol but if it wasn’t, then these convos could be the reason why @comex said he might miss his Christmas deadline.

  • Am soooo over all the jb crap.
    I’m removing my jb as I type & upgrading to 4.2

    • Weebsurfer

      You may not be alone. JBing is just getting more and more difficult and convoluted… And in turn, risky. I’ve been having way too many battery issues lately too.
      Was really hoping to hear someone start digging into this “unlock by the service providers business”. It would be sweet for the teams to find a way to leverage this legit method and save us all the $50 BS fee. 🙂

  • @Ace Good point. That could be why @comex said what he did. hm . . .

  • Houli

    This has nothing to do with 4.3. Apple can only patch this in a hardware change.

  • Spooky

    Like Apple can’t reverse engineer code and figure out what exploit is being used themselves.

    Petty BS to excuse not being able to deliver an untethered jb.

  • Neil

    Well it goes to show.. There is no “honor” anymore among hackers and why people do the things they do well never understand.. AKA .. Suicide

  • Billy Madison


  • sk@tta

    Comex is threatening to email the Code to apple if the argument doesnt stop btween the two

    • Ace

      @sk@tta ok but i doubt @comex was being serious. I think he was just being sarcastic.

  • bebz

    Smoke sum weed

  • @Sk@Tta Where is the proof? What you just said is article worthy.

  • Ace

    @sk@tta ok but i doubt @comex was being serious. I think he was just being sarcastic.

  • I am sure geohot is getting crazy , we all know he likes the spotlight maybe this is plan for him to comeout of the closet and give us limesn0w…. Merry Christmas .

  • sk@tta
  • Bradibiza

    I predict it was staged performance a red herring for someone to suck in. Serroously twitter! It does show though, that these guys are our soap stars.

  • Irha

    Sebastien, on Sep 8th, you said, “Since it’s a bootrom exploit, it means Apple cannot patch the exploit with a software update. The only way to patch the hole would require a hardware modification.”, weren’t you talking about SHAtter exploit? If so, does it matter if it is leaked?


    • Yeah you’re right. It’s not going to change much for iOS 4.3. It would however change a lot of things once the iPhone 5 comes out.

      • Irha

        So, you mean they weren’t going to use it until iphone 5 came out? I thought the very argument was that they wanted to use it for the last jailbreak, but backed out when geohot was going to release his with a different exploit. I tried to make this same reasoning the last time a similar news was posted by you, but you either didn’t get it or you don’t know the answer and so ignored it.

      • Anonymous

        both shatter and limera1n were rendered now useless with one hardware change. that’s the problem.

  • I guess one of them is bought by Steve Blow Jobs

  • $50 fee for what?

    • Weebsurfer

      Some providers are unlocking phones for $50. It’s not a mandatory thing. (looking back at what I typed it may have come across that way) but it’s still yet another money grab.

      • Burge

        True is money grab but it’s unlocked for good ..and it’s worth more money when you sell it..

  • Loren

    Pics or it didn’t happen!!!
    What are you all worried about a 4.3 JB for when we don’t even have an untethered 4.2 (iPad) JB yet??

  • Ah.

  • Le Français
    • Yeah, it’s not the only site doing this. Eventually Google will just drop these sites from their index, so in the end, it doesn’t really hurt me 🙂

  • Greg

    The drama was all over twitter yesterday. 🙁

  • Le Français

    i’m not talking about the drama.It was about the text that the moderator wrote on the other site.It was a copy/paste of Sebatien’s one. Is there any copy right here:)

  • Vince

    Watch guys geohots
    Will gonna blow this thing again and
    Surprise us!!! Viola

    • Z

      He’s got something up his sleeve, that’s why he is so quiet. =)

  • Rakshit Doshi

    No question about SHAtter being patched in a firmware update anyway. From what i know, it is only patchable by a hardware modification. So iP5 on its way soon?

  • @Sk@Tta Got it.

  • Shadow Creeper

    Just one more on top of a huge stack of reasons why I’m glad I got my evo. 🙂

    Once upon a time the iPhone was the best thing out there. That time has past. Long live the Android!

  • smoke

    Sebastien bootrom level exploits and holes can’t be patched via regular firmware update, because they presents in the chip itself, on hardware level, so jailbreaking device using bootrom exploit is for life, Apple can fix that only by producing new hardware a.k.a. new version of device.

  • Kenneth

    GeoHot is still a star in the icommunity . I hope we see limera1n today….
    My $500 iPhone 4 fw 4.1 bb 2.10.04 is useless, cuz I am with Tmobile
    Merry Christmas to all

  • ticked@apple

    well, I don’t think the real issue is WHO leaked the code but what apple is gonna do with it. even then it doesn’t really make that much of a difference because apple would have eventually gotten the code by reverse engineering the exploit. also, if the apple hardware developers were smart and they knew that the jailbreak community was saving a exploit like that, they would have just changed the chipset and blown that whole plan out of the water. I think people are making this to be a bigger deal than it really is.