Did MuscleNerd spoke too fast when he said last week that we’d get an untethered jailbreak for Christmas? It sure looks like it when reading this tweet Comex sent out a few minutes ago saying that he was going to miss his Christmas deadline..

At this point, I’m not sure whether Comex is working on an untethered solution or a full new jailbreak tool (jailbreakme?) One thing is sure though, we might not get anything from him this Christmas…

This hasn’t been confirmed yet so there is no reason to freak out about it. I know I’d rather wait a few more days and have a fully functional and stable jailbreak rather than having a half-baked tool that ends up screwing things up.

What do you think?

  • I’d love to see it, buy I understand that there’s a lot of work, testing, and politics involved.

    I may, however, give the tethered JB a try though first.

  • Id LOVE it to be jailbreakme. SO much easier, lol

  • EgoHot

    As awesome as jailbreakme is, Apple will close such a hole much faster than they would any other jailbreaking method because it such a hugh security risk. At this point, I’d rather comex and the Dev Team wait to see what Apple announces in January. Just in case 4.3 is real.

  • Dan

    Oh well. It was wishful thinking.

  • iKing

    i think they shouldnt say anything until theyre 100% ready
    just to stop people from harassing them

  • Spooky

    Starting to think that they can’t jailbreak the iphone 4. Sounding a lot like promises we have had with other devices,

  • Will

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !! My Christmas is ruin now ! Hahaha jk . Doesnt matter , better for the dev team to take their time and not to rush so it can be bug free ! = )

  • Kalill

    That is a bad news, but if I am waiting for almost two months I can wait a little longer, I buy my i4 and I can used because it is blocked…

  • Nick

    … hardly a surprise, given all the bit**ing that’s been going on …

  • Asery

    Take your time. We can wait..

  • Comos

    JailbreakMe is the best and the easiest ever …even a 10 y/o kid can JB the idevice…..
    Happy Holidays to Comex and your family ….thank you for your hard work

  • takean

    Maybe I read incorrectly a while back…but I thought they figured out a way to jailbreak the iphone in such a way via a hardware route that no matter what apple throws out it wouldn’t stop the current iphones on the market from being jailbroken…a sort of epic jailbreak for all. Maybe I read that wrong though. I mean, I can wait patiently…just thought they had one already and we were all awaiting its release…errr…or that the last release was “suppossed” to be it, but wasn’t. Maybe its too late here and I don’t know what I’m typing about because I’m too tired…

    • Shrike

      The L1merain exploit is a hardware exploit that is unpatchable. It can be used to to break the chain of trust, which means any firmware can be jailbroken using it, but that doesn’t mean that every firmware is automatically jailbroken and untethered. The kernel for every version is different, so new patches have to be developed for them. It’s just that the hardest part, which is breaking the chain of trust, is done and can never be undone.

  • Haydn

    when is it coming out then? been wating for so long (anyways take your time guys I’ll be waiting for the i4 4.2.1 jailbreak and unlock, so please don’t let me down mes bon amis)

  • AndyS

    Takean – there is a jb for all a4 devices, you can use redsn0w to do an teathered jb for 4.2.1 no problem.

    I preferred it when jbs were harder than jailbreakme, there were less n00bs whinging about deadlines. The dev team do all this for free and where would we be if they stopped?

    • AmirM

      I agree totally now the n00bs think their as smart as the experienced jailbreakers. I’ve been jailbreaking for years and had no problem with untetherd jailbreaks and if they stopped we’ll all be screwed

  • Wether we get one or not, it could be considered a late Christmas gift
    ;P ha. But hey, it’s the holidays and these guys have family and friends, so being patient would be very good interms of showing them respect. (maybe they work On it harder…? Lol) But don’t get me wrong, I sure as hell want a new jb for x-mas! Lolz

  • Almymon

    Just hope…

  • Kalill

    Mine is 02.10.04 4.1 and I jaibrake it, but it is not unlocked yet…

  • dMac

    I can wait…and I love the comments bashing n00bs…as if the commenters were never n00bs themselves 🙂 Quit your b*tching.

  • Ste ve b

    Untethered jb works fine for me i dont turn my phone or ipad off anyway, its no big problem to reboot from the computer if needed, these guys are doing a great job for us(especially as they do it for free!)

  • takean

    when we say…”turn off”. is that the same as reboot? And Respring…because I would like to update…even with the tethered one but if I go out of town I just want to make sure I don’t botch it up. I never turn mine off, but I do respring and reboot sometimes.

  • I haven’t found the need to reboot / respring with the i4 tethered. Runs very smoothly

  • Tethered / untethered what ever it is (-:
    I gotta plug it in to pc if battery dies.

  • BonJ

    all I want to do is change the solid black on my screen(the one with the icons) Is there a way to do this?

  • Mono

    Maybe an idea to change the name of the link in the ‘news you might have missed’ post. We’re still getting one, just not by the deadline.