The Camera+ fiasco has been an interesting one to follow. The popular photography app was a sensation when it was first released in the App Store. Then, it was pulled. Just like that. The app was updated with a backdoor to allow a volume button camera shutter, which apparently Apple didn’t like.

At the time of it being pulled, Camera+ was considered the crème de la crème of photography apps. Most felt as though Apple should have lightened up on Camera+ by not pulling the app for simply adding a cool and innovative feature. The problem was that Camera+ violated Apple’s guidelines on how an app can interface with the iPhone’s controls.

We recently reported that Camera+ had announced that its return to the App Store would be very soon. After many months of silence, Camera+ is back and better than ever…

The team at tap tap tap really knows how to make great software for the iPhone. They obviously took their time over the app’s dead period to listen to all of the feedback they received from customers. In this major, 2.0 update, the app’s design has been completely overhauled.

The first change you’ll notice when you open the app is that the retro SLR screen gimmick is gone. While it was a nice homage to the photography world, it was a UI hindrance for getting to the actual camera.

Touch focus and touch exposure (both really cool features of the app’s prior version) are updated to be more usable. A zoom slider, flash control (iPhone 4 only), stabilizer, timer, and photo burst mode make the camera itself a compelling enough replacement for the default iOS camera app.

Overall, the speed of the app has been greatly improved. Start-up times are much quicker, and animations are snappy and responsive. The “Lightbox” has been updated with menus and more sharing options. The original problems in the sharing options have been fixed and the overall process has been significantly improved.

There are a tons of new effects, borders and scene modes to use on photos. In-app purchasing of more effects has been added, starting with the “I ♥ Analog” pack (which I love). Effects can now be previewed and adjusted with a slider before they are applied to photos, which is a very nice addition.

Camera+ 2.0 is a huge update. There were a total of 53 new additions to the app along with many bug fixes. After playing with it for a little while, I think it’s safe to say that Camera+ is back on its throne of the ultimate, all-in-one photography app. I know that there are still many Instagram fanatics out there, but Camera+ 2.0 takes the cake for me.

Pick up Camera+ 2.0 for a limited, reduced price of $0.99 in the App Store. If you already purchased Camera+ before it was pulled, the update is free.

If you’re interested, tap tap tap has a nice walkthrough of the new features of Camera+ 2.0 on their website.

What do you think of this Camera+ update? It’s my go-to camera app. Is it your favorite photography app for the iPhone?

  • The only camera replacement app that has come close to Camera+ is ProCamera, but this new update puts Camera+ back in the lead for me. The new speed improvements, burst mode, fixed anti-shake mode, and improved effects are great additions.

  • jim

    Nothing to do with this topic but I want to let you know this.
    About a month ago I purchased a back cover for my iPhone 4 and I’ve noticed something very, very good in regards to antenna issue.
    Prior to this I was usually getting readings around 85 in my apartment and now I’m getting as low as 63. Readings have also improved all over the place.
    I’m not a promoter or anything like that but if somebody can test this or has noticed the same thing why not let the others know about it.
    I will not say the name of the product but if the owner of this site wants get with me please feel free to email me.
    Once again, I am not a promoter but my antenna issue seems to be fixed with this cheap cover and it works great now.

    • soccerkrzy

      Thanks for stating the obvious. There’s a reason why Apple was giving away free cases…

      • Was giving away free cases. ;(
        But back to the topic, this app is working great on my Friends iPod touch 4. I bought it for him and other things too for Christmas, nd I took a little test drive. It sure is the best I’ve seen. It’s editing easily compares to Photoshop Express in the AppStore.

    • Burge

      @ Jim
      I’am not going to say a thing ….lol..

  • soccerkrzy

    So did Camera+ lose the volume button image capture?

    • Kiel


  • Irha

    It seems like an enhanced camera with builtin image editing functionality, but what I am interested is to know more about its actual camera functionality, how it is better over the stock camera app of iphone 4. Alex’s description doesn’t do any justice as it felt like it adds nothing to the stck app. I will have to dig up more later and findout what all the hype is about.

    BTW, your mobile version of the blog looks great on iphone.

  • PuffDy

    I prefer ProCamera, it is the real camera replacement because it features a video mode, too!
    And most tools work for video, such as separate focus/exposure aso..
    And by following twitter feeds, you see that HDR will be integrated soon. What does Camera+ do about being a camera replacement? Selling FX via in-app? Sorry, but I’m disappointed by Camera+.. ProCamera will be my standard cam.

    • Irha

      Thanks for suggesting ProCamera and confirming my suspicion on the functionality of Camera+.

    • Navs08

      I agree,ProCamera is better.

  • Heredago

    Camera+ seems more like a (nice) post processing img app.

    Just discovered ProCamera (thx to above poster) and wow, that is a real camera app replacement!

    If only it could use the volume button trick from JB app like FastSnap, it would be wonderful