The iPhone 4’s gyroscope is one of the more underused features of Apple’s flagship iOS device, so it’s nice to see developers like Occipital — creator of the iPhone app 360 Panorama — put the technology to good use.

During the development of 360 Panorama, the crew uncovered the ability to control Mobile Safari using nothing more than the iPhone’s gyroscope. Want to give it a test spin? Check out the link inside…

User of 360 Panorama have the ability to upload their photos to Occipital’s site, and experience 360 Panoramic views of their photos via Safari.

For those of you who aren’t sold, they’ve graciously set up a demo site of sorts to test out the gyroscope-driven panoramic goodness.

I wouldn’t exactly label it as augmented reality, as it’s still a static photo that you’re actually viewing, but it’s quite cool nonetheless.

The only caveat is that you must be on iOS firmware 4.2 or higher in order for Safari to detect the gyroscope.

If the demo proves to be convincing, 360 Panorama can be purchased from the App Store for $0.99 cents.

What do you think, is gyroscope browsing the way of the future?

[Boy Genius Report]

  • Ace

    snaps I just tried the demo site and that thing is SICK!!!!!! Awesome!

  • Godri

    Sry to drift off topic ….
    I noticed in the android phones how the battery is monitored… wat apps have been using how much of the battery … how much the wifi has been using … and how much drain in the idle and so on ….
    is there any app for iphone which does the same … i have been trying to find out but couldnt …. does anybody know any good battery app …please help

    • Z

      BatteryDetective from Cydia and System Manager from AppStore

  • Michael

    Again a little bit off topic…
    Is there actually an app that CREATES 360 panoramas from the iPhone’s camera just by panning around and then saves it as a pic?

    • SoCoMagNuM

      i had one but i cant think of the name of it. i got it from installous but i recently got my iphone 4 swopped out and i lost the app and i deleted all the installous apps from itunes to get a fresh start. got tired of having like 20-30 apps showing up on app store waiting for updates but i couldnt cause i didnt own them. so im going the legit route cause that icon was just tedious to me. i could never click update all. id have to go individually just to bypass the cracked apps.

      this seems like a cool feature though, wonder if other sites have implement this yet

      • Michael

        Check out “MetadataRemovr” on Cydia. Takes away the metadata of all cracked apps, so they don’t show up in AppStore Updates but still in Installous.
        But don’t be a bad boy. I’m not using Installous. I was, though, like you.