Apple just released a new TV ad for the iPhone 4 featuring FaceTime, and Santa Claus himself. As usual, the ad is cute and moving, as it shows a dad wearing a Santa Claus costume and having a FaceTime conversation with his son. Awwwww.

Add a nice and sweet Christmas song to it all and you have Apple’s latest commercial, which you can watch below…

  • caddouch


  • Aza


  • Twited21

    That’s gonna be a powerfull advert to the right people

  • Chris

    You know what…I don’t like this commercial….because of the ending. Why does Mom have to come into the garage?? When kids see this commercial on TV, what are they going to think? This commercial would have been fine without Mom going into the garage at the end. Nice work Apple…you just ruined Santa for kids.

    • Manuel

      Obviously the kids are NOT the target to this commercial, they don’t buy an iPhone 4

  • c0de_red

    Does anyone know who composes this version of “The Christmas song”?