Cydia is a household name in the jailbreak community. Anyone who has jailbroken their iDevice has most likely used Cydia. Some of us may even know that Cydia is the brainchild of Jay “saurik” Freeman, whom most consider the father of the jailbreak.

Cydia is used by millions of people, but how many know why it has such a weird name? I mean, “Cydia?” What in the world does that mean? There has even been dispute as how to say the word “Cydia.” Little do most know, there is an interesting reason for the odd title behind the icon that every jailbreaker recognizes…

Cydia is actually named after a moth. Cydia pomonella is the scientific name for the “coddling moth,” or what we would most likely recognize as the stereotypical apple worm.

The Wikipedia article on the Cydia pomonella is actually quite ironic in light of Apple’s iPhone: “[it] has proved to be a problematic pest on several fruit trees, including apples and pears. The caterpillars burrow into the fruit, rendering it un-sellable. Traditional insecticides are of limited use, as some strains have acquired resistance to several insecticides.”

Cydia has turned out to be quite the worm to Apple’s ecosystem. With the “jailbreak” becoming more prevalent in the mainstream, Cydia has proven its authority.

While Freeman has been open to any corrections from Latin experts, he has said that the correct pronunciation of the name is “sih-DEE-uh.” If anyone says Cydia a different way, you are free to correct them.

So, Cydia is named after a moth. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Swan


  • John

    Nice !! But can anyone tell me why mine has gone blank nothing in packages ect

    • Reytube

      Go to cydia and changes then refresh

    • Cojendo

      I have the same problem for a week now. I’ll try the refresh but I thought I did that.

  • Amoeba

    haha. nice, very nice.

  • Jason masters

    I thought everyone knew this?

    • Grable

      jason masters on idb? fresno? or another jason entirely?

      • Jason masters

        I am the one the only jason masters

  • AppleBits

    I didn’t know this, I admit it. Good to learn, and thanks for posting this.

  • Good stuff Alex.

  • Quite naughty isn’t it??

  • I always wondered what it meant. It makes a lot of sense now. 🙂

  • Alex

    @John: Has the “Reboot / Restart Springboard / Return to Cydia” button gone blank as well?
    If this is the case, try deleting the last app or two which you installed recently…then reboot.

    But before doing that, just do a normal reboot to see if that solves the problem.

    • Cojendo

      I have the same issue and nothing yas helped. I am showing no sources at all, not even the stock ones.

  • MALdito

    Haha, it is ironic! Good article!

    • verysmallspacemonkey

      No it is not ironic. It was neither coincidental nor unexpected. It was a deliberate choice.

  • 2meu

    Really nice article

  • Leo

    Finally lol!! I thought it’s just a random name that came up to freeman’s mind lol

  • Jason masters

    Cydia actually means “man with creepy fingernails”

  • misc

    That’s pretty cool

  • Eric

    ya a while ago i googled it and found this out cuz i too wondered what Cyida meant. A worm that eats apples, haha. Brilliant!

  • griff

    Are u completely sure thats what its named after , like saurik meant it to be after a moth?

  • T-Mizzle

    Entirely genius! Thanks.

  • nitesh

    lol its funny..:D

  • Apple’s pest, pretty ironic huh?