The first thing I thought when I first saw SBSwitcher on Cydia is “Wow, that’s pretty expensive.” Indeed $2.99 is quite the hefty price for a jailbreak tweak that essentially duplicates the functionality that you’ve been enjoying all of this time for free.

SBSwitcher is basically SBSettings placed in your app switcher. Unfortunately, only the toggles apply here, so if you want to invoke any of the other SBSettings functionality, like say, respringing, you’ll have to resort back to your old methods…

With that in mind, there has to be some redeeming factor for SBSwitcher, right? Surely, $2.99 will travel further than that, no?

I know that there will be those of you who feel the price is unjustified, and there will be those of you who will have no problem with the price. Ones who are into aesthetics will likely fall into the latter category.

Aesthetically speaking, SBSwitcher is nice because it mates SBSettings with stock iOS functionality; that is, it makes SBSettings feel more like a native part of the iPhone.

When someone looks over your shoulder, and sees you pull up SBSettings by means of an activator swipe, for instance, they know your iPhone is jailbroken. SBSwitcher makes said functionality a bit more transparent.

There are a few options that are added to the settings app by means of this tweak, which alter the way the app switcher works. Sadly, none of them bring anything particularly important to the table.

Only the most frivolous spender would consider $2.99 a good deal for a tweak that duplicates existing functionality, and doesn’t even do a notable job of doing that.

SBSwitcher looks pretty, especially since it maintains your SBSettings themes for the toggle buttons, but it’s just too expensive for its own good.


  • Burge

    This is someone trying to make cash on something that work very well as itis ..why do we keep seeing this sort of pointless tweak.. ?..

  • av4tar

    my first thoughts would be: pointless to me, SBsettings has been duplicated! but as you say some folks dont like others knowing they have a modded phone! my other thought would be, 4 toggles on the switcher bar compared to 9 on sbsettings giving me more flexibility!
    some folks may like it but to me, this is a dev that is out for some of the jailbreak cash pie 🙁

  • Josh

    I bought it because I was dying to see this implemented. But it would make more sense to choose which toggles you want in the switcher rather than automatically putting the 1st 5 that you have in SBSettings. It is kinda of redundant but is still a great feature. More options need to be added to justify the price tag.

  • Josh

    Well all of them do show up if you scroll left but I really don’t want all of them there. Plus if you are missing images for certain toggles they show up blank rather than using the image for unthemed toggles

  • misc

    What is the name of the SBSettings theme used in the screenshots?

    • Brian


    • DD

      It’s called Bold Retina

  • pn2bade

    So where exactly do these show up? Is it on the first page of the multitasking bar, or is it the first swipe to the left or what?

    • Swipe to the left.

  • six4seven

    This app sux. Get ScrollableDock – you can place SBSetting Toggles right on your scrolling dock!

  • Z

    Hey, how about having an ass in the back and in the front? Yay! Less chance to get constipated!!!

    Milking, milking and milking. Thank you, but no, thank you.

    Pitty you had to spend 3 bux, Jeff =)

  • Selcuk

    Ths isnt too good as mentioned above, but u can use the toggles in cydia now :). The toggles should be organised the right way round as theyre back to front in the toggle order. Scrollingboard is better, but it doesnt have the ability to appear in the dock sadly :/

    • Z

      You can reorder toggles in whatever order you want in SBSettings

  • Taylor Harris

    No need to fret about the price of jailbroken apps and tweaks though… Just add ‘’ to your sources in Cydia and you’ll find almost every commercial app in Cydia for free! This includes MyWi 4, BiteSMS, Barrel, iFile, SBSwitcher, and many, many more!

    • Z

      Good on you, mate!

  • Dinozilla

    The app crash with something else, rendering home button out of function
    I haveto remove it to make home button work again

  • Kev

    If you want this function why not get scrollingboard for $1.49 and add the free sbsettings add on. Does exactly the same but you can add loads of stuff to your dock including more icons and widgets. This tweak is a waste of money.

  • luis

    its pointless for someone who already have tested sbsettings, its a good option for someone new who seek options, didnt we?

    • Z

      And if someone hasn’t tested SBSettings, iDB should write a nice detailed review on what SBSettings does and how it works, how to add toggles and change SBSettings themes for all the new jailbreakers. It is a FREE simplification of many iPhone owners’ use of their phones on day-to-day basis. And to some iPhone owners SBSettings has been the reason and motivation for jailbreaking.

      • It’s funny you mention that Z, Something like that is in the works. Stay tuned.