Apple just released an update to iTunes with version 10.1.1 which apparently fixes some issues with syncing and unexpected crashes. I personally never experienced this issue but I guess it was a problem for some of you.

iTunes 10.1.1 seems to be safe for jailbreakers and unlockers but it might be a wise thing to wait for an official confirmation from a Dev Team member. In the meanwhile, this is the changelog for iTunes 10.1.1…

• Addresses an issue where some music videos may not play on Macs equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 9400 or 9600 graphics.
• Resolves an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly quit when deleting a playlist that has the iTunes Sidebar showing.
• Fixes a problem where iTunes may unexpectedly quit when connecting an iPod to a Mac equipped with a PowerPC processor.
• Addresses an issue where some music videos may not sync to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

We’ll update this post as soon as it is confirmed to be safe for jailbreakers. Check back soon.

  • Z

    Hey bud, you still on 4.1 waiting on pwnage update?

    • I am on my iPhone 4 but I’m on 4.2.1 on my 3GS

      • Francais

        Hi Sebastien,

        Do you have any idea if there will be fix to the GPS that we lost with bb 6.15?


      • I’m sure the Dev Team or jailbreak community will have something soon to fix that.

      • Francais

        Awesome,thank you for your comforting reply. 😉

    • Z

      @Sebastien, dev team has been quiet. Makes me wonder if there’s ever going to be an updated version of pwnage for 4.2
      It’s not really a huge deal, just hope I didn’t miss anything jailbreak related.

  • garry

    i got feeling they will be ready be4 xmas. they purposedly delay it for the xmas. hohoho

  • llcooll

    It is confirmed to be save:

    I don’t experience any problem since I’ve updated.

  • Al

    Hi Sebastien, any confirmation from the Dev Team yet on iTunes 10.1.1? Is it Jailbreak safe?

  • Jeremy

    Hi Sebastian et al, as Al asked, do we have any official confirmation that iTunes 10.1.1 is safe for jailbreakers? Have you updated? Ilcooll seems to intimate that it is “save” ( meaning “safe”?), but the DevTeam blog has been mute on it it seems. Does anyone see any issue updating to OSX 10.6.6 while staying with iTunes 10.1.0 ? Thanks!

    • Jon Garrett

      I don’t know if its just coincidence or not but just one day after updating to itunes 10.1.1 NONE of my devices work (two iphone 4’s and a 2nd gen ipod touch)

      I had ZERO problems until I updated now none of my devices will sync !

  • Jeremy

    ps, sorry for the typo in mis-spelling your name, Sebastien.

  • Redford

    Hi Sebastien,

    Is there any inside info from the Devteam if it’s safe to update itunes to 10.1.1? I’m using a jailbroken iphone 4 (factory unlock) with 4.1 FW, my Itunes is still at, I don’t update ever since. Hope to recieve your reply & thanks in advance=) visiting iDB since 2008=)

  • jessica

    how can i download song or apps. in my iphone 3g if 10.1 is out?