By now, there’s virtually a million and one ways to adjust the brightness levels on your iPhone, so is there really a need for yet another way to address the issue?

While there may be other alternatives, few are as quick and simple to use as Light Bright. The developers claim it’s the easiest way to adjust the brightness on your iPhone, but is purchasing this tweak a bright idea?

Apple seems to have finally realized that brightness controls are something that end users want quick access too, as evident by their inclusion of multitask bar brightness controls in iOS 4.2 for the iPad. Sadly, there just wasn’t enough screen real estate on the iPhone to do something similar…

But there’s no need to be envious of the iPad, there are plenty of jailbreak solutions to accomplish the task at hand, the latest being Light Bright. For what it’s worth, it’s actually easier to control your brightness using Light Bright than with Apple’s methodology.

By holding the Home button and pressing the volume keys, Light Bright allows you to quickly adjust the brightness of your screen to a desired level. It’s a cleverly designed control scheme that makes no claims to precious screen real estate.

My sole complaint with Light Bright is all about the tweak’s documentation, or lack thereof. I can understand that since this is a tweak, there would be no app icons or settings, but there isn’t even a section in Cydia that explains how to use the tweak. I had to figure it out myself by trial and error, which was a tad bit frustrating.

Light Bright is available now for jailbroken iPhones, and will set you back $.99 cents. Have you tried Light Bright? How do you go about managing your iPhone brightness settings?

  • i DO believe SB settings does this? thats what i use, lol…

    • soccerkrzy

      Yea, you have the brightness toggle in SBSettings; as said in the blog entry, this is another method…

      One that doesn’t require you to have to open SBSettings, then click the brightness toggle, then change the slider.

  • Ken

    Ya… I installed it and couldn’t figure out how to use it.. Was a little upset, I went back to cydia and looked could not find how to use still.. Well thanks for the post : ) looks like I can now reinstall and use..

  • MALdito

    Oh come on, “a bright idea”, Really Jeff?

    • MALdito


      • You didn’t like that? Hah, I thought it was quite clever ;).

      • MALdito

        Yeah, it was corny, but clever, 🙂 LOL!

      • MALdito

        Good app review btw!

  • appletiser

    Lol at this being “the easiest way to change brightness” have they not heard of SBS? Swipe, tap, job done and no documentation required 🙂

    • This is much quicker than SBS though. As soccerkrzy said, there’s a few more steps to it with SBS. Sure, you can call that lazy, but I guess you could call SBS lazy as well when you boil it down.

  • Pnut

    Anyone know of a quick way to turn on/off auto-brightness

  • Yonk

    Music controls pro works great

  • Z

    @Jeff Exactly the reason I did not get it cause of was the lack of any description/tutorial/documentation whatsoever. Thanks for the review. Just another tweak trying to milk it.

  • Marcoarrossi

    I gpt it the day ot came out and i love it becaise you can use it anywhear even if there isnt a status bar.(for sb settings)

    • Z

      What’s up with your autocorrection?

  • Piper

    BackLiter is also good for adjusting the brightness. Ok, you can just set two different types of brightness, but for me that’s fine. Just tap the app icon, and a second later (no other step required!) you have the other brightness. I use this f.e. when I need a long SSH connection to my iPhone, for saving battery.

  • hgdfggngdfbfdb

    This is way better than SBSettings because SBSettings does not work while you are on Cydia

  • Dave

    Such an easy app to use.
    Makes life so much simpler, I’m just sad this didn’t come out sooner!