It’s no secret that we here at iDB love Angry Birds. One of the most universally recognized games in the App Store, Angry Birds has made quite the name for itself with press and merchandise. You can already get your very own Angry Birds plush toy, and now you can have an Angry Birds iPhone case.

About a month ago, we reported on the rumor that Angry Birds iPhone cases were only in development for a UK carrier. This does not seem to be the case, as official Angry Birds cases have been made available for purchase by Gear4 in partnership with the makers of Angry Birds

There are three different cases available for the iPhone 4; a red one with the classic bird, a yellow one with the specialized yellow bird, and a green one with a king pig on it.

You can now order your own Angry Birds case online right now at the Gear4 website for $24.95 each. There have been reports that these cases have started surfacing at Apple Stores all around the world, so you may be able to just walk into your local Apple Store and pick one of these cases up.

I personally think these cases look a little childish. I’m also skeptical of their build quality and if they actually make good cases for the iPhone 4.

Do these cases interest you? Will you be buying one? If you get to try one out, let us know what you think.

[via SlashGear]

  • zee

    why people make big deal about angry birds? i had enough with that stupid game!!

  • Tap2hck

    For the same reason I’m posting this at 1AM @zee

  • 0.971263

    What is the case made of

  • Lynn

    They should make the angry bird cases for iphone 3GS because everyone has it

  • Adrian

    You can get them for the iPad & iPhone 4 but not the 3g/3gs – checkout

    They are made from quality plastic material. Not bad for £10 including free postage.