If you happen to know, give Apple a call, because they’re looking as well; that is according to a recent posting on the Cupertino based company’s hiring website.

The Cellular Systems Performance Engineer position in particular mentions that the candidate be familiar with various forms of CDMA tech, among other preferences.

Hmm, now if we could just figure out why in the world Apple would need a CDMA engineer. Anyone know? We’re drawing a blank here.


  • Burge

    That need to ask at VERIZON…iam sure that thay know afew…

  • wayner8088

    So Apple is still struggling trying to figure out how to incorporate a CDMA antenna in their iPhones in order to get onto Verizon’s networks? If they solve that, that means the iPhone will be able to use AWS signals, like Wind and Mobilicity in Canada?

  • willy

    hm putting a verizon picture and then sayying apple is looking for cdma engineer….. what about cricket