Many of you like to see new packages in Cydia as soon as they’re available. If you’re put off by the time it takes Cydia to load, then here’s an alternative method to view changes, updates, and newly posted apps.

To do this, you will need an RSS reader app, or at the very least a Google Reader account. I recommend using the free version of MobileRSS, but any will do. Once you have a way to view RSS feeds on your iPhone, add the feed listed below.

For quite some time, ModMyI has been publishing Cydia crawling RSS feeds with the latest packages available in the Cydia Store. They have feeds for every category and they catalog every app available.

I created a workflow in Yahoo! Pipes that grabs all new items in Cydia while filtering out Themes, Fonts, and Ringtones.

Note that when you subscribe, you will only view packages that have been published after you add the feed to your reader.

RSS – Get as RSS

JSON – Get as JSON

  • Nice. Thanks for the yahoo pipes, added to Google Reader.

  • Jason masters

    I may sound like a total noob but WTF is a yahoo pipe?

    • Nick

      Yahoo Pipes let’s you input a RSS feed aggregator. You can combine feeds, filter, and apply advanced rules or formatting.

      • Jason masters

        Well that’s an easy explanation thanks!!! (sarcastically smiling)

      • Polemicist

        Actually Nicks response is quite good. If you aren’t sure what he is saying then google it.

    • Yahoo pipes is a web-app similar to Automator for the Mac. You can drag and drop modules, similar to Automator actions, into a work space and link the output from each one through filters, rules, and formatting areas, and even put in custom bits of code to change RSS feeds into exactly what you want them to look like. You can add multiple feeds, add specific things into the feed, strip out unwanted links or images, parse a site that doesn’t have a feed into a useable RSS subscription, and an infinite amount of additional possibilities.

      For example, a comic book lover may subscribe to a feed of new material from a website and notice that the actual comic is not in the feed. So with the help of Yahoo pipes, he could have the pipe look at the feed, take the newest items from only certain headlines, i.e. New Comic, follow the link in the feed, find the html code of where the image is on the site, add it back into the feed, and then subscribe to the pipe instead. Now his comics appear directly in the RSS feed.

      I have used it to grab items in my Google Reader starred feed, filter out the items that have a download link, and subscribe to that feed with a download manager that supports RSS.

      I have used it to change youtube links from* to* so youtube videos launch with youtube mobile in safari instead of the youtube app (since the youtube app rarely gets updated and the web app has a much better search interface).

      I have also been working on a pipe that searches (with user input) the ModMyi feeds for the app name one would put in, follows the link to the site, grab the package identifier string (com.saurik.veency), appends the string “cydia://packages/” to the identifier, and outputs it with HTML formatting to make it a clickable link that launches Cydia to the exact page of the app. Ultimately, I could append the link to each article in the ModMyi new items feed. So far, the accuracy is terrible due to the large amount of themes and addons that include the same name as the app while appearing in multiple categories. If any of you want to work on it, let me know, for you can make a copy of public pipes to your own account so that you may rework it, customize it to your own needs, or add private information (twitter logins, google reader credentials, freemyfeed urls, etc).

  • Freebo

    A bong?

  • Steve

    Nice one Nick. I’d been looking for something like this. Thanks for the info.

  • verysmallspacemonkey

    Yeah that’s all swell and groovy. Thanks. But I’ll let the one or two bloggers I trust filter the guff instead (note: you are only just on this list).

    • Burge

      FSMDOTCOM …I see ….

  • atavision

    does a Yahoo pipe involve a skateboard?

  • Luke

    Wicth site do I download cydia from plz help

    • Will

      Good one …

  • Zabuza

    I guess I don’t get the humor of this group. There are either a crapton of morons on this site, or everyone has a weird sense of humor.

    • Z

      Crap ton of more ons =)

  • Vik071

    Or maybe you were looking for and ended here by mistake?

  • Vik071

    Now, on topic: you can also follow @CydiaRepos on Twitter to get all updates and links to detailed pages.

  • Cojendo

    What if my Cydia stopped working? I open it and no changes or any content for that mater. I van see the Cydia home page and click through but it says nothing is there when I click on a package. Anyone ever heard of this?

  • Polemicist

    Nice one Nick… I forgot about that RSS feed.