First there was Frash, then there was the much hyped SkyFire browser. It’s obvious that there are plenty of folks out there that still want Flash capabilities on the iPhone.

Though much of the need has been quelled with the mass adoption of HTML 5 video tags, there are apparently still a few sites that haven’t made the switch. Obviously this presents an issue for us iPhone users.

As a remedy, we’ve had jailbreak solutions and we’ve had official App Store app solutions. Now, we can officially say that we have a Safari bookmarklet solution — iOSFlashVideo.

iOSFlashVideo has a full walkthrough on their site that shows how to use the bookmarklet, but I must say that I was unable to find a site that I couldn’t already use on my iPhone to begin with. The sites they list in their walkthrough are already compatible with the iPhone out of the box.

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Open this page on your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad or iPod)
  • 2. Hit the + button, select Add Bookmark and tap the Save button
  • 3. Open your bookmarks by tapping the bookmark icon and press Edit
  • 4. Choose iOSFlashVideo
  • 5. Delete everything before “javascript:” and hit Done
  • 6. Close bookmarks and you are ready

It is important to consider that you have to do all of the steps described above only once. After that you can enjoy your videos by tapping to bookmark of iOSFlashVideo.

Are there any sites that you use that aren’t HTML 5 compatible? If so, have you tried this bookmarklet? Let us know.

  • Eric

    You also have to download Oplayer from the app store according to the site. Think you missed a pretty big step there. Sheesh.

    • Downloading Oplayer is only helpful if you want to watch videos from

  • Lauk

    How do you modify the bookmark in OPlayer ?

  • manuel

    I tried a few porn sites and this doesn’t work for me. I’ve also tried other sites and it doesn’t work. I did follow everything to the T.

    • Smoke

      Haha, dis nigga…

    • Z

      @Manuel try

    • Jo

      Try !

  • cougar11

    i think every1 wants flash for porn…nothing new…

  • manuel

    @ smoke

    Sorry, I’d rather be honest than BS and say it’s just to watch CNN

    @ cougar

    I got a few in case you want, but I rather have the actually sites.

  • cougar11

    yes sure…

  • 2meu

    I tried with but it doesn’t work. Any way to watch videos on the iPhone?

  • LiFE HACker

    is there any sites i can tryout if this works??

  • efix

    cant figure out if this works. I have frash. do I have to uninstall frash to really know if this works or do they conflict with each other?

  • Cellsplitter

    I tried this on and and it.. WORKS. You get a message in the videobox that links you to a place you can download it directly 🙂

  • Ken

    Waste of my time… Please don’t waste your time with this garbage it doest work.

    • 2meu

      Thanks @Ken.

  • adent1066

    According to FSM, only the following sites are supported:

    * Break
    * Dailymotion
    * Flickr Video
    * MegaVideo (OPlayer or OPlayer Lite required)
    * Vimeo

  • It’s great…I like it.

  • Blazeni

    lol @Smoke

  • Heyo

    Skyfire is still the best for watching those colbert report episodes u missed and watching live tv on channelsurfing I love Skyfire It’s enough for me

  • Marty

    Vimeo – videos load even without the link(and even when you switch to normal full version of site…
    Megavideo – when you go to that site there’s some spam garbage
    the other – didn’t try
    But I think this is a waste of time.

  • GorgonPhone

    im sorry to have to say this but this sucks just as bad as every other attempt to put flash on the iphone..

  • I Have installed flash and frash and flash toggle and sky fire and nothing works please help me