Alternative energy is all the rage these days. Whether it’s solar power, water power, or wind power, if it’s not plugged into the grid, it’s a-ok.

The iPhone has already had its fair share of solar powered charging adapters, and even a few hand driven crank adapters thrown in for good measure; but a wind adapter? Thanks to inventor Tjeerd Veenhoven, the iPhone can lay claim to that as well…

The appropriately named iFan is the result of modifying a PC computer fan, and mating it with a soft rubber skin that fits snugly around your iPhone. That way, when the wind blows, your iPhone goes. Genius.

In its current state, it would take around 6 hours to fully charge your iPhone, but Tjeerd admits that this can be improved with a few enhancements to the fan’s design.

Despite this shortcoming, it’s a pretty, ahem, cool way to charge your phone, don’t you think?

  • Shrike1978

    It’s clever as hell, I’ll give it that. I don’t see it being very practical, but it’s certainly clever.

  • Jason masters

    You’ll look a real retard walking around with that stupid contraption lol!!

  • Sascha

    It’s probably most interesting in combination with a mount for a bicycle handle bar 😀

  • I think it looks kinda cool… It would be great if you were on an abandoned island somewhere with no power. But then again, you probably couldn’t get a decent signal anyway, especially if it was AT&T.

  • Alastion

    It… looks… so… AWESOME

  • Burge

    I seen this a couple of days ago… Lmao..
    Best way to use it is out of a car window , best hold on thight thou..

    • Z

      Lol I wonder who would choose that option over a car charger lol

      • Burge

        Some idiot

  • i love it. haha

  • jok3r

    I wouldn’t want to put my face near that while the phone is ringing.

    Why don’t they create a solar panel device rather then a wind turbine. The iPhone is a Slab afterall

    • Burge

      Go have a look on eBay there on there

  • Nil

    That would work great on my motorcycle! (It’d look stupid but, yeah, would work great.)

  • hhrahman


    I need to get a suggestion to this guy..

    1. if that fan can be detached and placed at a windy place i.e. on my cars exterior (on the roof, outside the driver window, or even out my window at my bedroom)
    2. Built in another source like a solar cells on the back of the Iphone case also detachable and wired.

    I think with those two sources In my easy access I would never need to wall mount my phone ever again.

  • atavision

    Here’s to the inventors of the world, keep ’em coming, I’d like to see a version of this idea that can also give you a shave, possible?