The iPhone is a wonderful device that has made all of our lives more productive, but could it also lead to undue stress? With the constant barrage of app icons, push notifications, and warning messages, I sure think so.

Take a look inside for our 5 secrets to iPhone bliss and contentment, and see if you agree…

Step 1: Turn off the battery percentage indicator

Stop stressing over the fact that you only have 30% left on your charge, and keep a few spare chargers in convenient places to stop your “power stressing.” If it dies, it dies. So be it, that’s what voicemail is for.

Step 2: Eliminate redundant apps

How many times have you looked at your iPhone and debated on what app you should use to accomplish a certain task? That should never be an issue. If you keep redundant apps to a minimum, you can focus on getting your tasks done, and not so much on how to do them.

Step 3: Keep your Home screens to a minimum

If you have to swipe more than three times to get to an app you need, something’s wrong. The fewer Home screens you have, the better.

I recommend populating the first screen with all of your daily essentials, like Clock, App Store, Calendar, Pandora, Netflix, Settings, etc., and relegate everything else to the second page in appropriately named folders. In situations such as these, tweaks like FolderEnhancer make a big difference.

Step 4: Stop with the cluttering tweaks and distracting wallpaper

Honestly, do you really need 6 icons in your dock? Tweaks like these clutter the interface, and ironically make finding what you need all the more difficult. There was a time when I was pretty high on putting as many app icons on screen at once, but I’ve learned that doing so can be counterproductive. Now I’m back to the stock amount.

Besides, why not let us be the guinea pigs? We make it our goal to test out every tweak and app released on the Cydia store. That way, we can let you know if it’s worth your time, or not.

Wallpapers can be a big distraction as well, just use your discretion in this regard. If it sends your eyes in a frenzy, it’s probably not doing your stress level any favors.

Step 5: Remove unnecessary push and badge notifications

Apple’s intrusive way of handling push notifications is a surefire recipe for iPhone related stress, so why not put the muzzle on some of the more unneeded ones in the bunch? Receiving fifty notifications a day from CNN “breaking news” is enough to spin anyone into a frenzy.

The badge notifications are also a constant reminder that you have to do something, even if it’s something that really has no relevancy in your life. Disable them, or at least hide those annoying badges with a jailbreak tweak or two.

How do you feel about iPhone related stress, is it the real deal, or is it just a figment of my runaway imagination? Do you have any tips to add to the list? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Erik

    Very cool article. I think about this kind of thing on and off. I recently turned off battery percentage as well. Although I do wish there was an sbsettings toggle for battery % so I could turn it on while charging, then back off it goes when I unhook it.

    Another thing I hid was sbsettings free memory from the status bar. I was getting too worried about how much memory I had left. So I hid it again. If I really need to see it I can swipe sbsettings and check there.

    I had the same issue probably last year with too many twitter notifications coming from breaking news sources. I began to feel overwhelmed. So I turned those off. Felt better right away.

    Since having my iphone4, I have opted to leave my home screen layouts alone. I’ve been enjoying a less cluttered layout. Yet I still get around the apps just fine.

    Redundant apps is an ongoing struggle I have. Probably once a month, I go through and try and delete apps I could do without, or those that are redundant. But I always keep getting myself into the same trouble of having too many similar apps. I guess its fun for me to compare how different apps do things different ways.

  • lu

    WOW! Who stresses over things there phone does?It make sense but i think common sense will let you know everything you need and dont need right ,but if your phone is you life this is a must for you .

  • Jailbreakme

  • I jailbroke to remove stress: Using Poof & infinifolders cleans up your homescreen ( i have just one left) + triggering often used apps via activator prevents having to search for them for hours. Lockinfo also reduces the Time you are looking for missed calls etcetera

  • Colin

    Best way to reduce phone related stress? Disable your work email account on your day off!

    Just go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > YOUR WORK ACCOUNT and turn off mail.

    The work email will disappear like magic and when you reenable it the next day it all comes back equally like magic.

  • TotallyBrit

    I must admit, the battery doesn’t worry me much, but badge indicators :@ I HAVE to see to it!

  • Z

    Step 1. Turn off the battery. Who cares if you are on unteathered jailbreak. It dies it dies =)

    I guess I don’t have stress caused by my phone. One page theme, organized folders, no problems with badges – no stress!

  • I know it’s off but where is that wallpaper from on that cracked iPhone 4? 🙂