Most apps in iOS support both portrait and landscape mode. The iPad even supports portrait and landscape on the home screen. Apple has limited the iPhone’s home screen to portrait mode only, but there is now a jailbreak tweak for adding landscape rotation to your iPhone’s home screen.

SBRotator changes your home screen to match your iPhone’s orientation, just like most apps will already do in iOS. If you have been dying to have this capability since you saw the iPad’s rotated home screen, you should be very happy with SBRotator…

SBRotator gives you excellent control over how you want landscape mode to work on your home screen. When you install the app you get a settings tab of customizations for SBRotator. Getting the right landscape mode look can be a little tricky, so it’s nice to have options.

In the settings pane for SBRotator, you of course have a switch for turning the tweak on and off. SBRotator works with Activator for all kinds of different activation methods.

You can even turn off portrait mode if landscape is all you want. If you want a full landscape experience, I would also install LSRotator to rotate your lock screen.

SBSettings even works well with SBRotator. You can use SBSettings the exact way you would in portrait mode.

An orientation change of your home screen requires an icon layout change as well. I use the iPad-style layout of 4×4 to 3×6 with 16 icons max. I also chose to hide the icon labels and I left the wallpaper mode to zoom rather than stretch. Things will look bad when you first use SBRotator because your icons need to be scaled down in landscape mode. I scaled my icons down to 85%. There’s plenty of size options to play around with.

SBRotator is a great tweak that works smoothly. I haven’t noticed any bugs or weird side-effects of the icon tweaking. Pick it up for $1.99 in the Cydia store. Make sure to install “SBRotator for 4.x” if you’re on iOS 4 and “SBRotator” if you’re on 3.x firmware.

What do you think? Have you been wanting landscape mode on your home screen?

  • ElectA

    Scaling doesnt work on ios4 iPhone 4.

    • Maybe because you have Iconoclasm or something like that.
      Icon scaling works perfect on my iPhone 4 iOS 4.0

      • AppleBits

        Works fine for me, also. (iP4 4.1) Removed Iconoclasm tho.

  • Great article and screen shots for this app. I can appreciate the functionality and the programming hours that went into this app.

  • Burge

    Looks good works great, but why I just don’t see the point…

    • mplsboywonder

      Some people use their phones primarily in landscape mode while driving. When using Navigon, or Tom-Tom now you can just keep the phone in landscape the whole time. Many people use their phones primarily in landscape sitting at their desks in a card holder, etc.

      I have seen many people all over that can benefit from this.

      • Burge

        Yes but that’s a sat nav, you dont need to work the phone.. It’s running a sat nav…

  • Ken

    Is scaling doesn’t work on ios 4 ip4 this would be a problem wouldn’t it?

    • Burge

      Have you tried to set the scale ? It’s in the settings

      • Ken

        It works u have to make sure you get the 4 x option in cydia, there’s two choices : ) switching to ” no labels” only removes labels in landscape also. I found 75% to look the best. Awesome tweak!!!!!

      • Ken

        To all : (

        If u have ifinadock installed, this removes the program I reinstalled and now removed sbrotator. You can not have both. Kinda blows I like ifinadock

      • Burge

        Turn on IPad scaling that sorts it all out

      • AppleBits

        iPad scaling is awesome. I went with 80% 3×5 for landscape…. very nice. Also have Graviboard, works fine. And parallax, works fine. And Barrel, works fine. So far so good.

    • mplsboywonder


      Infinidock was great, but scrolling board is even better, and it works with SBRotator4!!!

      • Ken

        Gotta live these forums : p

      • AppleBits


  • Ken

    Awesome, I know I’ve seen the post on Scrolling board but I don’t use much of folders; no need to scroll em and I had infinadock so I never considered at the time.

  • Tom

    I’m guessing this wont work with video wallpaper.

    • Z


    • AppleBits

      Haven’t tried that, but does work nicely with Parallax, the panoramic wallpaper that scrolls with you.
      Very cool. Also a great site with a few “dual monitor” and “widescreen” gorgeous pics are at

  • Batman

    It doesn’t seem to work with Bosspaper. Any comments?

  • iZomBie3D

    It drains my battery.

  • cydia4.2.1

  • everything works great but my dock gets cut off on the right side about 40% is cut off and missing. i played with all the settings and rebooted the phone nothing is helping.

  • Old. its been around for a while

  • Batman

    I can’t get the background to rotate when using Bosspaper with SBrotator… any ideas?

  • John

    Great app, everyone who see’s it really digs it!

  • DumboLand

    Background and icons don’t rotate when Bosspaper is enabled…

  • Eric Carr

    This coder is a joke and this app is so ludicrously bug infested that it’s not even funny. Stay away from this

  • Ivan

    Does not work on my ipod touch 2g 4.1 …

  • just alex

    wtf???? this stupid ass aplication fucked up my iphone !!!! it can’t start ! the iphone keeps restarting ! i can’t acces my damn menu !!!!!!!!!!!!!! what should i do? i’ve got an iphone 3gs ios 4.0.1

  • Even though he says 4.x has support for Iconoclasm, it does not. I’m running an iPhone 4 4.1 and this definitely doesn’t work. Rotates the status bar and messes up the icons, but they don’t face the correct orientation.

    Nonetheless, it’s useless to most if it won’t be compatible with anything. I’d love to be able to utilize this but I guess I’ll just have to wait.

    And I like my Infinidock better than ScrollingBoard 🙂

  • …..

    What SBsettings theme are you using in the second screenshot?

  • Russia

    Serious SBSettings Theme

  • arceex

    i installed it on my ipod touch 4th gen on ios 4.1 but it does not work. i mean nothing happens. respringing and rebooting wont help. and it will not unintall.

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  • Greg

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  • B

    my background wallpaper always disappears when I rotate into landscape mode. There is only a black screen. I have version 1.71. Appreciate any help.

  • Ners2b

    HELP!!! Rotator icon locked on d top right nxt to d battery, so I cannot use landscape at all (landscape mode was working few weeks ago)!!! Tried to look for d tweak in cydia (to uninstall) but no where to be found! How can I get rid if d rotator icon or how can I use my phone to landscape mode again????

  • when is one coming out for ios5

  • Stephen Skaar

    i downloaded this and my phone won’t respring. I have tried rebooting it many times and nothing has worked. Any Ideas?????? Please help

  • David MacArthur

    If I have more than 4 icons in the dock, it messes them up, putting one on top of another. And the 4 icons are left-aligned, which is unattractive. Any suggestions?

  • No, Scrolling Board is not working with SBRotator5, Infidock working with it..

    • JomanJi

      Yes, scrolling board works with sbrotator

  • JomanJi

    When will sbrotator be available for ios 6?

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