Cydia was recently updated to support Apple’s updated API’s in iOS 4.2. This particular Cydia update was quite the major overhaul, and there is no option available (yet) within Cydia to update to the newest version automatically.

Besides iOS 4.2 support, there are several long-awaited improvements in this version of Cydia.

The most noticeable improvement in this update is a huge performance boost throughout the whole application. Everything is faster. Once Cydia does the initial restructuring and downloading after you first install the update, you should notice an immediate boost in speed as you navigate the app. That means less of the dreaded loading wheel and more of actually accomplishing what you want to do…

Owners of 3GS and below iPhone models should notice an even more drastic increase in performance and speed. The older your device is, the more painfully slow Cydia can be. This update should be a nice breath of fresh air.

Besides overall speed, there have been a couple slight interface changes as well in this update. An improvement has been made to the way the app handles queuing files. There is a “Continue Queuing” option now available below the list of changes to be made to a file. Previously, users would have had to select the “Cancel/Queue” button then select the “Continue Queuing” option. While not that big of a deal, it stills helps speed up what was the commonly slow performance of Cydia.

The “Changes’ section of the app has also received some attention. Prior to this update, a package would only surface in the Changes section when there was an update available. Now all packages remain in the Changes list, so you can see all of the updates that you’ve installed along the last time you updated a package. The red and green badges actually work again, too. (Since iOS 4, badges in the Changes section had not been working.)

The new Cydia is version 1.0.3366-1. (The last version was 1.0.3222-73.)

There are several options for manually installing this Cydia update. I will walk you through two of them so that you have options.

Again, I can not stress enough the fact that you need to make sure you are backed up before you try something like a manual install. You just never know what could happen.

The Quick and Easy Way

What you’ll need: Safari Download Manager and iFile from Cydia

Step 1: Download the new Cydia package from here on your iPhone using Safari Download Manager

Step 2: Once the file has downloaded, navigate to var/mobile/Media/Downloads in iFile

Step 3: Tap cydia_1.0.3366-…phoneos-arm.deb, then “Installer” (The .deb should install rather quickly.)

Step 4: When the install is done, close iFile and do a full reboot of your iPhone.

That’s it! Enjoy the new Cydia.

The Slightly Less Easy Way

What you’ll need: Some type of way to FTP into you iPhone (I recommend iPhone Explorer) and the updated Cydia .deb file

Step 1: Open up your iPhone’s filesystem on your desktop

Step 2: Navigate to the folder /private/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall (If you don’t have the Cydia or AutoInstall folders, you just need to create them. They are case sensitive.)

Step 3: Drag and drop the cydia_1.0.3366-1_iphoneos-arm.deb file that you downloaded into the AutoInstall folder

Step 4: Do a full reboot of your iPhone

That’s all there is to it. You should now have the updated Cydia.

There you have it, two easy ways to manually update to the newest version of Cydia.

You can double check to see if you are running the newer version of Cydia by scrolling to the bottom of the app’s home page and looking at the Cydia version number right above your iPhone’s UDID. If it still shows the old version number, you didn’t install the update right.

If You Made a Mess

There have been reports that this newer version isn’t working on 3.x firmware. It appears that saurik hasn’t ported the new Cydia to work with 3.x FW yet. However, some people have said that it works just fine, so perhaps people haven’t been installing it correctly.

If you tried installing the update on 3.x FW and it didn’t work, or if something went wrong for a different reason, download the old Cydia .deb file. (1.0.3222-73) Simply read the instructions above to put this file back in the AutoInstall folder to install. Make sure to delete the new .deb file if you need to reverse back.

Thanks go to saurik and chpwn, as well countless other contributors, for this Cydia update. Hopefully you were able to install it easily enough.

If you’ve had any problems either installing or using the new Cydia, let us know in the comments. What do you think about the changes made? Have you noticed a performance boost?

  • Derick

    please help — the update worked fine, but now when I go to install a cydia program, it wants to remove the cydia installer and essentials. How do I prevent it from doing this. Thanks for the help

    • Ilove

      I’m having this same prob I’m on 313 at first It said I needed 4.0 but I got it on now everytime I try to download something it also wants to delete cydia installer and essentials anybody got da solution to this prob????

    • Ilove

      I’m having this same prob I’m on 313 at first It said I needed 4.0 but I got it on now everytime I try to download something it also wants to delete cydia installer and essentials anybody got da solution to this prob?

  • Sukh

    I have cell (not iphone) with t-moble sim. I bought iphone 3gs, if i turn on iphone it asking me to put sim in. i try with t-mo sim does not work because it is locked for at&t. Also i dont know what ver OS , and baseband . Someone help me to I start from where. I dont have 2nd sim. win 7, itune 10.1.

    • Sascha

      This is no support-forum for general iPhone-problems. This is a list of comments on a specific articel concerning cydia.

      Ask somewhere else if you expect serious help.

    • ytgh

      Go to Settings>>General>>About It should say version. That is your firmware. Another thing will say Modem Firmware. That is your baseband. You will have to unlock your phone, just google how to do it on your baseband and firmware:)

  • Tyler

    It says that it cant download, and i have 4.2.1

  • Grande

    Finally! After many try through whole internet, this guide here “The Slightly Less Easy Way” has perfectly worked!
    Thanks buddy!

  • wayne

    i have downloaded cydia and now my phone just constantly shows the apple with black screen i can no longer get passed this screen what do i do?

    • ytgh

      You will have to go into Recovery Mode by turning it off, and then holding the home and power buttons simultaneuosly until it show the Connect to iTunes thing.

  • gary

    I unlocked my iphone 3gs and working well but again friend of mine installed cydia and he remove ultrasn0w by mistake and it shows “no service” nd “no sim”. can somebody help me ?

    • ytgh

      Go to cydia and download ultrasnow

  • it works and the new cydia is so FAST!!!

  • JayJay

    Does any of it cost?

    • aasif

      No it doesnt 😉

  • veda

    installed new version of cydia..but, not sure abt the boost on performance..

  • Drew Harris

    it keeps crashing on me and i’m on iOS 4.1 on an ipod touch 4th generation

  • OrangeSn0w

    Can I just point out that you don’t need safari download manager for the first one. If you click the link, ifile is set up so you can just press open in iFile.

  • Ekolimits

    This worked but… it was weird…
    i did the second method but after the reboot my phone crashed and sent me to safe mode.
    it was there that i ssh my phone and removed the Cydia/AutoInstall/and the package directory tree from Media. I exited safe mode and my phone resprung.And Cydia was Installed!!! its fast! no iFile necessary!!!

  • ytgh

    The newest Cydia(1.0.3366.7 is in this link:

  • rkrajendra
    • where can i download redsnow,to tethering my iphone4?

  • Chris

    I just jail broke my iPod (3rd gen iOS 4.2.1) with green pois0n (rc 6.1) and downloaded Cydia but Cydia isn’t working right can’t instal any sources or packages I’ve try rebooting doesnt work please help!!!!!!

  • sailesh

    i install cydia using green poison on my iphone 3gs with 4.2.1 everything is ok. BUT when i inserted T-Mobile Sim it says no network. m i missing some steps. any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Jay

    Looking to jailbreak my iPhone cuz Cydia is not working rite wat can I do

  • Jay

    Looking to rejailbreak my iPhone cuz Cydia is not working rite wat can I do

  • xtian

    where can i download a redsnow for tethering my (jailbroken) iphone4… can anyone help me…

    • Drew

      You do know that there is a new untethered redsn0w right? It’s at 0.9.6 rc12 so have fun

  • xtian

    can anyone tell me where to dl a redsnow to tether my iphone4?pls

  • xtian

    can anyone tell me where to dl a redsnow to tether my iphone4?

  • michael

    but when i go to my iphone safari it write safari cannot download this file-what should i do???????please tell me

  • michael

    how can i download blackra1n on ios 4.3.3????please helpme

  • megamiky23

    wao tipo mil graxias me funciono a la perfeccion

  • didier

    It worked perfectly on my 3G – V. 4.2.1 – Firmware 06.15.00

    Thanks a lot !

  • Ok

  • dany

    why i cant install the new cydia