I’m so sick of white iPhone 4 rumors, yet here I am writing about one. Apparently, another white iPhone 4 has been spotted in public. This time, the mythical device was allegedly spotted at bar (how ironic).

There have been dozens of proposed reasons for the infamous white iPhone 4 delay. The most popular rumor has been that there is an issue with the white paint coating from the production line.

Whatever the reason, the official release has been delayed several times. It was “available” for a short time on the Apple Store before it was pulled. The device has been allegedly caught on tape, and legitimately spotted in public

MacStories now as their own Gizmodo bar story to share with the world. They have some alleged, close-up spy shots of the mythical white unicorn.

Cody Fink, from MacStories, talks about this scoop,

“Spotting a white iPhone 4 is like trying to find Big Foot, and ironically we happened to come across this one at a bar. While my source and I are in cahoots in publicly finding these mythical devices, we are in disagreement about one thing: whether or not the iPhone we saw was produced by Apple or was built as kit.

There are some discrepancies over the proximity sensor, and we do note that taking flash pictures produced some odd washed-out results compared to its black brethren (which unfortunately, we couldn’t grab off the device).”

Hopefully, this white iPhone is legitimate. MacStories was a little vague with the details about how they got these photos.

And maybe this means that Apple is closer to finally releasing the iPhone 4’s white counterpart. I sure hope so, cause I’m sick of talking about it.

What do you think? Does this story sound legitimate?

  • Could be converted, could be real. I guess we’ll never know…

    • The dude

      Notice on the back there’s no info on how many gigs it is seems like a custom mod to me

  • stevo

    they could have just got the white covers and installed it or that site that does all the customs for phones to game system and mp3 players

  • Nik

    guys, is that really so important?
    i mean, i love my iphone, i would buy it again even if brown was the only color available!
    just saying…

    • Ja808hi

      I agree. Does it really matter? Once u put a cover on it the only thing white is the top and bottom. Come on get over it

  • alex

    not ironic… people need to know what irony means…

    • Cris

      I agree

      • Greg

        I agree too.

  • SpideyRules

    Until I see a white iPhone in Steve Jobs’ hand, I won’t believe it…

  • Burge

    I don’t care any more ! I waited and waited for this to come out.. Now it’s going to be the. I5 /i4gs for me… And I do not care for the colour any more

  • There are some good but expensive conversion kits on the market apparently sourced from the original manufacturers so it’s of no great surprise for there to be “white” iPhone 4’s on the streets, or in a bar or two.

  • Eric

    @ alex

       /aɪˈrɒnɪk/ Show Spelled[ahy-ron-ik] Show IPA
    containing or exemplifying irony: an ironic novel; an ironic remark.
    coincidental; unexpected: It was ironic that I was seated next to my ex-husband at the dinner.

    he was referring to the fact that the iphone 4 prototype was also found in a bar. Quit trying to be a fucking English teacher. Dooche

    • appletiser

      exactly, maybe people need to pick up a dictionary and research the definition before trying to be smart with their critical pedanticism

      • SpideyRules

        <– Looking up "pedanticism"


  • Yes I’m pretty sure that is fake 🙂 I can make one white in less then 1,5 hour for $250 😀 but I don’t see any reason spend that kind of money for color :/

  • TotallyBrit

    NoNoNoNo, IF Gizmodo didn’t (find) I Mean, bought it… from someone and publish it, then this isn’t real. Move along now nothing to see here… 😉

  • pn2bade

    Plot twist!

  • James

    If this is real expect all apple employees to soon be barred from anyplace that serves alcohol. 🙂

  • Considering this rumor comes from MacStories, I would say it’s completely fake, made up, and packaged to be talked about… just like we did here on iDB. At any rates, it’s entertaining.

    MacStories is as trustworthy as a board meeting of Fannie Mae, if you know what I mean…

    • Z

      @Sebastien Sorry for my honesty, but why not be different from everyone else. It’s lines like this “I’m so sick of white iPhone 4 rumors, yet here I am writing about one.” that make iDB no better than MacStories. There is nothing entertaining about it.

      @Alex Contradictions like the one I mentioned about do not make you a great blog writer. You should keep that in mind.

      • This was written by Alex, not by me, as you noticed. I leave iDB writers freedom to write about what they feel is newsworthy. After all, if it’s interesting to them, and even though it sometimes (rarely) is based on non verified info, I assume it will also be interesting to our readers. I think it was a good call in this case judging by the reactions it got. I decided to bring other writers on board so iDB doesn’t become just the views of one man (me) but several people, in order to appeal to a wider audience. I have great respect for Alex’s work as a blogger and I’m glad he’s part of the team. I’m sure Alex doesn’t pretend to be an A-list blogger, but the quality of his work here shouldn’t be doubted. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

      • Z

        Alright alright, I’ll get off his case =)

  • iZomBie3D

    I don’t think there real, bay has them for $700 and you can also get the original box on bay to. make a youtube video and there you have it everyone thinks its real.

  • I personally really enjoy the content from MacStories. Sure they may facilitate link bait every now and then (don’t we all), but they produce quality reviews and the like on a regular basis. I’m not sure if this particular story is legitimate (hence the question posed), but there’s a possibility.

    And the “contradictory” statements were meant to be light-hearted. I am quite aware that they do not validate my prowess as a blogger.

    • Z

      Ok, well back when I was not a father myself, my father told me “say it if you mean it”.
      “And maybe this means that Apple is closer to finally releasing the iPhone 4′s white counterpart. I sure hope so, cause I’m sick of talking about it.”

      Simply put, not only do you continue the rumor, but also it makes me say, if you are so sick of talking about – don’t talk about it. Or talk, but don’t say that you’re sick of doing so. Just a suggestion.

  • Weebsurfer

    The thing I don’t get is, who really cares about white iPhones? Any white 3G and 3Gs models I’ve seen had covers. And I definitely wouldn’t go without a case on my black beauty. 😉

  • they changed it from black to white. who cares what it looks like, its an iphone 4 thats all you need.

  • Thomas Foster

    I am so sick of no one actually figuring out the reason for the White iPhone 4 delay, it’s not even that hard when you look at all the facts. In June the white iPhone was delayed to allow Foxconn to prioritise on the black one and get more units out the factory. What was the one thing they changed in the software that did not work well with the BLACK iPhone. The proximity sensor, they changed this so it would work reasonably well with the black and white versions of the phone. Apple then changes to please the fans who have brought a black phone and relieves some pressure on themselves with the whole antenna problems. Next Apple Delays the phone 1 week after the golden master of iOS 4.1 till later this year, because they still cannot find away to work the sensor with the white and black versions together. Next Delay comes around the same time as the GM release of the iOS 4.2 platform because there is still no fix. Now delayed until spring 2011 when iOS 4.3 will be released. There has never been a problem manufacturing the product it is purely to do with the sensor.

    I have a white iPhone 4 and have been trying to work on the sensor for people who have carelessly changed it and now cannot use this sensor. I am actually shocked I have to point this out to people when the facts are all so simple.

    • Z

      Now this was more informative than the actual article. And a very good point.

  • AxlxA

    This phone looks exactly like the one BGR (boygeniusreport) has. They acquired the face plates from china factory or something and slapped it on a regular black iphone 4… and they talked about punching holes for the prox sensor as well…


    I think these guys are out in NYC? or somewhere else I can’t recall off the top of my head.

  • Alax

    My iPhone4 is white. I bought the covers from a chinese site that was posted on this blog a couple months ago. Does Alex the blogmaster know that he himself has posted numerous links that go to online stores that sell white covers?

  • Fei Lam

    probably got it converted at http://www.whiteiphone4us.com

    I just changed my iphone from the kit that guy is holding and it looks exactly the same.
    Guess I have bigfoot.

  • Mephisto

    I’d say inofficial Apple wants those rumors to be spread. You’ll hardly find a less expensive advertisement ;).

  • So what…. I have a white iPhone4… A kid was selling the conversion kits online directly from Foxconn, anyone could have a white iphone4 if they wanted

  • Today 9to5mac.com has leaked the document which showing white iphone 4 coming to spring 2011, hope this news will true as we all are waiting for white iphone 4.

  • Tim

    Apple products, whether it is an iPhone, iPod, Computer, Laptop or the ridiculous iPad, are all overpriced garbage. All you are paying for is the logo. Mac zealots are mindless sheep, iZombies, drowning in the Kool-Aid Steve Jobs is pouring down your throats. Baaaaah.

  • scott

    This kid that sits next to me in class had one and let me play with it. I begged him to tell me where he got it and he wouldn’t budge. It does exist! I just don’t know where to get the damn thing