Cydia. Love it or hate it, it’s one of the pillars of the jailbreak community. When Cydia acquired Rock a few months ago, Saurik made the promise that he would work on improving Cydia’s speed, which, let’s be honest, leaves a lot to be desired.

So we knew for a while that it was being worked on by Saurik and Chpwn, but with the release of the recent jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1, we’ve had a taste of where Cydia is going, and I like that a lot.

While the changes in the new release of Cydia aren’t much “esthetically visible” as most of it happens under the hood, if you have the new Cydia on your iPhone, you must have noticed some speed improvement… 

Saurik on the updated Cydia:

Some of my long term performance plans are ‘hitting pay dirt’, and Cydia is much faster than it was before; that said, it isn’t done yet: there’s one more thing that I think is going to make a huge difference that isn’t even in there yet but should be for the final release.

And fast it is! While still below what you’d expect from the one and only jailbreak installer, it’s really exciting to see the improvements. Saurik provided a list of changes made to the new Cydia:

  • reduced loading changes time
  • section remapping optimizations
  • faster reloading data
  • faster, native search
  • uses public SDK classes whenever possible
  • rewritten, faster web views with zooming support
  • changes badge works again
  • more stable webviews (no crashes when queueing)
  • redesigned settings page
  • redesigned stashing page
  • faster scrolling of table views
  • bug fixes
  • ads no longer break the package views until restart
  • much better queueing UI
  • stabler refreshing bar

There is more to come, and I can’t wait to see where it’s going.

Want to get the new and improved Cydia. Here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Do you have the new Cydia installed on your iPhone? If so, have you noticed any difference?

  • Michael

    Yea, it’s perfect now. Biggest improvement is with the iPad, now all we need is updates for the tweaks to work with 4.2.1.

  • Burge

    Got this running on my 3GS 4.1, and yes it way way faster .. Just need untethered jailbreak now on 4.2.1

    • Weebsurfer

      I’m getting gitty for untethered JB for 4.2.1 as well. Been quiet lately? Are they going to bother with rumors of ANOTHER update? 🙁

  • Cojendo

    So is this something new I need to install?

  • Cojendo

    Also I’m still on 4.1. Do I need to be on 4.2.1?

    • Burge

      No…as you can see… Iam on 4.1 you just need to know how to get it

      • iphoneswiss

        How do I get it ond ip4 ios 4.1?

  • Cojendo

    I missed that in your post. So how do I get it?

  • We’ll have a tutorial on how to get the new Cydia in a few minutes.

  • oli

    For those of u who r not getting the awesome cydia update, you can follow these instructions

    First off get the new cydia, HERE

    after you do that… place the file in /private/var/tmp

    THEN: log in as root by typing “su” with no quotation marks, of course.
    it will ask for a password… the default password is “alpine” with no quatation marks of course (it is only “alpine” unless u changed the password)

    FINALLY: go into mobile terminal and type in these commands
    dpkg -i /tmp/cydia_1.0.3366-1_iphoneos-arm.deb
    if u do not, or just want a pretty easy way, you could do one of two things:

    1. if u have iFile. download the cydia deb and click on the file and press installer (it will be located under private/var/mobile/media/downloads

    2. if u have neither iFile or Mobile Terminal, put the file in root/media/cydia/autoinstall

    REBOOT (recommended) or RESPRING

    YOU’RE DONE!!!

    credit goes to crazytrain320

    WARNING: do not try this on an iPad!!! I had two people say it tried to erase cydia and all essentials.

    DISCLAIMER: i am not responsible for anything that happened to cydia if u mess up

    IF YOU MESS UP: go to this website:, then click on cydia or cydia-3.7 (doesn’t matter). Then click on debs. Find the one that Has your older version. For most of u it will be: cydia_1.0.3222-73_iphoneos-arm.deb

    • Burge

      There is a much easyer way …using ifile …and a cydia source

    • Sascha

      What did you mean by “HERE”? Where do I actually get it?

      • Sascha

        Never mind, I’ve found it in the meantime…

  • oli

    iFile is not free….

    • Daniel

      iFile is free but you can get a license (which costs money) to activate more features

  • kuTTT1

    It’s still very, very slow but it has become much more stable!
    I’d really like a top 25 like in the appstore. I know there is this “Featured” section
    but this hasn’t changed for some years and it’s commercial.

  • aasif

    is it available for ios 3.1.2 ??

  • Indio

    Excellent update!!!!!! So smooth, so fast!!! No more waiting to Load Changes!!!!! Way to go Jay!!!!

  • mong

    still using 4.0.1 and i don’t see why the hell i should have to risk stuffing up a happily working device by intalling a newer iOS just to get a faster cydia. cydia should be improved regardless of what version you have 🙁