Needless to say that we at iDB are big fans of Angry Birds, these cute and addictive birds that are putting their lives on the line to fight the evil green pigs. We had been waiting for those Angry Birds plush toys for a while, and they are now available for sale, at least while supplies last.

Looking at the website where you can buy them, I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed by their looks though. Maybe even more disappointing is the fact that they won’t ship until January 2011. So much for surprising my fiancee with one of those for Christmas…

Selling at $15 a piece, I don’t think they’re a bad deal and I’m sure they will sell fast, so if you want one of those, you should get on it quickly.

What do you think? Will you be buying some Angry Birds plush toys this holiday season?

  • Eye Fone

    Is it for US only ? 🙁 I hope not !

  • six4seven

    This is stupid!

  • $32 for UPS shipping! I’ll wait for the cheaper Chinese copies to show up everywhere soon.

    • $32? Damn, you pay more in shipping than you do for the actual product. That’s probably why they’re so cheap. They make all the $$$ on shipping.

    • Leo

      Lol Chinese copy!! I’ll wait for next cyber Monday

  • Adam Parsons


  • Canuck

    $27 to ship to Canada??! $42 total for one! Haha
    No thanks.

  • msxy

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  • Bandit

    hey sebastien, Angry Birds Xmas is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They changed Halloween to “Seasons” So, if you bought Halloween, you just need to update the app.

    • Yes I saw that. Love Angry Birds 🙂

  • msxy

    hey i am hereeeeee



  • B00M HEAD5H0T!

    I saw that at the Lunar New Year Market at Hong Kong,China!I bought the red one,it was cute!

  • GaryT

    I ordered two of the plush toys in mid December. As of today Feburary 5 they have not been shipped. Lots of emails, lots of excuses. But they were prompt at taking my money. So even after paying a premium price, still no toys for my Grandsons

  • littlemiss

    Same here GaryT although no respoonse to any of my 4 emails i have sent!!
    Crap customer service… wish i hadnt bothered, my bank balance would look so much healthier with that money in my account rather than in theirs!!!!
    NOT HAPPY!!!

  • Don’t try to buy these at their shop !

    You will never get them !

    I ordered and paid for mine in December 2010 ! It’s March 2011 and havent received a single bird !

  • david

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    • MayinAusten

      I like the onlineshop named liztoys.

  • Cathryn Cathryn

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