We already knew that iPhone users are the most loyal to their dear smartphone of choice. Now we know the iPhone is the #1 smartphone in the US as it just passed RIM by a slim 0.5%. Android, is a not-too-distant third.

This survey by Nielsen also confirms that the iPhone is the “most desired” smartphone among people likely to upgrade to a new device. An interesting fact is that women planning to get a smartphone are more likely to get an iPhone, while males are more likely to choose Android…


  • Veronica

    IMO all those numbers and statistics are useless unless they’re comparing apples to apples. The numbers should reflect comparisons either between operating systems or between individual phones. I’d love to see how the best smartphones from every OS compare to the iPhone 4.

    • Veronica

      I mean sales wise.

  • Felix

    Of the 22.7% android OS, I would like to see a breakdown of what smart phones make this number.

  • Dj

    This survey is good but is very inaccurate and very non objective…
    -iPhone 4(as any other older model of the iPhone) costs approximately 500-600 $,and one crappy Android platform LG Optimus gt540 costs 200 $.Every desperate company makes Android phone with crappy capabilities and because it’s new geeky and interesting everybody can buy it and that’s why Android phones are sold that much.
    For this survey to be more and more adequate and good they must make comparisson like iPhone 4 sales and HTC Desire sales and let us see the numbers…this will be more interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dj


  • manuel

    @ DJ

    Whether that was your opinion or actually information, its dead on. Everyone in their mother is making an android phone. apple is left with only 4, an ipad, and itouch/ipod.

    If we look at it by mobile wise, Apple should not be leading android since android makes like 3 phones a day lol. But since they are, you can tell apple does get they buyers. Tools or not, Jailbroken or not, people buy iphones. Also, I totally agree with you, the #’s are BS. I think android is bit more then that.

    • Dj


      yes they do but this is platform comparison not DEVICE comparison if there was device comparison things would be a lot more different…I am a tech fanatic and iPhone is best peace of equipment so far…today every fucking asian village produces android phones like acer,lg,samsung and many more.To be more complicated because Android is open source every Chinese phone factory will implement android in their so called Android based phones but it will be crap,but Android will surprisingly get market dominance because every bum will have Android with shitty hardware…my point is let’s compare how many androids are sold with 1ghz processor like iphone 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dj

      @ manuel
      that is my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ed

      Unfortunately despite this survey saying the iPhone 4 is more wanted, the ACTUAL numbers show Android devices selling not just a little bit more by leaps and bounds faster than iPhones. One of those reasons is probably because Android is on a phone for everyone.

      However you want to cut it, Android Phones are selling at a much higher rate than the iPhone is….probably at more than a 2:1 rate

  • Z

    iPhone a smartphone?! It sure is smarter than some people… =)

    Never considered an iPhone to be a smartphone. It is waaaay more superior to a smartphone. I’m talking from experience: iPhone is a smartphone once it’s in the “box”, but once jailbroken, it fulfills and replaces my need to use a desktop/laptop, therefore, it’s a palm held pc for me.
    I hope jailbreaking made iPhone users realize the capabilities of the phone.

  • StanTheMan

    Obviously these men are homosexuals!!!
    Hopefully the women delve a little in it too, nothing like girl on girl. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Henri_p

    I have a 3GS and a Desire.,,. have to say that Android is really on par with my Iphone, and as a plus it has a better integration of Google services.. this in merely one year. I wonder how the score will look like next year.

    @Dj … your Iphone is also build in a shitty Chinese factory, people get suicidal there …

    1Ghz ?? …what about Samsungs upcoming dual core A9 (next month released) ? thats 2 times 1Ghz ..

  • Dj

    @Henri_p Android is Google operating system and it is obvious to have better integration of Google services…
    iPhone is assembled in China but it is US design and US quality,and it’s not named HYOSUNG or what ever…
    And i’m talking about sales and comparison between devices that has been sold these days not about devices that are going to be produced and will be released… HTC Evo was released before iPhone 4 and it done nothing, what about that!?

  • Greg

    Well also here where i live everyone wants an iPhone. You can even brag if you have a 3gs here. Not in my case. LOL