Sometimes, getting a battery alert at 20% on your iPhone isn’t enough.  For those of us that want more control over our battery alerts, there’s PowerAlerter.

PowerAlerter is a Cydia tweak that gives you full control over visual, audio and haptic notifications for your iPhone’s battery. With PowerAlerter, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to plug your iPhone into the charger again…

PowerAlerter allows you to change the percentage that you want an audio, visual, or vibration (or any combination of the three) notification of your battery status. You can change the alert sound and also make sure PowerAlerter respects your iPhone’s “silent mode” when you’re at work.

You can can go a little more hands-on with PowerAlerter and trigger a few actions. You can set your iPhone to turn off at a specific battery percentage (I wouldn’t recommend anything over 10%), or disable Wi-Fi at a certain percentage.

Pick up PowerAlerter for $1.50 in the Cydia store. There’s also a nifty SBSettings toggle for PowerAlerter.

What do you think? Do you think PowerAlerter is useful? Is it worth the $1.50 price tag?

  • Burge

    20% aleart is good enough for me … This to me is just someone trying to make cash on a useless tweak

    • Z

      Absolutely! It’s not like noone can turn battery percentage on. And neither do we have a battery status bar indication. =)

  • Vitaliy

    Let’s put it this way: Whoever needs it will buy it, its good to have all the possible apps – choice is yours)

    • Aza


  • Dhivehi ahu

    As u saying its nesesarry t save shsh blogs. However when i bought my iphone its already on 4.0.1. I jailbrekd it n wer not satisfied with the os cause its damn slw on iphone3g . I tried to downgrade 3.1.3 n was sucssesfl . After that i upgraded to 4.2 when it came out. Again er not happy with the prfmnce . Tried to downgrade again but this time it soesnt resrored to 3.1.3 i havnt shsh saved anyway. My question is y now i cant go back t that os

  • Burge

    You can go back to 3.1.3 there is no SHSH on a 3G on that firmware.. You did something wrong.. Try again …SHSH ONLY STARTED ON THE 3G ON FITMWARE 4.0