By now, as many of you know, it’s no secret that I have an utter disdain for wires. Some people say I take my disliking of wires too far, but as you can see, I’m not alone.

The good folks over at Science & Sons have just released the third iteration of their acoustically amplified iPhone speaker, and it reportedly works much better than its predecessors…

The product page for the Phonofone III describes the device as “…an elegantly designed passive amplifier crafted from ceramic and designed explicitly for iPhone. This clever device amplifies the volume emited from an iPhone internal speaker roughly 4x.”

Wow, 4x louder than the iPhone’s external speaker? That’s pretty loud, but also at the same time annoying as I don’t know what. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone playing music over the iPhone’s external speaker and it made me want to tear my hair out!

The iPhone’s external speaker has absolutely no low end sound, so all that results is a tin can concert that makes scratching on a chalkboard sound like a good time. I can’t be the only one that thinks this is a bad idea, can I?

Otherwise, I think the Phonofone III looks pretty sleek, certainly better than its predecessors. But, I just can’t help believing that the device would look so much better with a white iPhone.

What about you? Think the Phonofone III would look good as a conversation piece at your next cocktail party?


  • Jared

    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!-

  • LocalShopper

    Very cool.
    Want more things? Go to and search iPhone or iPad, etc. They have a bunch of unique iGadget kinds of gifts, like an iPhone slot machine. lol

  • Z

    What about the silicone speaker stand that was blogged on idb formerly about? I was going to get one, but was happy to have learned a little more about it.

    Just to clarify: the speaker on iPhone 4 is on the other side, meaning if you want to use a 3GS with the amplifier, you have to turn the phone around. And since I wanted a STAND/amplifier, it made no sense for me to look at the back of my 3GS.

    Hope this stops some 3GS owners from making a mistake.

    • U SLack’N Mah Dude

      Thank You Very Very much Z,

      I was really considering it until I read this very informative post by Z lol
      good thing to cuz my homie up there (Jeff) is slack’n

      • Z


    • LocalShopper

      Uhhh….the speakers on my 4 are on the bottom. Pretty sure they were on my 3GS as well.
      With that…is it possible this thing is built to take the sound from the bottom of the phone (in the stand) and pump it out the megaphone thing?

      • Z

        @LocalShopper You misunderstood it, bud. Of course the speaker (pay attention there is no S at the end) is at the bottom. iPhone 3GS has the speaker on the left bottom, where iPhone 4 has it on the right bottom. The other “speaker” you see is actually a mic. I hope now my previous post makes sense.

        I know nothing about this ceramic phonofone, and I didn’t check if it is compatible with 3GS, but I posted a link below to a similar portable stand, which I’m basing my assumptions on. Give it a look.

  • frost

    killing price 🙁

  • Reinhart

    Here are some video links demonstrating how the unit works. It’s actually kind of cool when it’s in backwards…

  • here is the thing about a real phonograph, which, i dont know about this speaker, but phonographs pick up well on low tones and bring them out, because low sound waves move slower and bounce more, where the higher pitched tones are amplified also, not quite as dramatically, because they move more quickly away from the speaker, and from the listener. Also, being made of porcelain, rather than metal also helps dampen the higher tones. hope that made sense, it will be a great product, and I wish i had one now!