Here is a study by GFK that confirms something that most iPhone owners already know. According the the study, 60% of iPhone users are loyal to Apple and plan to get another iPhone. Not surprising indeed.

I’m speaking for myself here but I can’t imagine owning another smartphone anytime soon. I’ve played around with several other Android devices and I was never impressed to the point I’d consider switching…

As you can see, other smartphone manufacturers don’t enjoy such loyalty:

With other Smartphones, loyalty seems to be a real issue. Only 35% of BlackBerry users are willing to stick to the brand and for Android (28%), Symbian (24%) and Windows Mobile (21%) the numbers are even lower.

What do you think? Like me, do you plan to stick to the iPhone for a while? Or are you considering switching to Android, or worse, BlackBerry?

[Mobile Games Blog via 9 to 5 Mac]

  • DarkReaper

    cos Apple bans Android apps??

  • Egro

    I am debating going with an Android device instead of the iPhone 4 when I make my next upgrade.

  • ace

    I’m on droid now but am ready to go bak to my iphone. Waiting on ultrasn0w

    • Z

      Ultrasnow has been out and updated already

  • Marcus Carter

    I’m never leaving the iPhone! Haven’t owned anything else since 2006!

  • Andréa

    I will only change my iPhone to other iPhone. Nothing could be more perfect than my darling iPhone!

  • A.J.

    yeah… Apple would really have to drop the ball for me to EVER switch again. As long as I can JB I’m good.

  • Well I have seen some Android phones I might consider, but one big drawback is the amount of money I spent on apps that would go out the window, if I changed platform.
    Last time I checked, (it was a while ago) iTunes told me I had 381 apps on my phone.
    Some of those for example Navigon, were very expensive.

  • Love the picture by the way, maybe I make one for my daughter. 😀

  • up

    Lazy to change platform, since we can transfer all the data,contact,apps and everything to new iphone.. sure keep on upgrade to any newly release iphone 🙂

  • Joel

    I got 1 winmo, 1 blackberry 9700, 1 milestone & 4 iPhones 😀

  • Scoodiv

    Iphone 2 then 3G then 4…
    Jailbreaking is the much fun since iphone 2g..
    If I were apple
    I won’t show jailbreakers hard times. As they are making money to iphone …

  • neogeo71

    I have already left iphone for sprint evo, until apple is on another carrier and opens up, I can’t go back. I had horrible service from att, and way more expensive. I miss some of the apps and some of the games, but I am loving my evo.
    The ability of having my choice of input keyboards for example is so freeing. I like swype so much, I could not go back to the stock iphone keyboard. I still love my ipad and miss having netflix and hulu on my phone but got so tired keeping up with the jailbreak scene.
    On the evo I rooted once and have my choice of roms.
    Android is rough around the edges but is catching up fast. I miss iphone but a little less everyday…

  • Nel

    iPhone 4 is my first apple device and now I can’t see I am buying anything else but apple. I am planning on buying MacBook air and Apple TV.

  • James

    I love my iPhone 4 and deffinitly plan on saving up for the next one to buy outright… Would not get one if I lived in the US. AT&T just doesn’t have the coverage. Actually Verison sucks too. I’d hate not being able to use the Internet whilst on the phone. I love living in Australia where we can buy an iPhone outright unlocked which works on all of the carriers :).

  • Ivana banonymouz

    I love my iPhone 4!

  • Nayel

    I tried all except android but I’m sure i will never leave iPhone maybe i will get more one android beside my iPhone

  • Suavedude

    Are we really discussing this? Really guys ( gurlz ), you’d have to be at least an iPhone fan if not Apple products afficionado to be on this forum. Not an eccentric one though. Lol On a serious note, I don’t reckon I’d use ANY other cellphone other than an iPhone. I enjoy the Cat & Mouse game bw Apple and the JailBreak community, the mad rush to upgrade the OS etc and the mad frantic search for solutions to failed JB/ unlock. Pls don’t mind my ranting.