This is a ninja tip that was sent to me by an anonymous reader about how to quote text in an email reply. Let’s say you receive an email from someone. In your reply, you want to quote some of the text to comment on it for example.

To do that, simply select the text you want to quote and hit the “reply” icon. This way, only your selected text will be copied in your email reply…

For example, the text you see in the image above was part of a larger text. I just selected this paragraph and hit “reply”.

If you have other tips like that, feel free to contact us.

  • Thanks for tip .

  • Burge

    Well aleast it can now be unlocked …

  • Mateo

    Yupz, the same like Thunderbird, outlook, etc.

  • Nick

    Nice little tip.

  • It’s the exact same process as when you’re using on a Mac.

  • Z

    I didn’t know that! Great tip, anonymous reader!

  • Hello,all
    Wow,I am hard to learn iphone4 every day.
    I am pratince to learn my beef for iphone4 more. My iPhone4 new frost cool. I can use Iphone4 every day. Thanks.

    • Burge

      Glad to see that you are happy with your iPhone4 ……

    • Suavedude

      Welcome to the family mate. Glad to have you onboard. 

  • That’s what I want

  • Gorgonphone