Want a way to make SMS messaging a little more personal? Then look no further than ChatPic, a jailbreak tweak that puts a little photo of your contact beside each incoming chat bubble.

Sure, there are many other apps that provide some variation of this premise, but if adding a smidgen of personalization to your SMS messages is all that you desire, then it’s hard to go wrong with this tweak…

Personally, I prefer BiteSMS to handle all of my SMS needs, and it too includes a somewhat similar flavor of adding contact pictures to your SMS messages. The only problem with Bite is that it’s a little on the pricey end of the scale, while ChatPic will set you back less than a dollar.

Of course, BiteSMS has infinite more options than ChatPic, seeing as ChatPic is only a tweak, and not a full fledged application. Hence, you will have no settings to tinker with; it simply pulls your contact images into your chat window, and nothing more.

One of the caveats to ChatPic is that it doesn’t appear to be compatible with third party SMS apps like BiteSMS or iRealSMS. But if you have those apps, chances are you won’t be needing ChatPic in the first place.

All of the aforementioned apps can be downloaded from Cydia, but as you probably know, your iPhone will need to be jailbroken in order to do so.

So, tells us about your SMS setup. Are you still rolling stock, or do you use a 3rd party app? Is ChatPic something you’d be interested in?

  • Burge

    I’ll stick with BITE . Youbsay BUTE is pricey .. What price is it now ? It only cost me $5 but that was way way back in 2008

    • I believe it’s like $8.99 for a license. That’s expensive, even for a normal app. But worth it, if you text a lot.

  • Burge

    So glad I got it when it was cheap…sorry for the typos …lol..

  • kuTTT1

    what a stupid conversation on that pic 😀

    • Hey, hey, I thought it was quite enlightening.

  • Anthony

    It don’t work with no app or your regular SMS I have purchased this tweak and a rip off!!!!

    • 🙁 I’m the developer of ChatPic and I’d love to help you out. Could you send me an email? james(at)magahern.com

      Thanks for the great article!

      • Got chatpic to work sorry for the comment but love it one of the best purchase I made and I have made alot only if u can get it to work with ireal and bite

  • Z

    I never understood why charge for tiny little tweaks like that. Put it together with some additional features, like BiteSMS, and then charge.

    Regardless, one of the features that will eventually be ported to iOS eventually, but I’m still getting it.

  • Dhivehi ahu

    Does it work on ios 4.1.2? It dosnt work with my os

  • Anthony logan

    It does work on all firmware

  • Renenb

    I bought the app and it does not work on me.
    I already emailed the developer but I haven’t received any replies yet.
    I have a 3gs 32gb IOS 4.1 Base 6.15