A few people have been experiencing an unusual drain of their iPhone battery after unlocking with UltraSn0w. The problem doesn’t actually come from UltraSn0w itself, but from the hacktivation process, for those of you who have hacktivated instead of activating the phone with an official carrier.

According to BigBoss, the issue comes from iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1 which constantly look for valid push certificates, either via wifi or your data plan (Edge or 3G). If you’re not on an unlimited data plan, this can get pretty expensive, especially if you don’t keep an eye on it.

There are 3 potential solutions for this…

  1. Try to activate your iPhone with an official carrier. For example, ask a friend to use his AT&T simcard, just the time to activate the phone
  2. Install SBSettings from Cydia and turn off Edge and 3G when you’re not using your phone
  3. Wait for a real fix to be released on Cydia, probably in the next few days

Have you experienced that?

  • Danny

    I restored a couple of days ago to 4.1 and I couldn’t find my Att aim card so I used hacktivation, my battery was draining incredibly fast while on standby and I’m happy there is a fix. Restoring again tonight and using the original sim card which I’ve found.

  • David

    Has anyone ran into the promblem of the apple logo freezing and not going away ?

    • Y0fal

      Sounds like you upgraded to 4.2.1 meaning you need a tethered boot everytime you restart your iPhone. To do this you will need to connect your iPhone to your mac / pc and start redsn0w again. Point it to the iPhone 2,1_4.2.1 restore Ipsw you used to jailbreak it and click yes then next. Let it do it’s thing then you need to select “just boot tethered right now” option then click next then follow the onscreen instructions and your iPhone will start. You will need to do this everytime you turn your iPhone off then back on

    • ya…same

    • paxxx

      without custom firmwar (oficial frimwar 4.1 and 4.2.1 needed )
      download RedSn0w 0.9.6 beta 5
      put ur iphone and restor it to 4.2.1 with itune 10.1 — turn off ur iphone when done
      run redsn0w brows 4.2.1 alredy downloaded and tick only ”Install iPad Baseband” and
      click next …
      compelte all steps if ur iphone stuck on appl logo no wory we need only the basband for the unlock

      now we hav new baseband but tethered …. don’t wory

      now put ur iphone in reocery mode and restor with 4.1 with itune 10.1 …u got error 1015 nd iphone already in recocery
      download iREB 4.0.x-4.1-RC2.exe
      fix recovery boot (no we hav iphone with new basband and no thetred )
      finaly rerun redsn0w and jailbreak ur ihone with firwar 4.1 don’t tick install ”updat ipad basebande”…only ”instal cydia” …done

      now go to cydia nd instal ultrasnow 1.2

      iphonr 3gs model MC frimwar 4.1 with new basband and no thetred

  • csmarc

    Does the original sim card have to have a working plan? I mean I have the original, but have no plan anymore

    • csmarc

      BTW yes, I am facing this problem. 3GS 4.1 preserving bb with pwntool, I now I just found that maybe hacktivated.

    • Danny

      It doesn’t need a plan or anything, works just fine.

  • Dhivehi ahu

    I faced this problm when i was on 4.1 .. Now im on 4.2.1 just hacktivated my phone.. Il post how it goes

  • Joe

    I had this problem even in 4.1. I turned off location services and that seemed to help.

  • Fer00

    I am planning on switching to At&t from t-mobile an getting the iphone 4. Does the brand new iphone come with the latest iOS or do I have to upgrade to it?

  • Z

    I haven’t used hacktivation, but my battery still sucks. Any fix for my battery?

  • Zabuza

    Z – I hope you are joking.
    Fer00 – I wouldn’t get a new iPhone 4. I think at best it is going to be a crapshoot between 4.1 and 4.2.1. Either way, I think you’ve misunderstood something: if you want to unlock, stay AWAY from 4.2.1. They’ve been screaming that all over this site. You shouldn’t upgrade to it, and if you get a phone with it, you’re screwed for switching it over to T-Mobile.

    • Z

      Nah, I just use it too much. But yes, I was joking, since there is no cure for loving an iPhone so much 😉

  • gully

    I jailbroke my 3gs using redsnow on 4.2.1 and now my battery is only last a few hours. anyone else having this problem? if so does anyone know of a fix?

    • Z

      Did you use the hacktivation? If yes, the re-read the article lol

  • SRUm1sh

    I also have the same problem. I updated my bb from 5.14 to 6.15 on 4.1. Now the battery drains out very fast. I turned off my notifications for now. Besides, my notifications never worked since I updated to 4.1 and jailbroke with LimeRa1n. I hope the Dev Team has identified this problem and hope they come up with a fix soon.

  • Toxa

    Well, i also have this problem. And į have bought my phone from ebay, so no chance to use original carrier card. Please please release fix…

  • Ivan

    I jailbroke my 3GS 4.1 with sn0wbreeze to preserve baseband and hacktivate and I can say that the battery lasts the same time than what it did on 4.0.1 activated by itunes and an at&t sim card

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    • gully

      you have to turn off data the phone is constantly searching for sim card activation. reset your data and you’ll see it keeps running.

  • TC

    Used Push Doctor on jailbroken/unlocked 3GS on 4.1 and resolved the battery drain issue. On TMobile.

  • TC

    If you chose to hacktivate and your push is not working then install push doctor from cydia. Add this repo to find it: cmdshft.ipwn.me/apt/

    This should stop any push notification related issues from draining the battery.

  • alex

    Can somebody explain how exactly to do an “official activation” with ATT sim. I have an ATT sim from a friend, but do I do this BEFORE jailbreaking/unlocking, or after? What are the steps to officially activate?

    • Z

      @Alex When you are ready to jailbreak, put the original sim card in. Proceed with the jailbreak, and when it asks you if you have a contract with an official carrier, choose ‘yes’.

      I never used redsnow to jailbreak, so don’t know how the process goes.

      Or else, proceed with the jailbreak without the sim card. And once done jailbreaking, prior connecting to iTunes, put the card in. This is the official AT&T activation.

  • Jacob

    Push Doctor has fixed my battery drain issues! Yeah!

    Thank you TC!!

  • TC

    Glad to hear it worked out for you Jacob.

  • Gi

    Hello all and sorry if this will sound ridiculously dumb. I unlocked my 3gs on monday and this is the first time i’ve been able to use it since it was locked when i purchased it. Im not familiar with its battery lifr so i cant really tell if i am having batt drain issues. I did go to bed last night with 100% of my batt left and woke up with 83%. i dunno if thats normal.

    Can someone shed me some light on this? How fast is the batt draining? I noticed mine will decrease one percent every couple mins if i am using it. Dunno if thats normal.

    Also i wanna try installing push doctor to fix it but i need to have push fix installed to get mms working on tmobile. Help pls! Any will be appreciated!

    • Hey man, well battery from 100% to 83% over one night without usage is not normal at all. Install the repos mentioned above in cydia

      1.open cydia
      2.tab “manage”
      6.and add this 2:



      7.then OK
      8.go to search, seek for push doctor, install one of the options

      Well, actually after I installed it I did not notice any change, but you can try maybe.


  • Ivan

    I was going to install this, but then I saw that it installs a lot of stuff and I’m not sure if that’s safe to do it.

    • I had the same doubt. I installed it anyway… But for me no change, battery still drains.

  • gully

    i have a question off subject i unlocked my iphone its running 4.2.1 on 6.15 baseband. why is it i cant send mms? can someone helpme out with this?

  • TC

    Did you guys who installed push doctor do a hard reset after installing? This also resolves issues with YouTube and I had to perform a hard reset before push doctor took effect.

    • iphone dobuter

      TC – i have an unlock version of the iphone 3G and i am using the t-moible. my battery drains ridiculously fast. how do i stop this using the push doctor?

  • Tool34

    I keep receiving an error that says “Size mismatch”…What is causing this?

    • Japol

      try to install from macOSmovil.com repository

  • Japol

    SCENARIO: After Installing iOS 4.2.1 BB 06.15.00 on iPhone 3G, Battery drains so fast!!!

    1. Install SBSettings from Cydia
    2. Add Push Doctor from http://www.cmdshft.ipwn.me/apt/ repository to download half the file since connecting to saurik gives an error
    3. Add Push Doctor from http://podulo.com repository to unpack half of the downloaded file (file size mismatch because the downloaded file size prior to it is not the same as the current)
    4. Install Push Doctor from http://apt.macosmovil.com/ repository to complete the process.
    5. Turn off Notifications (since I am not interested of using it), Location services (not also interested), wifi, data and 3G (since I am currently in Malaysia and I have roaming sim
    6. Reboot iPhone (turn off and on)
    7. Viola!!!

    Note: I experience the problem when I set everything to OFF (wifi, data and 3G) and still from a fully charged 100% battery, it goes down to 81% the following morning. Then I saw the possible workaround from here and tried it though I am still waiting for the official fix from @sbingner

  • iURLas

    anybody tried SAM method? Please comment. Thanks.


    It was reported that the battery drain issue would be fixed.

  • tnacsak

    Neither SAM, nor official SIM helped for me…