Pfft, refresh buttons, who needs ’em, right? Head into the new decade with style by adding Twitter app-esque refresh functionality to your email, courtesy of this latest jailbreak tweak.

That’s essentially all that the cumbersomely named Pull To Refresh for Mail does, although it performs quite well. The only suggestion I have for the developer is to perhaps fire their entire “app naming department.” Check inside for the full scoop.

Given the simplicity of said app, there are no app icons or settings to speak of. You just install it on your jailbroken iPhone via Cydia, and away you go.

If you’ve used the official Twitter app, or any other app that uses the new fangled pull down to refresh, then you know exactly what you’re getting here. For those of you who are wondering, this adds no new core functionality to your email, but it does make refreshing your inbox a bit more… hmm… refreshing?

If you’re using push e-mail, you probably rarely have the need to use refresh in the first place, though the tweak does make the mail app feel a bit more refined. It’s free of charge on Cydia, so you might as well give it a shot if interested.

Let us know what you think about this tweak in the comments section below. Do you believe that Apple should incorporate this as a native feature?

  • Gurps

    Can’t find it on cydai.

  • Gurps


  • WyKeD

    @Gurps it’s in the “BigBoss Repo” search for “pull” it should be the 1st & in my case, ONLY app/tweak that appears

  • Z

    Don’t see anything wrong with the refresh button, and rarely ever use the feature in Facebook app. As stated, with push turned on or manually set intervals, there is very little need for it. I’m sure a lot of idb readers will find the tweak as a cool mod.

  • Justin

    just read this on another blog. agree with 1st comment, its not there. went into the source and searched for it…got nothing. must of taken it down. update when it’s returned

  • xh


    I’m the developer for this tweak.

    If you can’t find it on Big Boss repo, try adding the blackfacility repo

    Refer to

  • appletiser

    installed via BigBoss but had to remove due to it constantly crashing my springboard :-/

  • xh

    maybe you can try rebooting your device.

  • Avril

    I tried adding the blackfacility repo and did not work.

  • appletiser

    thanks Xh for trying to help but when something don’t work how as expected a hard boot is normally the first thing I try 🙂