Call me crazy, but I’m convinced that there’s a special roundtable meeting each week at Apple where all they do is sit around projector and examine what jailbreak apps released the previous week.

I can hear it now; “Uh, yeah, and uh, PhotoAlbums+! Yeah, uh, that looks like something we should have had from the, uh, very beginning, let’s use that!”

Okay, so that probably doesn’t happen, but PhotoAlbums+ is the latest example in a long line of Cydia store releases that will inevitably appear in an upcoming release of iOS. Why do I say this? Take a look inside and see what makes this tweak a no brainer for Photo Album users.

PhotoAlbums+ allows you to easily create new albums directly on your iPhone and move pictures and movies between your Camera Roll and your newly created albums. It also adds the ability to password protect specific albums if you desire to keep your photos away from prying eyes.

Those features are wonderful, but what really makes PhotoAlbums+ work is the sheer simplicity of it all. There are no app icons, and no settings added to the mix to complicate things; it’s neatly integrated into the stock photos app for familiarity and ease of use.

The only change you’ll notice is a plus sign in the upper right hand corner of your photos app. As you may have guessed, the plus sign allows you to add new photo albums; it also adds new ‘move’ functionality to your sharing options which allows you to distribute your photos, not at all unlike managing your email.

Deleting albums is familiar and easy as well, just swipe an album, and you’re given the option to delete. What’s more, is that deleting an album only deletes the album, and not the content contained within; everything is simply moved back to your Camera Roll, so you won’t lose a thing.

To top things off, PhotoAlbums+ is completely transparent; basically, every app and process, including iTunes syncing, thinks it’s a native part of the iPhone’s functionality. That means that all of your apps and syncing will work like usual, just with the benefit of extra albums.

If that sounds as good to you as it does to us, then I suggest you take your jailbroken iPhone right over to the Cydia store and plop down the $2.99 the developers are asking for this tweak. Afterwards, we’d like to hear what you think about what PhotoAlbums+ brings to the table.

  • Dj

    Lo0ks like a great tweak and i will wait for it crack…
    I think that Steve Jobs should jailbreak his iPhone and implement a lot of these tweaks in next iOS version,and iPhone will become a best-seller and will pulverise Android 🙂

  • Eric

    your a dumbass Dj. This app prolly only costs .99 cents or 1.99 at the most. You can’t afford that? If your going to Pirate cydia apps please dont advertise it.

    • Justin

      From the above article…
      “I suggest you take your jailbroken iPhone right over to the Cydia store and plop down the $2.99 the developers are asking for this tweak.”

    • Dj

      what about hackstor’s repo it has a lot of cracks///if you can get something free,why paying it!?

      • Amoeba

        that makes you a thief… plain and simple.

      • Falk

        There is no “free” … everything has a price. In the case of apps, if not enough people pay there will simply be no updates. Many great tweaks like FolderEnhancer were quite useless in their initial release due to crashing issues. Or how about if your favorite app doesn’t run under iOS 4.2.1 all of a sudden anymore?

    • Pj

      Well some of us don’t really have credit cards since were still underage so there really is no way to get it… Uness ur a spoiled brat with ur finger up daddy’s a$$ (get it $$) but I do understand the problem with not paying developers… There’s just little I can do about it =P but I do try and pay back all that I take so the best way for me is to help others jailbreak and convice them to so… But I’m still waiting for the cracked version =D

    • Burk

      So if the app is expensive it’s then ok to get cracked versions? Bah. I’m so sick of holier than thou douchebags ragging on people who install cracked apps. What? You never get anything for free on the internet? You’ve paid for every mp3, tv show, movie, e-book etc? (And if you have, you’re an even bigger dumbass!)

  • appletiser

    this really irks me… $2.99/£1.92 is hardly gonna break the bank for anyone, especially if you can afford the phone in the first place. ffs without flinching ppl willingly pay almost twice that for a mug if coffee or bottled water that’s no better than what comes out the tap!

    • Z

      “We need people like you! So we could point our fucking fingers and say ‘That’s the good guy!’. So, what that makes us? Bad?” =)
      Thought a small remake of a quote by Al Pacino from Scarface fit perfectly.

      • Burge

        Nice ….lol

  • Smoke

    I dont pay for already pirated apps. Thats redundent everythng in cydia shld be free. $15 for iaccess, $10 for mewseek? $20 for mywi. Haha wow

    • Reznor9

      Everything you said makes no sense. Because it’s a cydia app doesn’t make it pirated. Jailbreaking is a legal legit process. These apps just fall out of the scope of apples standards for AppStore submission. Doesn’t mean they should be free. Us cydia devs provide a service that apple won’t Allow others to do in the AppStore. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

      • Reznor9, agreed. Devs should be compensated. I mean, we would have saw something like PhotoAlbums+ a long time ago if it required little effort, but obviously it took time and resources. $2.99 is very reasonable for functionality of this sort. Trust me, I don’t hesitate to call out an app — jailbreak or otherwise — if I think the price is a stretch.

      • techstar

        i think the issue is that there are soo many things that can be done by default and appear on other OSs but on here every little tweak costs money. It’s not just 2.99 it’s a cost for EVERY single tweak that should have been there from the beginning.

        With devs doing this it makes switching to another platform seem more reasonable and easy. I understand devs need money for what they do but in my opinion i think tweaks should be free depending on what they do, and applications that wont end up in the AppStore should have a cost.

      • JerOme

        I totally agree but I have been trying to purchase this app and paying for it when you are located in the Philippines is impossible. You get ridericted and in the end still unabale to purchase 🙁

    • Z

      @Smoke What difference to you as a user would it make if it was a $10, $15, or a $20 app from AppStore? LogMeIn is $30!!! But if it’s worth the purchase and makes your life easier, why not?

      The only argument there could be, as mentioned in the article, is why pay for something that definitely will be an option in the future update. The key word is ‘future’, and if you want it now, pay $2.99

  • Kaye

    Sounds absolutely brilliant. I have had an iPhone since the 3G and resisted the temptation to jailbreak as …. But now I am extremely tempted to jb just for this app. With regards to the earlier comment “everythng in cydia shld be free”, by the same logic do you think everything in a brick and mortar store should b sold for pretty much free as you could get the product on the black Market? The exchange of products/services/currency is the basis of a civilised society. What you are describing is theft, the fact it is a piece of software and not a physical entity should not deceive anyone that this is a dirty, repulsive and inexcusable course of action.

  • 2meu

    Great review and more importantly, awesome tweak.

  • Eric

    Cydia apps are not pirated you retard. Installous and other repos host hacked and cracked apps. Why would you let a cracked unsafe untrusted source cydia app have root access to your iPhone? Good plan smartguy keep pirating those apps your information is are with the hackers…no worries there…dumbasses

  • Z

    If that thing works as great as displayed in the video, it is waaaaaay worth it. I wonder how it works syncing with iTunes. I am getting it right now!

    • Burge

      Well what’s it like any good .. ?
      I’ve all ready tried a hacked copy. ( didnt work) just to try it… Does it work with iTunes ok ?

      • Z

        I hate iTunes. Doubt it will sync with iTunes, but I’ll let you know once I try.

        P.S.: I like your try before buy approach =)

  • saice

    I wished you could add photos to the already synced albums

  • Dogma98

    I can’t find it in cydia Help

  • jiya

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  • Smoke

    ok but i still wldnt pay unless thrs no crak in da nxt wk or 2 n i actually like it dat much. fuk yall gettin mad for? dont worry bout wat im doin. Do u!

  • Erik

    I purchased and installed this from cydia. All is great so far! I love it.

    1. If I mess up my phone and I have to restore from backup in itunes, Will I lose any photos I had in albums or will they all just go back into camera roll?

    2. If I uninstall the app with photos still in the albums will I lose them?

    3. Last thing is I wish I could edit Album names after I have created them. I don’t see any way to do that currently.

    • Z

      1. For as long as you are synced with iTunes, i.e.: photos, music, contacts, calendar, mail, etc, you won’t lose any data when restoring. That data is kept on your pc/Mac. Make sure you sync with iTunes OFTEN

      2. You won’t lose anything uninstalling the app. Like demonstrated in the video with deleting an album, the photos appear back in camera roll.

      3. Can’t help you there.

      I doubt the app physically moves photos from the main folder anywhere. What I believe it does is create an image of an album. The photos you add to that album are hidden from showing up in camera roll and links to the photos are placed in the album to display the content. But the photos remain in the same folder as they did by default.

      However, I’m not a developer, therefore, my theory might be completely wrong.

  • Smoke

    hey erik shut up n worry about ur own phone u aszhole juss cuz people dnt agree wit u or jeff or reznor dont mean sht. Sum people dnt wana waste $100-$200 a year on all dese jb apps dat charge. Dnt blane me blame da niggaz crakn da apps. If sonethin sittin thr ima take it. If u care dat much den keep buyin it n stop whinin. No one is goin sit here n be like “u know wat hes right, ill start buying frm now on.” haha

  • Justin

    I need a translator… is there an app for that?

  • Sb

    Everyone should learn to mind their fucking buisness. If you wanna pay for something go ahead but dont bitch moan and complain cuz we got it for free. Thats our fucking buisness!

    • Z

      Just to say the same thing back. Mind your fucking business, don’t advertise your cracked app activity, like @Smoke, and stop crying and botching about it. It is our business to tell you, ammatures, to not advertise it. Noone cares how you play with yourself or your phone, AND noone needs to know either!

      Your suggestion should be directed @Smoke to mind his business and keep it to himself.

  • Smoke

    thnx sb I feel u on dat. dats all I’m sayin. people sit here and cry n try to convince me to pay. I’ll stik to cracked apps 🙂

    • Z

      @Smoke Noone is telling you what to do. I think YOU are getting it ALL wrong.

      Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY at some point or another has installed at least one cracked app/software. I don’t pay money unless I am certain that the app is exactly what I need and does exactly what is advertised to do. The only way to find out is to either get a demo/trial, or, if the two are not available, install the cracked one. It’s a simple try before buy.

      All there is that looks wrong is the public announcement and an arrogant statement that came from you:

      “I dont pay for already pirated apps. Thats redundent everythng in cydia shld be free.”

      And that’s where you got corrected.


    Dj ur a dumass can’t buy a 2 dollar app I’m going to buy it legit and I got fired from my old job

  • bsq.nYc

    I’m not seeing this app in Cydia – do I need to add a repo or something?

    • bsq.nYc

      Actually, scratch that. I figured out what was wrong – my “Changes” weren’t refreshing correctly. Had to hit the Refresh button 3 times to get it to update…

  • Smoke

    @z no ok i feel u, dats y i used to like Rock A SHT LOAD BETTER. I juss rather get it cracked, y pay for it if free? Dats like me sayin sum whiteboy sellin me kush fo 400 an ounce n another guy offers to steal it frm him n give me it free if i smoke wit him. I dont give a fuk about da whiteboy he aint ma friend. Ima save da $ cuz i juss givs no fuk. I cant believe im da only person who thnks dat way… Haha

  • Eric


    I understand what your saying, but its not like this program costs 400 Dollars. Its just a couple bucks. The only thing is cracked up your giving ROOT ACCESS to an un-trusted source. But i guess your too Stupid to see the dangers in that. And your root password is probably ALPINE so pirate away and i hope your phone gets fucked up you moron.

  • Eric

    @smoke Oh, and my name is not spelled with a K you fucktard.

  • Z

    Ok ok children! Make up, give each other a hug and a kiss. No need for bad names and misspelled names lol

    P.S.: we do have to take it into consideration that every other kid has an iPhone, but do they even have a credit card to pay for cool AppStore apps and games?

  • hahahhahahaha
    this is getting interesting comments
    the retards who broke like @smoke
    vs the nice guy @eric…

    — back to topic —
    this is what apple should do, a long time ago
    just like any other non-smarphone did

  • Serge420

    Everybody shut the Fuk up and just enjoy the iPhone u fukn geeks!!

    • Justin

      I’m using my iPhone to read these comments and laughing at them, so I’m enjoying my phone.

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  • Gilbert

    First, this app works well. Once the albums were rebuild by the phone, and I had to resort everything. Secondly, and this might not be the apps fault, BossPaper fishes pics not in the designated folder.
    And third, who’s not a geek browsing these pages and comments?? 😉

  • Jared Brunet

    Ok I’m new to this App….. how do I actually add photos to the custom albms I created?

  • junk

    What if someone cant pay for apps like me! I live in iran and you cant buy anything online from hear, we have to use crack apps.

  • Eric

    Use a united states VPN it makes it look like your in the US google for hideipvpn it is a is a good one.

  • Hoshneer

    I really want it but unless I know how well it functions with a free trial it’s not gonna happen. If anything I will get a cracked version and then buy it if I like it.

  • Ricardodelsidney

    You can get in the Private Folder pictures by just selecting photos by Location.

    Private Folders? Not So Much.

  • CJ

    How do i make PhotoAlbums+ my default pic viewer?