The Dev Team just released an update to their UltraSn0w unlock. Unfortunately, this time it’s not as easy as downloading and installing UltraSn0w to unlock the iPhone.

If your iPhone is on baseband 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, or 05.13.04, then you can simply go to Cydia and download UltraSn0w. If you are on a different baseband, you will first have to update your baseband to 06.15.00, which is unlockable.

All this sounds a little confusing? Yes, it’s normal. It’s very confusing, so I highly suggest you read this before going forward with the unlock process. It will tell you what you can and cannot do, depending on your configuration…

Some more warnings:

This PwnageTool also contains a 4.2.1 bundle for iPhone3G owners…for all else, it’s still only 4.1.  If you have an iPhone3GS with an old bootrom, the new redsn0w will handle 4.2.1 for you (in fact it covers 4.2.1 for all devices, even though some of them are still tethered at 4.2.1 until @comex can work some untethering magic).  iPhone3GS users with old bootroms who want to go to 4.2.1 should not use this PwnageTool! Update to stock 4.2.1 first, then use the upcoming redsn0w to update your baseband.

Now that you’ve read the article I just linked to (you read it, right?), we’re going to use PwnageTool to jailbreak while updating the baseband to 06.15.00.

Step 1: Download PwnageTool 4.1.3 from our iPhone downloads section. You will need a torrent downloader (ie. uTorrent) to download the file. Download iOS 4.1 for your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, or download iOS 4.2.1 if you have an iPhone 3G. You will also have to download iOS 3.2.2 for iPad from our download page.

Step 2: Make sure iTunes is up to date. If not, update iTunes and reboot your computer.

Step 3: Sync your iPhone in iTunes in order to backup everything, just in case something goes wrong. When the sync is done, close iTunes and leave your iPhone connected to your computer via USB.

Step 4: Launch PwnageTool. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will choose to use the expert mode. Select Expert Mode, then select your iPhone. Click the blue arrow to continue.

Step 5: Select “Browse for IPSW” then click the blue arrow. A window will popup letting you choose the firmware you downloaded in step 1.

After selecting your firmware, you will get the following message. Make sure you understand the risks and click Yes to keep going.

You will now have to browse for the IPSW for iPad iOS 3.2.2 you downloaded in step 1.

Step 6: You will then be presented several options. Select “general” and click the blue arrow to continue.

Under General, you can choose if you want to activate your phone. You should only do that if you are using an unofficial carrier and want to unlock your iPhone. If you are using an official carrier (like AT&T in the US), you don’t need to select “activate”. You will notice that “enable baseband update” is selected by default (that’s exactly what we want).

Click the blue arrow to continue.

Step 7: You will then be taken to the Cydia Settings page. Click the “download packages” tab, and click refresh. This step will allow you to pre-install jailbreak apps on your iPhone. Select the package you want to pre-install and click “add to queue”. Click the blue arrow when you’re done.

Step 8: You will then be taken to the “custom packages settings”. Cydia Installer should be selected by default. If not, make sure to select it, then click the blue arrow to continue.

Step 9: Hit the “build” button and click the blue arrow to continue.

Step 10: PwnageTool will ask you where you want to choose your custom IPSW. I chose to save it to my desktop.

Step 11: PwnageTool will now start building your custom IPSW. It will probably ask you for your admin password. This step should take a couple minutes.

Step 12: PwnageTool will then help you enter DFU mode. It will make a funny sound and will instruct you to get your iPhone in DFU mode. Simply follow the onscreen prompts: hold power and home button together for 10 seconds ; release power button while still holding the home button. When done, PwnageTool will tell you to go and restore in iTunes.

Step 13: Once you launch iTunes, it will tell you it has found an iPhone in Recovery Mode. Click OK to continue.

Step 14: Now that you have your custom cooked firmware, you need to install this firmware on your iPhone. Hold the “Alt/Option” key and click “Restore” at the same time. DO NOT click “Restore” without holding the “Alt/Option” key! A dialog box will pop up and you’ll be able to choose the custom IPSW file you created.

Step 15: iTunes will give you a message telling you it’s going to erase and restore. Click ok to proceed.

Step 16: iTunes will now restore your iPhone using the cooked iOS firmware. This process might take a few minutes so be patient. When done, your iPhone will reboot.

To unlock, you can now go to Cydia and look for UltraSn0w. Download UltraSn0w and reboot your iPhone. You will now be unlocked.

  • Michael

    i guess if u already have one of the other firmware, just unlock it with ultrasnow 1.2, no need to use redsnow

  • Jebaux

    1 last question, do I need an active SIM to hactivate during the jb process? coz my original carrier [official] SIM is no longer working and I am using an unofficial SIM. Thanks and cheers!

    • eng88

      Terminated sim card is still ok. Yes you do need the official sim card to activate.

      • Jebaux

        so I just need to put in the official SIM during jb even if it is terminated and it will hactivate. Then replace it with an unofficial one during/after the unlock and i am good to go?

  • Petar

    Currently hv 3GS on 5.13.04 , 4.0.1
    I want to jb , unlock and update to 4.2.1

  • Subrat

    I have a jailbroken Iphone 3G with 4.1 IOS and 5.14.02 BB. I am waiting to unlock this phone. After reading this tutorial, I am little confused.
    Do I have restore to IOS 4.2 and run pwanage tool to jailbreak and then unlock using ultrasnow or I have to cook a IOS 3.2.2 with pwanage and then install with itune and then perform the unlock with ultrasnow.
    I don`t want to lose my jailbreak and want to unlock the phone. please help

    or should I wait some more time till 5.14.02 is unlockable?

  • cracka

    When i browse for the IPSW i cant find my iphone?

  • alex troy

    I’ve followed all these steps, and gotten all the way to the end. But my modem-firmware is still 5.14.02 and hasn’t been updated to 6.15. Any tips? I’m on a 3gs, stuck on ios 4.1. All I want is an unlock. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4.1 or 4.2. I bought the phone used and it already had the baseband upgrade.

  • martin


    • Japol

      what did you do, we have problems with this!, please help!

  • bazza

    i dont want to unlock my 3gs i just want to jailbreak it. i have a new orange contract, so my question is: will jailbreaking effect any of my services i get from orange?

  • RON


  • Tony

    My iPhone 3G unlocked at v4.0.2 with 05.13.04 and I want to upgrade to v4.2.1…. How do I go to upgrade without changing my BB which is supported by Ultrasn0w for unlock.. Can I use the Pwnage Tool then just refuse BB upgrade? I want to be sure I’m doing it right. Please help! I really need to upgrade, my phone is so slow!!!!!

  • martin

    Well… to all of those people that have a 3g with OS 4.1 and firmware 5.14.02…. i had to do some trying and just plain step by step as the tutorial said… it is kind of clear and not… basically my suggestion is to have a hardcopy print out of the steps and then follow step by step and if you are not 100 percent sure… then you have to be at least 95 percent sure anything less then you are taking a risk and should not do it…. so here i go… (all of this at your own risk… ok?)
    1 first i downloaded the firmware for the iphone to update to 4.2.1 then downloaded the firmware for the ipad (just like the tutorial said…) and then donladed Pwnagetool… i had to download uTorrent in order to be able to downlad and use this application….
    all of this is going to take some time… by the way i have a macbook so… i am no expert like this guys…i am just a novice giving you some hopeful help..
    it took about 15 to 20 min to download some of this software so… be very patient (did i write this correct?) so…
    after all of this is done start building your IPSW (follow the tutorial…) and when you get to the part of using itunes…DO NOT MISS THE STEP OF PRESSING “ALT/OPTION” KEY and then let the phone reset itself…once you get cidya in your iphone use it to find ultrasnow and donwload it into you phone…. (MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT YOUR IPHONE BEFORE YOU REBOOT IT!!) otherwise you are going to mess things up… i think? because if not, then is going to put your iphone in DFU mode…i got lucky with this one…. i unplug the phone and reboot it again and it worked… there was no special signal or anything to indicate things were done correct so… i though there was not problem and inserted my t mobile sim card and after a few minutes (they looked long, long minutes) i got the t mobile simbol on the screen… bingo!
    teste it making some phone calls and all is ok now… good luck guys!
    mac from Milwaukee!

  • matthew

    i have a 3gs how do i know if it has old bootrom ? What is the difference and how can i tell. i have 3 3gs phones.

  • Andrewp

    I followed the instructions and was successful in jailbreaking and unlocking my 3g, 5.14.02, but I seem to recall getting a warning about a “substrate” something along the way. Now, when I try to multi-task, Springboard crashes and I get a message about it going into safe mode and more “substrate” blah, blah, blah. Sorry, I don’t have the phone with me right now so can’t be more detailed. Any suggestions, please?

    • Jebaux

      I had a sucessful jb, Iphone 3G, updated BB from 5.14.02 to 6.15. However, wifi was not working hence I cannot run Cydia and unlock. Then I try, re-jb using pawnage tool but now I am stucked in Recovery Mode….waaahhhhh!!! Help pls!

  • TheRose

    Tony and I asked this a couple tomes already and got no responses from anyone
    My iPhone 3G unlocked at v4.0.2 with 05.13.04 and I want to upgrade to v4.2.1…. How do I go to upgrade without changing my BB which is supported by Ultrasn0w for unlock.. Can I use the Pwnage Tool then just refuse BB upgrade? I want to be sure I’m doing it right.

  • TheRose

    I hv 3GS btw

  • billre

    iPhone 3GS with BB 5.14.02 OS 4.2.1
    Is currently “tied” to Rogers in Canada
    Followed instructions above to jailbreak and add iPad BB 6.15.( so I can then unlock and use on Bell)
    Process was successful up until the point iTunes was trying to rebuild iPhone with new IPSW file( which contained iOS 4.1 and BB 6.15), I got the message “The iPhone Could not be restored, this device isn’t eligible for the requested rebuild”

    Any ideas or workarounds?

  • Perla

    i cant jailbreak my phone 3G, i keep getting the 1604 error when i try to restore it, any ideas?

    • Sean

      hey i am getting the same error. Did you ever figure it out? I upgraded to 4.2.1. Now that i am in DFU mode, it does not let me continue.

  • Linda

    Can you unlock an iphone 4 linked to Rogers Canada without having to jailbreak it? All I want to do is use a local sim card in South America…


  • bazza

    can some one plz give me a heads up on whether i need to unlock my iphone 3gs to jailbreak it. i have a new orange contract and dont want to change that or lose any of my bundles. i just want to know if jailbreaking the phone will affect my contract.

    • billre

      I belive it’s the other way around, you need to jailbreak it, before you can unlock it, but hey I’m a total newbie at this too! It may also depend on your iOS and baseband versions too.

  • thanx a tonn man!

    you can just add a few steps for the very first timers like me :

    step 11.5 ) switch your iphone 3G ON. ( i kept waiting for a while with my iphone 3G off, but pwanage also kept waiting without giving me any idea)
    However make sure the iTunes is OFF.

    then you can continue to step 12.

    Thanx anyways for such detailed guide!
    i cud unlock mine with ease!


  • ChuckV


    I followed the above steps with my iPhone 3g on 4.2.1 and all appeared successful, except I can no longer detect Wi-Fi or access my carrier’s 3g network to continue to the unlock, let alone browse internet or receive email..

    Is this a common problem? Is there a fix?

    Thank you so much,


  • dust

    I’ve followed this tutorial step by step. The problem seems to be that when I go to Alt/Option restore in iTunes and select the build, iTunes says it must verify the build with Apple. Once that process is through it says my device is not eligible for the build.

    This device is not yet jailbroken.. would this be a problem?

    • Marcus Perrotte

      The same thing hapened to mine did you figure out what you need to
      do so that it is eligible?

  • Andrewp

    If you followed the steps correctly, it should be jailbroken! Are you sur you downloaded and are choosing the correct file for your device? BTW, since no one seems to reply to anyone else on this site, I went elsewhere to learn how to solve my multitasking problem, and it worked! I actually had to go into a file and change a 1 to a 2. If anyone needs to know more, let me know.

  • VJ

    Thanks Buddy. It worked for my iphone 3G.. Thanks again..
    Please let me know when I can unlock my iphone4

  • Rash-man

    i have the iphone 4 with software version 4.2 and i want to JB it and unlock it can someone please tell me how i can do dis???

  • abhimanyu jindal

    Awsome Explanation.

    Worked great and smoothly for my iPhone 3g. Even unlocked my phone….

    Many Thanks

  • BlaiseW

    To those who are worried about loosing your jailbreak, after following th above steps YOU WILL! But have no fear, just jailbreak it again with redsnow, and then you’ll be able to download the u;ltrasnow unlock and it will work!

    I’ve been trying to get mine to work for a month, and now, it finally does!

    God bless this blog!

    One note though, i went from a german iphone to an american plan, so the sim card did not work to unlock it naturally. not sure if that helps, but i figured i should put that out there.

  • Marcus Perrotte

    after all stepd have been finishedm it says i am
    not eligible to restore my phone. what options do i have now??

    thank you

  • Anna

    I am having the same problem. It says I am not eligible to restore my phone with this build. What can I do now?

  • mike

    Cant seem to see the part where it is looking for my ipad restore. The blue screen prompt warning does not pop up at all and then just follows to the general/build/cydia area. When i go to general it does not let me click the enable base band update. It says this works with iphone 4 on 4.2.1 but i can not seem to get past this part any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • loui

    i have jailbrocken my phone but dont have a mac computer to unlock it is there a solution for windows please reply thank you

  • a.i

    PwnageTool is only for mac?? what do i do if i have a pc???????

  • a.i

    ok i got you use redsnow

  • Emad

    Plz are there any unlock for ip4 ios 4.2.1 and is it confirmed for Genevy hack sim is it working ?

  • ddr

    Wahoo, worked perfect for me! Not a problem!

  • Ankur

    Did NOT work for me. I got the error message – “Wrong firmware bundle selected”.
    Sigh, after all that downloading….

  • toyboat

    Thank you thank you! It works, everything seems to be working, even the GPS seems to be OK! Happy dance! I have a 3G which had 4.21 and 05.15.04BB. Gonna go leave a donation or two now.

  • Leon the Lion

    I’d have to say Pwnage Tool works better than redsnow. Two thumbs up.

    Follow directions carefully.

  • Jed

    This tutorial was AWESOME!!! Worked like a charm and I tested and made my first T-Moble call. Then I was a complete idiot!!! My first stupid mistake was to back up from an old iPhone. I guess I was so excited that I wanted to get right to loading music, etc. Well that fortunately did not screw up my install. I got even stupider….when I realized that i could not delete my old photos using iPhoto, I went into my settings and selected an “Erase all content and settings”…DUH! It was late last night and I figured that erasing content and settings was like erasing photos and preferences on the mac os. What this did was put me in the recovery loop. I tried to go through the process listed in the tutorial again, but I am stuck in a recovery loop. I did not think and I think I may have bricked my old iPhone 3G. I tried to run tiny umbrella, but my device is not supported. Any ideas for an idiot?

    • Jed

      I FIXED IT!!!!!! Here is what I did differently – I went through the process again, re-created my ipsw as described above (included both packages, but what I did differenty was to say “no” to the baseband update, and then under the general settings deselected “Enable Baseband Update.” And somehow it must have ignored the attempt to update it again to 6.15.00, and my iPhone is back up!!!! You guys rock and let me know if you want me to provide any more details regarding my experience!!! Thanks!

  • Onin

    Is this tool will work on Iphone Version 4.2.1 and its modem firmware is 05.15.04.?