Remember when we told you about an upcoming iPhone accessory called the “Glif”? Well, this highly anticipated all-in-one tripod/mount for the iPhone 4 has finally become available for order.

The product’s creators summarize their invention,”The Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone onto a tripod and propping up your iPhone at various angles.”

If you use your iPhone for causal photography or for viewing videos, this accessory is a must buy…

The development team explains the Glif,

“Small, simple, and elegant. That’s what we were going for when we created the Glif. But out of this simple design emerges countless uses. Mount your iPhone 4 to a tripod for taking great pictures or making movies. Prop your iPhone up for hands-free FaceTiming or to watch videos. All of that and more in a compact design that is manufactured in America.”

If that’s not enough of a buying incentive for you, head over to the Glif’s website and take a closer look at the device. It looks like an essential accessory for any iPhone geek.

You can order the Glif for $20.00, and shipping will begin in 2-3 weeks.

What do you think of the Glif? Will you be buying one?

  • I’ll buy one and share this link. Sounds awesome.

  • Kenmal

    Since purchase of iPad been using iPhone way less : ( I would have bought before then in a snap. I could see it work awesome for a camera tripod though. I don’t know just maybe a stocking stuffer for me.

  • I’m planning on getting one of these.

  • Albioni

    Ohhh common cut the bullshit people

  • Albioni

    This site used to be interesting what has happened last few months seb?

    • riaz

      yeah , what happened???

  • Dhivehi ahu

    Guys ultrasnow unlock has being released for 4.1.2 … Have fun. Sebastian plxx update ur blog

  • Michael

    This accessory is awesome! 🙂
    I supported the developers from the fundraising stage (of course I got the tip from iDB) and I’m very much looking forward getting it soon. 🙂

  • Socram

    Well this product looks well designed but who wants to carry that thing around plus , mus people has cases on their phones Cuz: Remember the signal drops with out it !
    It a good idea but what if you could create a case with a kickstand!
    Is that so difficult to understand!

  • Rohit

    My iPhone 4 have is 4.2.1 and bb 03.10.03. When it comes pls inf me,

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