With the iPhone 4, Apple introduced the amazing Retina Display which gives us 4 times more pixels on the same screen size. Many app developers have already optimized their applications, including the icon, for the Retina Display, but there are still a few devs that are late to the game.

We already saw how to convert old app icons to Retina Display icons, but the process wasn’t very straightforward. There is now an easier way to do all that thanks to a new jailbreak app

Step 1: Install iRetiner, MobileTerminal, and Erica Utilities from Cydia.

Step 2: Launch MobileTerminal and enter the following commands:

  • su
  • alpine (which is your password by default)
  • iretiner

Step 3: The following menu will show up on MobileTerminal.

Step 4: Type 1, and hit Enter, then confirm by typing y. Your app icons will be converted and optimized for Retina Display.

Step 5: You’ll be asked if you want to respring your iPhone. Choose yes.

Once your iPhone has resprung, you will see that your old icons will now be in high resolution for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

You will have to run this script every time you install a new application that doesn’t have an optimized icon in order to make it Retina Display ready.

Nice trick, isn’t it?

[Thanks @Danielcg25]

  • Jeff

    Extremely useful app. There are still quite a few app developers that have yet to convert their app icons.

  • 2meu

    You may want to check thi sentence: “there is no an easier way…”

    • Fixed. Thanks 🙂

      • Derek

        Why can’t I open mobile terminal after I download? It keeps crashing..

      • Z

        Make sure it’s the iOS 4 compatible MobileTerminal

      • apple everything

        hi sebastien i use your instructions yesterday all worked fine i needed to re use again toaday but the iretina commands are not there now have you changed them i remember it had somthing like this ./ at the start can you show me that command again cos the retina on its own wont work were as the other way did thanks

  • 2meu

    *thithe following

  • Cactii

    Anyone else having trouble installing MobileTerminal on iP4, iOS4.1? I had v426 installed under 4.0.1, and never reinstalled it after upgrading to 4.1. Now i can’t seem to get it to work again, either by SSH or by the Cydia package.

  • Apple everything

    Peeps you need to install the ios4 version you can find it in the insanely repo

    • riaz

      i got the from insanelyi and its still not working , ip4 ios 4.1

  • GaryPSU

    Terminal would not accept the command until I removed “./” from the beginning. Just entered iretiner.sh, and it worked.

  • AppleBits

    I’m with Cactii. Installed it, but it attempts to open then closes out back to my main screen. Tried SSH, tried phone reboot. MobileTerminal doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Eric

      You got the wrong one. It must say mobile terminal for iOS 4

      • AppleBits

        Thanks Eric. I only see the one, however, in Cydia. And I’m too new at this to understand looking at repos to find/install them. Any quick help? I’ll look at the forums, too. Thanks!

      • Cactii

        Nope, tried the right one in Cydia. Also tried SSHing the v426 that I had previously installed under iOS4.0.1. Still nada.

      • Z

        Go to Cydia -> Manage -> Sources
        Tap ‘Edit’ -> ‘Add’
        Type in http://repo.insanelyi.com/

        After that you can look for MT under the source directly or make a search for it.

  • six4seven

    oh right, this seems a lot more easier! (sarcasm)

    • Alastion

      It IS a lot easier

  • Kenmal

    Had the same prob mobile terminal was already installed for me and never worked. I reinstalled and same. Installed from IR (beta)
    For ios4 and now working. This was so easy to do but some icons still look pixeled. Don’t realy see a difference but assuming it worked for some I should have done a screenshot of before, Ooo well… Thanks 🙂

    • riaz

      what you mean installed from IR…. is that a repo , can u give the repo address u gt it from?

  • AppleBits
  • AppleBits

    Maybe I’m just hallucinating here (because I also forgot to do a “before” screenshot, but all my icons look incredibly clear and bright! Thanks for this article!!

  • Benjamin

    thatw as awesome as shit.

  • eddy

    wow this worked flawlessly!

  • To get mobile terminal working download it from this repo : cydia.xsellize.come

  • topsho77a

    Worked for me but I had to go to insanelyi repo to get the right mobile terminal… Icons look nice now tho 🙂

  • Soto187

    Same as topsho77a

  • sai

    why can’t i type password

  • riaz

    anyone notice that it doesnt optimize cydia icons

  • automaticfts

    it doesn’t appear to do Cydia icons, and it definitely doesn’t optimize icons if you’re running a theme…

    • ryan

      im guessing it takes the icon from the app store (the bigger one) shrinks it down and puts it in the @2x setting in the UI. Cydia apps aren’t in the app store so there aren’t any bigger icons, and a theme masks your apps so of course it won’t change the theme

  • iphoneswiss

    worked great for me, thanks 😀

  • iPhoneMan

    great!!! its work for me…finally….

  • Cydia….>”< Thanks bye.