New Tweak Allows AirPlay Streaming from Any iOS App

By , Nov 27, 2010

AirPlay just got the jailbreak treatment. AirPlay (one of Apple’s new technologies in iOS 4.2) allows streaming video to be pushed from any iOS device to an Apple TV.

AirPlay is only intended to allow streaming from the iPod and YouTube app, but this new jailbreak tweak opens up AirPlay possibilities to any playable media on an iOS device…

“AirVideoEnabler” allows streaming to Apple TV using AirPlay from any application, including Safari. That means that any iOS compatible media on the web is available for AirPlay streaming.

You can add this free tweak in Cydia from this repo: “

Watch this video demonstration of AirVideoEnabler and see how well it works.

The developer is clear in the description for AirVideoEnabler, “Note that this unreleased feature has its quirks – not all content will stream without glitches.” However, I would say that, for the most part, this is a pretty sweet hack for a jailbreaker with an Apple TV.

What do you think? Have you tried this tweak out? Let us know if you notice any bugs.

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  • Jr

    Sweet if I understand so all apple devices have to be on 4.2 for airplay but apple tv can’t be jailbroken on 4.2 I think I don’t understand really can someone please explain I’m new I got a jailbroken iPhone in 4.1 and a jailbroken apple tv in

  • hotinplaya

    I tried with hulu and netlix, audio only?