This is definitely the kind of rating and review that any app developer would like to get for his application.

I don’t know what this app is. I just found this image accidentally on Twitter, via @rupinjapan. If you know the app, please let me know because it looks like it’s definitely worth a download.

  • I BELIEVE its Doodle Devil.

  • Laughing_kid

    hahahahahah 😀

  • jon

    Ask him then lol

  • jon

    cut the rope free

  • ElectA

    I think it’s that unicorn game from adult swim.

    • Robot Unicorn Attack?

      • ElectA

        Yep, that one. Because he mentions unicorns.

  • Vik071

    Gobble, gobble Unicorn, gobble… 

  • Sue J

    It’s Rage HD ….. 950 5 star reviews and it’s $1.99

  • Endz

    definitely Robot Unicorn Attack 😛 lols

  • DomPerignon

    Confirmed Darktempler review. It is Rage HD.



  • Nick

    It is for Rage HD