The “Bolle BP-10” is the world’s first iPhone dedicated photo printer. You may be asking, “Why?” Well, with the release of iOS 4.2, AirPrint, and other options like Printopia, printing has become much more of a reality on iOS devices.

All available methods for printing from an iOS device rely on either another computer to serve the actual files, or a wireless printer. The “Bolle BP-10” lets you dock your iPhone and print directly. I could see iPhone-based printers like this one become a huge hit in the technology consumer market…

The “Bolle BP-10″ allows you to print from any iPhone through a standard 30-pin connector. The printer only prints 4″x6”, which isn’t too bad for causal photo printing needs.

The major set-back to this printer is that it only supports photos. The idea of printing documents off my Dropbox app sounded really appealing when I first heard about this device. And at the price of £119.99, I wonder if this printer is worth the price.

Even if this may not be the iPhone printer we all wanted, at least it’s a step in the right direction. I predict we’ll be seeing lots of new and interesting iPhone printing products in the near future.

You can check out the “Bolle BP-10 Photo Printer” in greater detail and place your order at the product’s webpage.

What do you think? Does direct printing from your iPhone sound appealing?

  • Burge

    I’ll stick with my wifi printer…I like the look of this but a printer that only work with a iPhone , it needs to work with PC/mac aswell . I don’t want a printer that only works with one thing

    • do u have any soloution like how to flash iphone

  • chal yaar vdia koi gal ni

  • GeoCes

    a little late on the release, dont you think. had thus come out earlier they may have been able to make money but why buy this if you can do the same thing with your wifi printer at home. convenience, $120 doesnt seem that convenient at all.

  • Shedboogie

    I have a lexmark WiFi printer and I come to find out that AirPrint only works with HP printers, I really hope that changes

    • Daniel

      Use printopia

  • Considering you can buy a Pixma enabled Canon wifi printer for under $80, then get the Canon software from the Appstore for free, I don’t really see a market for this sort of thing.

    • I’d have to agree. But there is something to be said about the whole “docking” thing. I think some people may prefer that method. It’s certainly going to be easier to setup and configure.

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