A few weeks ago we gave you a preview of  GridTab, a jailbreak application that shows your opened Safari tabs in a grid, as seen on the image above.

GridTab is available in Cydia for $0.99. You can see a video of it in action below…

Will you download this app?

  • Bino

    Sure i wont

    • Sascha


      Safari is… uhm… not my first choice in browsing 😉 Hardly use it anymore. So no need for any app such as this.

  • Pretty neat, but I don’t think I’ll be downloading. Safari handles tabs just fine as is.

  • DogBoy

    Have to agree, this does no better job than safari itself. If it ain’t broke and all that.

  • drublic

    those are the kinds of things they shouldn’t even charge for…

  • AppleBits

    Soooooo……it just puts the little red x in the tab corner? I must be missing something here. Someone please explain to my ignorance how this is a step up from the Safari way?? Curious.

    • Z

      When you have a few tabs open, switching between tabs in safari is possible by tapping ‘tabs’ button and the sliding left and right to the designated open page.

      GridTab shows all of the open tabs in a card styled manner when ‘tabs’ is pressed, where you can visually choose what page you want to switch to with ease. That’s all it does.

  • The only reason I would get it is if when you go back to a previous tab, it doesnt refresh it. I freakin hate when that happens. Anyone know if there is a tweak/setting where I can disable that?

    It is when you have multiple tabs open and you go back to a previous one, you have to wait for the whole dam page to load again just to view something simple.

    • Daniel

      It’s because safari isn’t multitasking or u ran out of RAM, to fix this either don’t run as many apps at once, or use backgrounder to multitask safari if you have an older device (iPhone 2G, 3G, iPT 1G, 2G)

  • Burge

    I’ve got this and I like it . Each to there own

  • ToddParker

    I like it. It shows all open webpages on one screen intead of having to swipe left or right to see what is available. It is quicker when wanting to close windows also.

  • Z

    The tweak is new and needs some work.
    1. Crashes Safari
    2. If you have 2 tabs open, GridTab will display them in the top left corner as small thumbnails where the rest of the screen is black. I don’t always have 9 pages open for GridTab to look good. Here is where the idea of Multifl0w should have been implemented.
    3. Changes the way ‘open in new window’ behaves

    Bottom line it is nothing spectacular, but could become a great addition to Safari browser once all the drawbacks are ironed out.

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    This app should be Free.
    And while were at it so should that 3D Cube app as well.

  • Juan

    I use icab mobile so no, no download for me.

  • Suavedude

    Safari’s ol’ school, mate!