Who’s slower? You, or your iPhone? There is now a quick and easy way to find out with Device Speed Test, a new jailbreak application available for free in Cydia.

After installing the application, simply open it and the app will launch a few processes in the background to measure the speed of your device. It will then return green lights if everything is fine, or red lights for slower areas…

This app has great potential but I find it to be extremely limited. When it gives you a red light for example, it doesn’t tell you what you can do to make it better. It’s good to know things are not as fast as they should, but it would be even better if it told me how to improve it.

All in all, you can’t really complain because Device Speed Test is free.

Have you downloaded the app yet? If so, is your device passing the speed test?

  • Beakhand

    I finally passed. A test first one since third grade

  • Angie_stl

    Will it work on a non-jail broke 3G?

    • Kjeldor

      read what is written: “a new jailbreak application available for free in Cydia.”

  • William

    these 0.0000x results are pretty useless unless you have another iDevice for comparison. It’d be better offer if this app provides result in rating format “excellent”, “good”, “fair”, sth like that.

    • appletiser

      in a way the app does offer this feature, run the test, touch one of the results and a pop up box tells you wether it’s good or not. the colour is an idicator too, green for “very well” yellow for “decently”, etc 🙂

  • appletiser

    yea the results are meaningless without a manufacturers (or other) base line to compare against

  • sak500

    my ip4 32 gb is all green 99% of the times when refreshing quickly but 16gb is showing orange many times in the 2nd last test.

  • appletiser

    recording orange on the 2nd to last for me too, 16gb 3GS

  • Z

    I got it a few days ago, checked the speed and removed it. Not much of a use to me, so it’s not a keeper.

  • Suavedude

    Hi guys, I searched Cydia for the app but it didn’t show up. Which repo is hosting it please?

  • Kyle

    It’s called DeviceSpeed now.